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After the Rumble: What Happens Next?

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Following on from the Royal Rumble I thought I would discuss the options of where the WWE is going to go next on the road to Wrestlemania.

Firstly, let me say I have nothing against the Rock at all and actually enjoyed the match last night and don't mind him being WWE Champion but I do feel it has already cheapened Wrestlemania as we all know the Rock is not going to stick around long and he's highly likely to drop the title which makes the biggest show of the year predictable.

Many "smart fans" out there are not happy that the Rock became the WWE Champion last night for many reasons, "he's a part timer" and "nobody wants to see Rock vs Cena 2" are the most quoted around and with good reason.
I'm really not interested in what was billed as a Once in a Lifetime match being rehashed with an obvious Cena win but I do see both sides and completely understand why the WWE want to go this way, it makes business sense and unfortunately that trumps all.

However, I want to take a look at other options which the WWE could go with to avoid the rematch at Wrestlemania as we look ahead to tonight's Raw.

Firstly they could add CM Punk into the mix and do a Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship:
To me this seems most likely as they could have Punk and Heyman continue to argue they have nothing to do with The Shield and therefore the decision to restart the match was not acceptable.
CM Punk has made it clear that he is bitter about not main eventing a Wrestlemania (just watch his documentary) and will feel the WWE owe him that honor after carrying their title and being the face of the company for more than a year.
What a way to tick the final box of things to do in your career by stepping into the ring with both Cena and the Rock which will draw a huge buyrate for the WWE.

They could continue Cena's feud with Dolph Ziggler:
This seems unlikely due to the return of Chris Jericho which will probably see him feud with Ziggler but the WWE could go in this direction where Dolph cashes in his money in the bank contract on Alberto Del Rio and wins the World Heavyweight Championship.
Cena could then continue his feud with AJ's little alliance and go after Zigglers title at Wrestlemania.

They could throw a huge curveball:
The Elimination Chamber is still to come and anything could happen. Just think about where the Undertaker fits into all this? Brock Lesnar is also likely to appear shortly and although Jericho will likely feud with Ziggler, things can change and what happens with the Shield?

I know right now it looks like they are heading to that boring re-match which I understand not many people want to see but there is still plenty of time till the biggest event on their calendar and they have lots of options open so let's just be patient and see where it goes.
If they do end up giving us Rock vs Cena 2 we could always just not buy Wrestlemania... except we all probably will.

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    No that Cena/AJ stuff is over thank goodness.

    Who is facing Taker if Punk doesn't? I'd like to see that match.

    As long as he is present at every show.....don't see the problem with Rock being champion. Should he lose it to the guy who works like 1 day a year in Taker to make everyone happy? That is stupid.....idiots!! Take your hate shades off...

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