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Do You Really Want To See The Rock vs. John Cena II at WM 29?

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That's not just a title, blog readers. That's a legitimate question. Oh, and please don't give me that old and tired act of, "it's good for business and it will make money" cause that's something I would expect a WWE employee to say. If I was getting paid by WWE, I wouldn't give a rats ass if it was hornswoggle vs. the Great Khali in the main event of Wrestlemania. But guess what? I'm not and neither are you. For once, take off your silly business cap and type to me as a WRESTLING FAN, which a lot of people have forgotten how to be for sometime now. As a fan, do you want to see this match again? If so, please tell me why.

Now as for me, the answer is simple: HELL NO!

And before you start assuming it's because I hate John Cena winning the Royal Rumble or I hate the Rock for beating CM Punk for the WWE championship and making an ass out of yourself, finish reading this blog. Cause I for one am HAPPY, yes I said it, HAPPY that the Rock is WWE champion. Why? He can wrestle, he's entertaining, he's a megastar that will bring eyes to the product throughout Wrestlemania season, and most of all he is one of my favorite wrestlers in all of wrestling. How anyone could hate the Rock as WWE champion is beyond me? Would you rather Punk lose it to Cena, Ryback, or Sheamus? Be happy that not only did CM Punk get a 435 day reign, but he lost it to someone else he can make the title, if not MORE, prestigous. Also, everyone saw Cena's win coming light years away. So why people are so surprised is something I don't get either.

I think what people are really mad about is what I'm mad about. That being all of this is most likely, if not truthfully, ultimately going to set up The Rock vs. John Cena II. I doubt anyone would be bitching if CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar or Lesnar vs. Rock or Taker vs. Punk or even Cena vs. Brock was the main event of Mania. But since we're getting a match that, first off, was not only promoted as "Once in a lifetime" which is now bullshit, but will most likely culminate in John Cena winning the title and having the Rock pass him the torch, it just rubs fans the wrong way. And rightfully so! Cause this match will do absolutely NOTHING for the WWE in the long run and I mean that. Short term? Sure, it'll probably garner a few bucks. Long term is a different story and the following are reasons why I feel this match should be avoided at all cost.

Reason #1: Once in a lifetime loses merit and it will FORCE a third match to break the tie.

-- As I said before, if they do Rock vs. Cena again, it kills the "Once in a lifetime" vibe for their first match. That goes without saying. What most people don't realize is what this will mean for the future. If we get a Rock vs. Cena II and Cena wins this time, there will HAVE TO BE a third match to break the tie. Meaning, we could be looking at Rock vs. Cena III at Wrestlemania 30. Talk about overkill. I'd be more inclined to accept it if WWE would give each match a different dimension, but I highly doubt they are capable of doing so. I'll get more into that later.

Reason #2: A win over the Rock at Mania will do nothing for Cena’s popularity.

-- I think a monkey can figure out why WWE would be so anxious to do Cena vs. Rock again at Mania. Sure, you can say it's about the money, which is true, but that is only part of the reason. WWE has this looney idea that, "Hey, if we have John Cena beat the Rock for the WWE title at Mania and have the Rock pass the torch to him, the fans will respect him more" and you all know thats the case. Well, newsflash! There is a reason why fans boo Cena and it's not because he isn't from the Attitude Era. It's cause his character sucks!! It's cause he cuts boring promos, sometimes horrific like the one who cut on the January 21th RAW, he has subpar matches unless he is wrestling someone GREAT like Punk or Ziggler, and he just bland to watch. It doesn't matter who he beats or how many titles he wins, majority of the the fans can't relate to him and aren't entertained by him. They can have Cena beat HHH, HBK, Rock, Austin, and end Undertaker's streak in one night -- the fans will STILL boo him.

I mean this man is a 10 time WWE Champion, 2 time WHC champion, 3-time WWE US champ, 4 timetag team champ, Royal Rumble winner, Mr. MITB, 300 Make-A-Wish granter, and a multiple time WWE superstar of the year. And yet ... he is one of the most hated wrestlers in the company that only gets cheered by people who watch Nickelodeon. I should know, cause that's the only outlet he is on nowadays outside of WWE! So a victory over the Rock at Mania will do absolutely nothing for Cena's career, let alone, his popularity. If they want people to start liking Cena again, they need to do something different with his character. What exactly? Keep reading.

Reason #3: WM 29 is in New York. One of the largest smart wrestling fan towns around.

-- When we talk about quote on quote "smark crowds" in wrestling, what are three cities that come to mind? Chicago, Philadelphia (home of ECW), and New York. Where is Wrestlemania 29? New York. Is that a problem? Uhh, YES! What do you think is going to happen when that town sees John Cena beat the Rock for the WWE Championship? You think they'll receive it well? Hell no. I wouldn't be surprised if his victory caused a riot. I am willing to bet that if they do Rock vs. Cena II in front of that crowd, they will boo it out of town. And WWE must have a death wish if they honestly believe that audience in New York will be excited to see Cena beat Rock or let alone win the WWE championship again. It is destined to be a failure.

Now I'll be fair. Is this match set in stone yet? Not really. But all signs are pointing to it happening again and, I'm sorry, I am not in the least bit excited for it. If I could do ANYTHING to make sure it does not happen, I would do it in a heartbeat. Why? Cause it will do absolutely nothing for ANYBODY in the long term. There is only ONE THING that WWE can do to make me excited about seeing this match. It's something they should have done in 2007 with Cena.

Turn John Cena heel on the Rock and use his victory to faciliate a heel run as champion.

THAT is the only option I will accept for them doing this match again. It'll add a different dimension to the match. It'll change things up for both men in terms of interactions and even their matches. Most of all, it will change up the John Cena character which something fans have been begging for YEARS to happen. Then to faciliate it, you can have Cena get obsessed about finally defeating the Rock and use his victory over him at Wrestlemania as a catalyst to launch his heel reign. If you're not going to do that, then DON'T do this match! Period.

So yeah, that's my blog. Hope you enjoyed it and I look forward to your feedback. The following videos are a Royal Rumble review and a video version of this blog. Enjoy and you guys stay classy.

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Once in a lifetime, they labeled that for several matchups in the past, but they still had rematches. Rock vs Hogan happened 2x. I want it to happen again simply because I wanted Cena to get the win the first go round. Nothing to do with the match, simply getting the win for Cena is the only reason I want it to happen. Were you this angry when HHH/Taker 3, HBK/Taker 2, among others?
  2. scribblerking's Avatar
    I am kind of angry because I envision a conversation in 2011 between CM Punk and Vince going like this "Wel Punk you know the only reason we are going to let you hold the belt so long is to keep it warm for Rock to win at the 2013 Rumble, right?"
  3. RobVelcoff's Avatar
    There will be a #2, but not a third time. They won't want to ever break the tie. With one win apiece, nobody truly looses. I'm a John Cena fan (at 52 years old, not a little kid, been a wrestling fan for 45+ years). Sorry to disappoint the IWC, but this will be a big year for Cena. Last year he lost several main events (yes, I know he was in all the main events, but he did lose them). He lost in the main event at two straight Wrestlemanias; it won't happen a third time. That's the realist in me.

    From the wrestling fan in me, I wanted Wrestlemania to be Punk as WWE champion vs the Undertaker (streak vs streak) and Rock vs Lesner and Cena vs Orton (heel, leader of Shield). So yes, I'm disappointed in the way things worked out. Way too predicable by the WWE. Not surprising, either. While I like the product in general, there were other scenarios I wanted more.
  4. Zekic's Avatar
    Cena must win vs the Rock, it's not about long term, it's damn wrestlemania, firstly it's making a good much, second if we leave it the way it is, it stays in stone that face of attitude era, is better then face of today, and to leave it that way is just, well stupid. Cena must redeem himself, and it's not about making cena more popular, thing is it's not always about long term, not everything must be about long term, sometimes only this moment matters.
  5. Mojo Tartarus's Avatar
    Can't say it really bothers me all that much.
  6. zerosystem's Avatar
    Taker fought both HBK and HHH consecutively at Mania, so seeing Rock fight Cena again should not be an issue just becuase of that. Besides, when has there been a match in recent history that has been 'one time only.' With the WWE, there will always be a rematch.

    And as far as the WWE championship goes, its too early to cry foul about it being between Rock and Cena. It's possible that Punk will win the title back before then and force a triple threat match, which I think is a very likely scenario considering the heat between the three of them and the fact that Punk does not have a credible opponent for Mania.

    Unless of course Taker returns to challenge Punk. Wouldn't seeing that match make up for Cena/Rock II.
  7. #BITW's Avatar
    exactly, i am glad someone finally agrees with me. this match has no reason to take place besides money(lets be honest any decent wrestler fighting the rock will draw). It should not happen, especially after rock screwjobbing cm punk and theres no payoff for him. so it does no help the future.

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