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My Wrestlemania Bookings

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Dark Match: Tag Team Turmoil for the titles: Rhodes Scholars(c) vs. PTP vs. E&P vs. The Usos
At RR, Hell No loses these titles. At EC, for the rematch, Kane walks out on Daniel Bryan. So here we are. No time wasted, Rhodes Scholars retain.
01. World Heavyweight Title- Randy Orton(c)vs. Sheamus
At EC, the last two combatants are Sheamus and Orton for the title. Orton wins, and Dolph tries to cash in. Randy with an RKO. The next Friday on Smackdown to boost ratings, Orton vs. Del Rio in a rematch, Dolph comes out to try to interfere and distracts Del Rio. Orton retains and Sheamus kicks Randy's head off for this setup. Expect Orton to retain.
02. Daniel Bryan vs. Kane
See the dark match for this setup. Expect DB to get his WM moment finally.
03. MITB Briefcase: Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler
See Randy's match for this setup. Expect Dolph Ziggler to retain. And just as Big E Langston goes to attack ADR, expect Dolph to save him for a face turn.
04. MITB Match: Big Show vs. Ryback vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reins vs. Wade Barret vs. Kofi Kingston
WWE wants to bring the MITB ladder match back to Wm. So WWE wants some big names to appear on here and here they are. They also want Ryback to get his WM moment as well as the win, so expect Ryback to win AAAANNNNNND cash in on the winner of the WWE title match.
05. United States Title: Antonio Cesaro vs. The Miz
No time wasted as we see the beef these two have. Expect The Miz to win this title.
06. Last Man Standing/Loser Mst Retire: Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar
The reason why I have two stips is this: WWE is trying to get Lesnar to re-sign with them. If Lesnar declines it, then expect Triple H to win with the Loser stip, and announce his retirement the next night. If Lesnar re-signs, it will be a Last Man Standing match. If he does re-sign, expect Triple H to win.
07.Christian, Santino, Justin Gabriel, Jack Swagger vs. Tensai, 3MB
This is WWE's yearly joke tag match to include a great deal of people. As always, WWE will run this for two minutes and expect Christian's team to win.
08. Undertaker vs. John Cena
When The Rock comes out on Raw as the WWE Champion after EC, John Cena interrupts him. Lights go out as he walks down the stage, lights come back and Taker does his taunt in front of Cena.
MAIN EVENT 09. WWE Title: The Rock(c) vs. CM Punk
Like I said, at EC The Rock will win the title (mainly so WWE only has to go a month without the WWE title at house shows instead of two at RR), and Punk wants his rematch clause. But he wants it at WM so he can show everybody on the grandest stage of em all, that without five other men beating him down in a chamber, he can beat The Rock one on one and prove that he is the best in the world. Expect Punk to win the title. BUT WAIT!!!! Here comes Ryback! Ryback cashes in on Punk and wins the WWE title. See? he got his WM moment by being the only man to cash in at WM.

Love me or hate me, this is pretty realistic. And the reason why Cena won't be against The Rock at WM29, is because we are doing fine without Cena as champ. Give me feedback. Negative and all.

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  1. Wwetilltheend's Avatar
    REALISTIC!? HAVE YOU BEEN WATCHING RAW, SMACKDOWN OR ANY WRESTLING NEWS SITE!? The only realistic matches here are Miz vs cesaro and Orton vs Sheamus WHICH IS NOT going to be for the title.....OH OF COURSE....the HHH vs LESNAR fight is correct and is the only match I think you will have right....this card SUCKS.....I best you 75% of this card won't happen....stick to reading and watch raw and Smackdown more often. Just so you know the WWE has already chosen the 4 main events of WM and will develope the stories from now on based on that...REALISTIC MY BUTT....YOU SUCK....
  2. MikeyA's Avatar
    Wow i take it im the only one that reds EVERY article on this site. WWE already said for the last two years that they want the MITB match back at WM and if it happens, they want ryback to win it. Hence why thats here. WWE has also said they want DZ to not only turn face, but face ADR, at WM NOT for the title. Hence why thts here. Yeah I threw Cen's nd Punk's match out there but I had REALISTIC backstory. For the last three Years, WWE has had a joke match. For the last two years WWE took the world title with superstars who can put on a great match and made them open WM. So before you flip out, finish the study dumbass.
  3. The Piper's Avatar
    I can see most of this happening, and if it did, Id be happy

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