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Sizzilla's 5 Breakout WWE Stars in 2013

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Whats going on guys? 2nd blog incoming.
In this I'll be discussing who I think will breakout this year in the WWE, not just who will capture a major title, but break away from the rest of the mid-card guys.

I'll start with..!

5. Wade Barrett
Current IC champion. This guy is a stud, he has a very impressive look (everyone knows the WWE loves that) he's got the great brawler type style that most wrestlers from England have. I think the IC title is good on him for the time being, but come around summer time I fully expect him to have a main event push for the WHC. He was set up for a push before he got injured, so I expect he gets that push again.
I'm high on Wade, he's improved in the ring and on the mic. He's quickly turning into one of my favorites.

4. Cody Rhodes
Cody, Cody, Cody. Current #1 contender for the tag titles along with Mr. Sandow. I expect them to win this Sunday. As for his singles push, Cody has all the tools to be a big time player. He's good in ring, his mic work needs some improvement, and he has the family history. He had a good run as IC champ, and I believe he brought some prestige back to the belt. I'm sure him and Sandow will have a good run as the tag champs, but come fall I hope they split and pursue singles accomplishments.
I'm torn on Cody, one week I like him, the next week not so much. I do think he is a future world champ. I wanna see improvement on the mic, and a potential face turn. (No his mustache doesn't count as a face turn)

3. Dolph Ziggler
OMG ZIGGS IS #3?!?!?!?
Yes, he's not really a 'breakout' star anymore. The guy is a future champ. It's a given. His in ring work, outstanding. The way he sells, perfect. Mic work, improving. He's drawn the comparisons of Shawn Michaels, which is one of the biggest compliments you could get in wrestling. As for his character, he's currently a heel that is slowly starting to get over. Hes getting less and less heat every week. Much like many of you, I expect him to have a belt around his waist before Wrestlemania or perhaps at WM. The guy is ready for the WHC. Orton is turning heel supposedly soon, thats an excellent feud. There's a lot of options for him, he's a flexible performer. This will be a huge year for him, but the blog was about breaking out in general not just into the main event scene.

2. Antonio Cesaro
The US champ currently. This guy is a monster. He is freakishly strong, P4P strongest guy in the WWE. His gimmick is stale imo, but he has the tools there to be huge in 2013. He's had a nice run as the US champ, and I believe he will drop the belt this Sunday. (They didn't turn Miz face for nothing). Expect him to have a monster showing in the Royal Rumble. I don't think he will win a World Title this year, but will be very close to one by the years end. I believe he's a shoe-in for Smackdown's elimination chamber in February. If they take the US title off of him, they need to put him into an interesting feud, or put the MITB on him to keep him relevant. Too many guys have fallen off after losing either the IC/US title because there just isn't anything to keep them in the spotlight anymore.

And number one is...........

Dean Ambrose.
The standout member of the shield, he finally made his way to the big show in 2012 and with a huge impact. This guy has superstar written all over him. He looks pissed off all the time, he looks like a legitimate bad guy. He reminds me of Piper, except Dean will have plenty of World Titles before he calls it quits I'm sure. He should be the first one to break away from The Shield, he's gonna be a big player, real quick when given the chance. He is on par with Punk in terms of mic work, and in ring work. Ambrose/Punk is a wrestling fans wet dream. But what do you do with him? Potentially put the IC title on him, have him win MITB, this guy is going to be a huge star. He will be the biggest heel in the company when given the chance. Superstars like him don't come around often. I'm sure he has a world title come this time next year.

Tyson Kidd (if it wasn't for the injury he would be on this list) Kofi Kingston, Seth Rollins, Damien Sandow.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Gotta agree with some of the comments here. Ziggler is already in breakout mode. I'm personally not a fan but he is one of the top guys right now. I still want to see him try and do it on his own though. He went from Vickie drawing all his heat, to now AJ and a mini-stable. Then everyone wants Flair to side with him. I'd like to see him go solo and see what he can do.

    The rest of this list is pretty good. Especially Cesaro. I think he's due to really take off and hit the next level hard.
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