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Jason's Thoughts: Impact 1-24-13

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Note: For now on the ratings will be out of 10 for each match.

Aces and 8s w/Taz- This was actually a really great promo, its good to know that Taz still retained his old mic skills, im guessing he will be the mouth piece for the group since alot of the members could use some help (i.e mike knox)Rating: 6/10

Tara vs Velvet Sky- This was a ok match for what it was, nothing really special, but still for what it was, and the time they were given they put on a really good match.
Rating: 5/10

Joseph Parks segment- This was a hit or miss for me, the writers could really use some better material for parks, I don't know how many other ways parks could screw up the word kayfabe. On the bright side, he sure knows how to excite a crowd and get people, even me behind the characterRating: 4.5/10

Kenny King/Zema Ion vs RVD/Christian York- Really awesome match, I liked how the story and characters influenced the match and its flow aswell as all of the high flying moves.
Rating: 6/10

Bully & Brooke/Sting- Stings character feels soooo out of place in this storyline and in this segment, he should be acting like a maniac and carrying a bat not helping Bully and his problems. These segments are starting to get less and less irritating but hopefully they can improve and the story can pick up in a quicker pace.
Rating: 5/10

Bobby Roode vs Hernandez- Yet another fun matchup with alot of power moves and some cool spots, I was a little dissapointed though, these two could have put on a MUCH better match.
Rating: 6/10

Anderson/Angle segment- Pretty decent, set up for a match, there was not much when it came to mic work, but these guys really know how to put on a nice segment with their actions and very few words.
Rating: 6/10

Jeff Hardy vs Daniels- This was a let down, good match but I expected more between these two, it was slow at first and started to build but just when it started to get really good and interesting it just cut off and ended. The match was still good and the attack was nice so it over shadows some of my gripes.
Rating: 7/10

Overall: This one is really tough for me id say it was a 7.9 because sure it was good but it was more like "Hey watch next week, which is so much better!" Instead of trying to have this show be as must see. TNA should really stop using 80% of the show to hype the next show and giving us a decent product and instead focus on the present and make each show important and epic. But still this was a entertaining show, but if you plan on watching it I reccomend you fast forward some of it.

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  1. The Piper's Avatar
    you're too generous with these ratings, other than that, I mostly agree.
  2. Cynicism's Avatar
    Am a bit confused on the ratings, you have a "Really Awesome Match" with a 6/10 and a "Let Down" as a 7/10

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