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Sudden Impact: World Title Match & Fallout From the Wedding

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Hey Wrestling Fans. Savior here with another edition of Sudden Impact, where it's all TNA all the time. Again, I don't have much bad to say about WWE.

I know it's tough with Royal Rumble fever and Rock vs Punk coming up in a few days, but let's see what TNA has to offer. We have the fallout from the wedding and a World Title Match with Daniels & Hardy. I know the show was taped, but I don't read spoilers so to me, it's like being live. Let's get to it.

We open the show with a very disturbing scene with Hogan and Bully being helped out by members of the TNA roster. Tazz has promised an explanation. Can't wait to hear this one.

The Machine Known As Aces & Eights

Impact officially kicks off as the group parades out to the ring, and there's a whole lot of them. Tazz takes the mic and finally, they got a legit mouthpiece. Not that I really hate the job Devon has done, but DOC hasn't really brought much as far as promo skills are concerned. But Tazz can't pass on an opportunity and there's a mention of a "higher power". So let's see where that goes. Tazz's promo was very good, though he looks like a dwarf with that group behind him. Great Addition if you ask me.

**Christopher Daniels is just Awesome. Can't wait for that match**

Knockouts Title: Velvet Sky vs Tara

This had the makings of a very good match, but I think the constant grilling of Tazz throughout the match took away from the commentary of the match and it's an example of where good commentary is really important to a match. Velvet is hot, but i'm not real big on her wrestling abilities. She's okay, not great. Anyway, she took it to Tara early, but Tara took control. Velvet made a comeback and got some close calls but with interference from Jesse, Tara retains the title. The match was a little slower paced than what some of the better Knockouts like Mickie and Gail can do.

Joseph Park Promo

I'm not sure if everyone else agrees, but Joseph Park is starting to wear way a bit. The only good part is when he bleeds and snaps and basically becomes Abyss. They need to start doing more of that, and letting more Abyss show and maybe get a win or two here and there to make him less of a joke. Anyway, standard Joseph Park promo. He's gonna do his best, be a part of the roster, blah blah.

Zema Ion & Kenny King vs RVD & Christian York

I like the story building they're doing with the members of the X Division. A rivalry between York and King, and both of them with RVD. Maybe Ion is sneaking into the picture. Ultimate X at Lockdown, perhaps? Anyway, 4 great talents in the ring with a good, fast paced match. Ion crashes and burns with that 450 Splash attempt. York in the ring with King was good. They work well together, I think. King with a major league springboard Blockbuster onto York. Ion steals the pin. This is gonna be great. On a side note, Tazz is quickly becoming an Eric Bischoff announcing NWO matches, and it's annoying.

Bully Ray & Brooke

Tazz conveniently had to make a phone call. Anyway, Bully comes out and cuts a nice vengeance promo. He really got the crowd behind. He wants his suspension lifted and Sting comes out and he puts Hogan on the spot. Nice segment. Brooke didn't talk which was nice.

**Aries and Roode are awesome. They seemed like they were getting along, but that went south in a hurry**

Bobby Roode vs Hernandez

Hernandez is a monster. That standing vertical suplex was awesome. Roode started putting on a clinic. Hernandez did some power moves but thanks to Aries causing a distraction, Roode got the win with a bulldog. Kind of a weak ending if you ask me. After the match, Roode & Aries continued their Team Hell No skit.

Kurt Angle Segment

Well, I thought after the beat down from Knox, he was being written off tv for a while. But he came out, cut a promo and called out Anderson. He comes out, dressed to the nines with Aces & Eights gear. He attacks Angle and the cyborg made a comeback. Angle's calling him out next week at OFN in Manchester, in a steel cage. Nice.

**I wish they would keep ODB off these Knockouts sexy commericals**

World Title Match: Hardy vs Daniels

It's finally here. The episode was pretty good up to this point. They close it out with a close to 5 star match. Daniels has been on a roll, and we got a fantastic match. Great action, fast paced, and lots of Daniel's cockiness. At about the midway point of the match, I was close to muting the tv because Tazz is being very irritating. The front superplex was sick. Awesome back and forth action with close calls and big time spots. Hardy counters the second Angel's Wings and finally gets the victory.

After the match, Tazz comes down and distracts Hardy. A big dude comes in with the hammer and takes it to Hardy's knee. (There's the excuse for Hardy not going to the UK).

Overall, it was a good episode. Tazz is going to make a good speaker for the A&E group, but I hope he doesn't keep announcing. TNA got a decent rating last week. I'm sure the taping will effect ratings this week but they kept some good things going. I really hope they can carry this Daniels/Hardy feud for the next several weeks leading to Lockdown. I'm liking how they're handing the X Division, and something tells me Roode and Aries will be tag team champs soon. It's been a decent year so far for TNA. I'm enjoying it.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this week's edition of Sudden Impact. I'm in my last semester at school so this will be my last Sudden Impact until I graduate in May. I will still try to keep Coffee Talk going as we rapidly approach Wrestlemania.

Thanks for reading everyone. Let's hear what you all thought of Impact this week.

Be Safe!

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