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Wrestlemania Synopsis

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Miz vs. Wade Barrett
Has Barrett won a match since winning the IC belt? Miz won, enough said

Tons of Funk vs. Rhodes Scholars
I blinked and it was over. Wait, did it even happen?

Sheamus, Orton, & Big Show vs. The Shield.
Overall, a good way to open Wrestlemania if you don’t countthe pre-show Intercontinental title match. Orton showed his egotistical side by stealing Big Show’s tag and thuslosing the match for his team. Eventhough the match ended with Show knocking out both Sheamus and Orton, it wouldbe more interesting to have a Sheamus and Orton feud because of the Big Show.

Ryback vs. Mark Henry
This was the biggest surprise of the night for me. I did not expect to see Mark Henry win this one. I don’t understand why they had Ryback Shell Shock Henry after the match was over, but then again most of what the WWE does doesn’t make sense anyway.

Team Hell No vs. Dolph and Big E
I expected that Ziggler would get pinned just so he can then go in to cash his MITB briefcase and win the big one later in the evening. It was good to see Kane and Bryan work well together, unfortunately this puts Bryan’s singles run on hold just a little while longer.

Chris Jericho vs. Fandango
I expected this match to be a whole lot better than it actually was. The match had a lot of potential; Fandango’s first match in the WWE, a great show could have been seen with this one. But there seemed to be a whole lot of miscues and flubs, resulting in a mediocre match.

P Diddy Performance
Anyone else think it was hilarious when P Diddy started to rap and some guy in the stands got up to go to the bathroom (most likely)?

Alberto vs. Swagger
Swagger got the “there isn’t enough time in this 4 hour event to show my ring entrance” award. He and Zeb drove something to the ring, which would have been a cool little entrance, but it was cut out because of a video package. The match was pointless, Swagger lost fairly (probably due to his DUI arrest). Now we all thought that Ziggler would cash in, but they cut to another video package and that was it….. WHY?

Undertaker vs. CM Punk
Match of the night, I didn’t expect anything less from the 2 talents in the ring. A few surprises inthe match was when CM Punk kicked out of the first tombstone, and Punk failing to break the Spanish announce table. The match was fun; we all knew Undertaker was going to win, hopefully now Punk can get some much needed time off.

HHH vs. Lesnar
How many times did I have to see Lesnar slam HHH into the steel steps while in the Kimura lock? I was hoping for a Shawn Michaels screw job with him helping Lesnar win, but that didn’t happen. The match was a snorefest, the crowd was dead, and why was this crap the second to last match? HHH does not have to retire. So now what?

Cena vs. The Rock
The match was much better than their WM 28 match last year. That being said, there were way too many reversals at the end of the match, it felt like it went on forever. Therewere a few times when Cena was getting frustrated, and this would have been the perfect time for Cena to grab a steel chair and beat the living hell out of The Rock and turn heel. Big surprise they didn’t allow that to happen and had him win cleanly. The match ends, and they hug it out. That was another blown opportunity for a Cena heel turn; it would have been perfect, but oh well. I was most shocked by the fact that the match ended with a little more than 10 minutes left in the PPV.

Things that confused me:
Why wasn’t Cesaro on the card? He is one of the best workers the WWE has andthey didn’t utilize him?

Why did I have to watch the same video packages throughout the Main Attraction that I already saw during the preshow?

Why wasn’t Kaitlyn on the card? I’m not a fan of the divas division, but she’s champ, she should have had a match.

Well that’s my thoughts on what was called the Biggest Event of the Year.

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