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4 Things that I would like to see, but will not at the Royal Rumble

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1. The Shield Costs CM Punk the WWE Championship

I really don’t see the WWE having this match end in controversy; I expect them to have CM Punk lose cleanly. At some point in the match The Shield come outs, attacks the Rock, and costs Punk the title due to their interference. Punk then flips out on The Shield and they beat Punk down. Rock gets back up, acts like he is going to attack, then hugs the members of The Shield.

Vince McMahon stated that if The Shield interferes in this match Punk is stripped of the title. Ever since Hell in a Cell it seemed that The Shield was in league with CM Punk helping him keep his Championship, even though Punk and The Shield deny any partnership. Wouldn’t it be great if at the Royal Rumble we find out that the Rock is the reason The Shield helped Punk keep his title? The Rock made his announcement at the 1000th episode of Raw that he will be challenging the WWE Champion at the Royal Rumble and Punk GTS'd him. The Rock decided that he wanted vengeance against Punk, hired The Shield to help him keep the title until the Royal Rumble, and then take it from him in the most controversial way possible.

2. John Cena Enters the Royal Rumble Match and is Promptly Eliminated before the Next Entry

Now I’m expecting John Cena to win the Royal Rumble and then challenge the Rock in the “Twice in a Lifetime” Main event at Wrestlemania (even though this is the last thing I want to see).

If I had things my way, this is what would happen. John Cena enters the Rumble (let’s say at number 25 but it could be anywhere from number 20-30), and everyone in the ring stops fighting each other. Cena enters the ring, and EVERYONE attacks him and tosses him out. Of course we would have to wait until Raw to find out why this travesty happened. It is explained that all the wrestlers are sick and tired of John Cena’s lame promos, his constant title shots, and how he main events almost every PPV without having the WWE championship. They decided that enough is enough and Cena needed to be knocked down a peg.

3. Dolph Ziggler Wins the Rumble Match

There is no way in hell that this is going to happen. Dolph Ziggler currently holds the Smackdown MITB briefcase and is guaranteed a World Heavyweight Championship Title shot anytime he chooses. So why do I want Ziggler to win the Rumble?

Dolph shows how good he is by coming in at #1 and winning. Dolph then has the opportunity to cash in the briefcase at any time as well as challenging for one of the championships at Wrestlemania. Dolph goes on to challenge for the WHC at Wrestlemania and loses. Whomever he lost to (not sure who will be World Champion) then gets beat down by Big E Langston, Ziggler cashes in and wins.

Another scenario would be that Alberto Del Rio defeats Big Show in the Last Man Standing match and Ziggler cashes in. He still participates in the Rumble Match, even though he just won the World Title. Ziggler shows how great he is by winning the World Title and the Royal Rumble Match and then gets to challenge for the WWE title at Wrestlemania, giving us a Champion vs. Champion Wrestlemania. This can only work if the Rock is not Champion at Wrestlemania.

4. Shelton Benjamin and/or MVP Return

I have always been a fan of Shelton Benjamin and MVP. I never understood why Shelton was quickly eliminated in just about all of his Rumble appearances when he could have lasted longer and showcased what a great talent he is (like Shawn Michaels and Kofi Kingston have). I thought MVP was on the high rise when he lost the U.S. title. On Raw when Randy Orton was WWE Champ MVP called him out, and I thought that he finally is getting his chance. It was a bust, nothing happened and then he was gone. Having either Shelton or MVP return at the Royal Rumble would just make me happy.

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  1. Greekcian's Avatar
    Number one only if we get Hollywood Rock back, wouldn't that be a perfect set up for Rock vs. Cena II?
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