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10 Bold Predictions for the Royal Rumble

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Here I am again to bring you predictions that, while might not be right, but will be bold and that will be a big thing. So I bring to you 10 bold predictions for Royal Rumble

10. Antonio will win by dq and will continue the feud to Wrestlemania with the miz

Antonio Cesaro is one of the best recent US Champions. He has no reason to drop the belt and with his love-hate relationship with America gimmick growing, we have more to see. However, with Miz receiving the Figure 4 leg lock, the Miz and Cesaro will battle to Wrestlemania where Miz will win.

9. Team Hell No will lose the titles and the split will become evident in the Rumble

The Rhodes Scholars have been on a roll lately and their feud with Team Hell No dates back to Hell in a Cell....I know, a feud for tag teams have actually lasted this long! With the rumble coming up, Rhodes Scholars have their final and most successful shot as they win the titles. Kane and Daniel Bryan's bickering during the rumble will get them eliminated....then the feud will rebegin.

8. Kaitlyn will continue to prove dominance

While I know this might not be bold, it is true. Kaitlyn will squash her opponent into the next century and then leading up to Elimination Chamber will be her first test.......let's just chant SPEAR SPEAR SPEAR!

7. Wade Barrett's new opponent will be revealed by whoever eliminates him

Wade Barrett is doing a great job as champ, but it is time for a feud after the rumble. It is most likely he will not win the rumble, but he will have a good showing. Whoever eliminates Barrett will turn out to be his opponent and will then feud later on.

6. Alberto Del Rio defeats Big Show.....cleanly

Big Show had a great....showing (*snicker*) in the fall, but his drop to Alberto Del Rio has shown to be a great move by WWE. Alberto Del Rio is a great champ and has proved to us that he isn't stale anymore. With another last man standing match looming, Del Rio will get the upperhand on Big Show....somehow.....hopefully something different then that table again.

5. Dolph Ziggler will not cash in, but will try to

IT ISN'T HAPPENING!!! Ziggler will cash in soon, but not now. His run with the money in the bank will rival edge, but it isn't to say that he won't try. Ziggler isn't very lucky with his number in the rumble, so how do you get out of that? You hold a title! But, del rio will show Ziggler that he isn't getting rid of it that easily.

4. Ryback will eliminate Big Show only for Big Show to eliminate Ryback after being eliminated

Ryback will be dominant in the Rumble. I say, 8-9 eliminations but he won't topple Kane's record...he doesn't deserve to....yet. People say that Ryback losing will bring him down, but not if he is eliminated unfairly. Big Show will get destroyed by Ryback and everyone will be down in the ring. But just like taker and show in 2009, Show will eliminate Ryback and that sets the road for wrestlemania

3. Ziggler, Cena and Cesaro will all be competing for the longest time, which Ziggler will claim

If you come in at 1 or 2, you are going to have a bad time. No matter if someone loses, getting the longest time in the rumble is a nice confidence booster. Ziggler, Cena and Cesaro will all be the closest to staying in, but Ziggler will prove he is a Show-Off with the longest time in the rumble, just beating out Cena

2. The Rock will win the WWE Championship

WAIT UP, how can the Rock winning be bold you say? I believe this match-up is 50/50 on terms of how this happens. It is so close that no one can truly know who will win, but Rock will closely win here, sealing the wrestlemania event. While this might not be the most boldest, the next one always is.

1. CM Punk wins the Royal Rumble

Yep, this is the prediction. After the Rock defeats Punk, Cena is expected to win? SCREW THAT! Punk will enter the royal rumble, last til the final two where he will win the Rumble and go on to a triple threat at Wrestlemania with Cena (who gets in later), Rock and Himself

Bonus Prediction: Cena and Punk will both win the rumble

This is a little add-on so this could also happen....WHAT WILL HAPPEN?

And there ya go! I have to admit, this rumble will be huge! This year will be huge! I am very excited for this event and I hope to see you all very soon til the next bold predictions for Elimination Chamber.

Stay Frosty

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  1. browne81's Avatar
    I agree with 10,8,7,6 for sure
  2. teamchris's Avatar
    They all seem like very real possibilities apart from number 1. Ziggler starts gets to the last two only to then be eliminated by cena who wins. Maybe even ziggler cena 1 and 2.
    But i guarantee super shitty cena wins.
  3. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I agree with 2. Believe Ziggler will last the longest in the Rumble match finishing in the final 3. I don't see Punk winning the Rumble o. Doesn't make sense at all. He has a rematch clause whenever he wants it against the Rock post Rumble loss. 4 makes sense....7 should be Christian!! Agreed with 9 and 10.
  4. Abrech's Avatar
    I wonder if they will close the show with the Royal Rumble match or they will have the Rock vs. Punk match as the last match. If the Rumble is last, I would love to see Punk enter (if he loses the title, which is basically guaranteed) and win it all, I think that's a great idea. Even after losing his title to the Rock, he still shows everyone how great he is by winning the Rumble.

    Another possibility would be having Cena win the Rumble (I know, no one wants that) setting up a Rock vs. Cena II at Wrestlemania. The Rock doesn't defend the title at the Elimination Chamber, but they still have a Chamber match that Punk wins and gets a title shot setting up a Punk vs. Cena vs. Rock Wrestlemania. Just a thought
  5. Ahmed Jens Ben Arfa's Avatar
    "Bonus Prediction: Cena and Punk will both win the rumble"
    Shades of RR 2005,may not happens,after all..Last Time Cena was supposed to win the rumble with someone else,VKM came out and restarted the Rumble instantly for Cena and Batista,so Booking Both Punk and Cena as RR winners now would be defying WWE logics..Well,this is WWE after all,no logic,screw the rules,they still can have both wins like if 2005 never existed xD
    Pretty good blog btw

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