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RUMBLE, CHAMBER, MANIA: Considering the possibilities

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In the great abyss of data, information and sheer EVERYTHING that is the World Wide Web nothing stirs the cauldron of controversy and debate like some simple blogger offering an opinion. See…even reading this you suddenly have an opinion concerning my opinion about opinions! Does it ever end? All kidding aside what is a blog for anyway but to offer comments, opinions and share information? Sometimes opinions are original or parallel to the thoughts and views of other already established in ink or some cyber trail somewhere, but mostly they are just what they are. Agree or disagree—such is your privilege—but here I remain a mere blogger offering a mere opinion about what I would like to happen in the next set of PPVs starting most importantly with the Royal Rumble PPV.

US Championship: Antonio Cesaro vs. The Miz

Pre-show? Do we reallyneed any stinking pre-show? This should be the Rumble opener IMO and should be a really good matchup. Like him or hate him The Miz has enjoyed a slight uptick in his superstar value since his “tweener” turn and has turned his shine up a notch with his feud for recapturing the US title. Cesaro has carved a name for himself in his rookie year with the WWE simultaneously making himself and the US Championship more and more interesting.

Since beating Santino in August 2012 for the US title Cesaro has shown he can hold his own in the WWE and deserves to retain in a hard-knock contest with The Miz. Back and forth it should go with Miz gaining the upper hand nearly pulling it out when the lights go out and BOOM—here comes the shield attacking The Miz for either a DQ decision or win for the champ! Strange,however, as the normally three-man group calls out a new mysterious member who is wearing a full riot gear and mask (gas mask, dark hood whole nine) hiding his identity who really takes it to The Miz—the new guy is vicious and quickly turns on Cesaro as well with the four taking both out as only they can.

This would be a better use for the Shield as they can say later about the “injustice” of the US Champ having to face such an unworthy opponent. The mystery of the new member can be played up and teased for a little while as a “worthy adversary” for the US gold finally putting The Shield to better use at the mid-card level wreaking havoc to all (heel and face) and waging their own brand of justice. Sure, this takes even more from TNA and Aces and Eights but since The Shield is already a erstwhile polar opposite rip off anyway might as well go all out.

Leading up to the Elimination Chamber the new guy is finally revealed to be a bearded, head-shaved Jack Swagger who “recognizes in the Shield a bond, a family that he has never enjoyed in his time with the WWE” a band of brothers who will watch his back and help him fight the injustice of anyone other than himself holding the US championship. And at the EC chamber The Shield can capture their first strap by having Swagger go over Cesaro in their typical unjust manner. Of course this could set up a WM rematch in a cage or some stipulation that likewise has the Shield seemingly unable to help their bud.

Similarly, this could help lead right into another barrage so to speak with Dean perhaps seeking to capture the IC title from Wade Barrett at the EC PPV and the tag titles for the other two remaining Shield warriors. I mean what is a stable if not a mechanism to make more of an impact OTHER than jumping people and showing up here and there. They need the gold and having all of these all at once would do them very well…

Money inthe Bank?

Ok I do think the MITB should return and stay at WM and what a perfect vehicle for otherwise unencumbered superstars such as Cena, Kofi,Ryder, Daniel Bryan, Kane, Ryback and many other possibilities. Personally I would go with Ryder pulling out an upset victory here to help his sagging star power. I like Ryder put he needs a push in some new direction or another…

WorldHeavyweight Championship: Alberto DelRio vs. The Big Show

Ok…I know I am not the only one who thinks the Big Show is just simply getting old…not in his ability or drive perhaps as he looks physically the best lately than he has ever looked, but in the whole package. Yes, ok, you are a mean merciless giant who destroys everyone but eh…been there done that. Sadly he has really tried it all and where can he really go from here? I don’t know but conversely I have never really like Del Rio since he first stepped into a WWE ring but I have to admit he is growing on me as a face and his last man standing match with Big Show where he won the title was refreshing and worthy—caught many of us off guard I dare say and more so that it felt right and deserving.

Ok, then, can the Rumble LMS match top the last one? Sure and after a brutal slugfest where DelRio barely retains we finally—and I mean FINALLY—get a Ziggler cash-in to win the WHC over a nearly cationic Del Rio. Ziggler truly deserves this title and this would not impact Del Rio at all sending him into a rematch at Elimination Chamber with Ziggler (and say Sheamus, Big Show, Big E, Brodus Clay). The Big Show can be systematically devastated by a constant barrage to his leg/knee by Del Rio during the match and with a little old-school psychology and emotional support from the crowd Alberto can overcome the odds and tell a story of triumph and victory through the worst beating he has everencountered.

Honestly, like many I am a little tired of the WHC hanging around in this day and age where the brand split has quietly vanished and theWWE title is seemingly growing in importance. This title is very classic and prestigious in its own right but at the same time having two “world titles” cheapens both and dilutes the product.

WWE WorldHeavyweight Championship: CM Punk vs.The Rock

Ok Punk no matter what you do or say I am for you all the way! This is an easy choice for me though perhaps not the MOST popular or realistic when it comes to how the WWE may want to play this. I am not a Rock-hater I have always enjoyed him and marveled at his talent and what he brings to the ring but realistically he does not need a title to draw money and at his level he is, as we all know, only going to be around when he wants to be around. The Rock as WWE champion? Sorry does not impress me or increase buy-rates any more than his mere presence on a PPV. The Rock as WWE champ vs. Undertaker, or vs. Brock or in a rematch with Punk? Why?

CM Punk has shown he is a top name in the company no matter how much he is kept down or shortchanged by others (Cena and why end his historic title rein just to put the strap on The Rock for a short term? Why ruin it at all for anyone right now? Honestly, who else then makes sense for Punk to battle for the title? He has taken on everyone else?

So…it does therefore excite me to hear the rumblings of a possible match at WrestleMania with a streak vs. streak match so to speak with Undertaker and CM Punk. This does make sense in so many ways as who and what else might draw Taker back into the fray? Talk about a man that has done and seen it all. Between the Rock and Taker it is the same story of a mega star who does not need the title per se (and who is only around when they want to be) but it just makes more sense to go with Taker.

Taker vs. Brock…yeah who cares? Taker vs. Rock…ok epic and awesome but why? Taker vs. Cena, anyone else…ok anything could work if done the right way but again why? At 20-0 no rational viewer is going to believe Taker is going to go down at the grandest stage of them all for just anyone and any given scenario. Why should he? Want a match that will have everyone guessing…hey Taker has his 20 in a row and Punk is on a roll anything could happen right? Ok Punk may not need the rub to go over Taker in such an epic fashion and Taker may not need the title to be Taker but the match would be the biggest thing the WWE could otherwise come up with and why not! Punk seemingly needs that one more thing, that one more moment to push him all the way to the top and this would be it. Ok yes the streak is the streak and maybe it does not have to end ever but if it does who else is more deserving? Why waste such a moment on just anyone?

So…with all that being said how do we get here? Why not have a Rumble match that sees both men come out, head-to-head and move-for-move put on a clinic a match for the ages that truly no one saw coming…a match where there is no cheap run-in or interference (where even Paul H is thrown out midway in) where there are so many near-falls and uncertain outcomes that we are all at the edge of our seats. The Rock and Punk are just simply spent and maybe even a little color to help tell the right story…look back to that WM 13 match with Austin vs. Bret Hart and how that was magic…have Punk down and out with the Rock about to finish him (barely able to manage his usual move set) when the Rock simply collapses in the ring unresponsive and down where Punk can crawl over, drape the arm and pick up the win. This would not cheapen the win too much IMO nor tarnish Rock at all…I am not saying turn Punk face or Rock heal like the WM 13 moment double turn just set up a reason for Rock to have a rematch with Punk at the Elimination Chamber PPv along with say Orton, Brock, Cena and Mark Henry. Throwing Brock in the mix here thus sets up a Brock vs. Rock WM match where Rock is seeking revenge for Brock costing him the title at the EC.

RoyalRumble: 30 put it all on the line!

Ok with the above being said it would therefore suppose that the Undertaker would need to be the surprise last entrant into the Rumble and winner right? Yes this could work but really….really…really…? Taker is Taker after all and would deserve the WM title shot against anyone just by wanting it…so perhaps as a swerve of all swerves looking to turn up the heat and speculation in the IWC why not have a brand new World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler enter the rumble as #1 (he did not have to work so hard after all to become WHC) and defy the odds to be the last man standing (by hook, crook and questionable circumstances of course) against the #30 entrant the Undertaker…oh my I could hearing the heartbeats thumping and keyboards clicking now…

Ok…then what’s next? Many different ideas could work but if Ziggler somehow wins the rumble, retains the title at the EC it could be a champion vs champion WM moment to unify the World titles once and for all bringing the WWE title back to a singular importance and oh my how that would not suck. How does that play into the epic streak vs. streak match aforementioned? Well, why not have Taker disappear after losing to ZIggler at the Rumble…where is Taker!!!??? What happened to Taker? Everyone would expect Taker to win the Rumble to go on perhaps to face Punk but what would they think then…what would they think when he does not show up to talk about the loss or answer the questions or even demand a rematch…he could be noticeably absent from the lineup of the EC PPv when of course Dolph is celebrating his victory the lights can go out and as a single spotlight is set up on the ring Taker can pop up from under the ring and drag the show off to hell to end the EC ppv…this could then set up in the next weeks how Taker wants Ziggler at WM and Punk in a three way for the all the marbles undisputed championship and streak vs. streak on the line!!!!

Ok I realize I may be in dreamland here and having Ziggler may feel like an unnecessary third wheel to an otherwise epic matchup but just consider the possibilities for the moment folks…wow…

I do admit to being a huge Ziggler fan and believe he and Punk certainly deserve this kind of exposure—Punk moreso even—but imagine how this could go down if either wins. Taker as the unified, undisputed World Champ and 21-0 would mean something and perhaps be the moment he needs, the final moment he can then retire…he can finally introduce a new belt lay out that he has done everything he has wanted to accomplish and can retire as champ…the moment can be used as a turning point for Ziggler to make a great stand and become a face and feud on with Punk in a tournament at Extreme Rules to determine the new undisputed champion…Ziggler can do this by having the mutual respect rub from Taker where Punk comes off as having tried to swindle the match…Taker and Ziggler handshake ala HHH and Taker and invite Punk in but he refuses…

Ok…Ziggler wins…even as a fan I don’t see this at this point but let us suppose he does still pull out all the stops and even pins Taker (which he would not have to do to win in the three way) he would be a made man with all the shine he could possibly need to rise to the top…while I do think he is ready for gold he may not be ready for all this…he could even pin Punk for the Undisputed title and thus letting Taker remain technically undefeated which would make about as much sense as some finishes lately…either way even asa “tweener” face with a new strap and supreme champ status he could do very well…

And then there is Punk…with what I actually hope would happenis the victor here pulling out all the stops winning the Undisputed title, introducing a new look the next night on Raw and pinning Taker to end the Streak as well…truly he would be the best in the world and at that point why not let him keep going as a longer term champion building a new mega star who can make other stars along the way. Ok I am kinda partial to shaking things up but really the scenario of Taker winning and retiring with the title would work just as well if not better to not only cement his legacy and send him out in style, but to give us who care a good enough reason to cause CM Punk’s current title reign to come to an end. Ok maybe it is not as large and significantas Taker’s WM streak but it is big in my estimation and should not be discarded lightly. Besides, while Punk can always go on a longer streak later there will never be another WM 20 year streak...

Yeah ok it would never happen but what if it could?

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  1. jlsniper's Avatar
    Id love to see Undertaker win the title than retire it. It would be the perfect way to bring in the new belt.
  2. scribblerking's Avatar
    I know! Consider how even unifying the championships and him retiring the old belt would bring back how mega important that title would the long run it could even help the other belts like the IC and US strap grow in importance...
  3. blink's Avatar
    I was with you till you said Ryder should win mitb. Hes garbage. Face it IWC!!! I picked back up but lost interest again when you called Ziggler a third wheel. Hes the show off! Hes the new show stealer! Hes this generations HBK, hence why hes using the superkick. You had some good ideas. But you had a couple garbage, fan boy dreams. I did however like the amount of detail in your scenarios. All in all, good blog buddy. Keep it up..
  4. scribblerking's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by blink
    I was with you till you said Ryder should win mitb. Hes garbage. Face it IWC!!! I picked back up but lost interest again when you called Ziggler a third wheel. Hes the show off! Hes the new show stealer! Hes this generations HBK, hence why hes using the superkick. You had some good ideas. But you had a couple garbage, fan boy dreams. I did however like the amount of detail in your scenarios. All in all, good blog buddy. Keep it up..
    Yeah you make a good point about Ryder as much as I want to like him he is doing nada to earn it...also I said Ziggler may seem like a third wheel in such an instance but to me I think he is there and deserving...he is my choice for all the marbles

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