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Is John Cena the Leader of The Shield?

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Hey guys Knox here hoping all is well. I wanna blog about the possibility of Cena being the leader of The Shield. Now I know its a long shot but I have some great points that could be Cena's motive. Again, I'm 100% sure none of this will ever happen because they refuse to turn Cena heel but hear me out, hope you enjoy.

Who Has The Shield attacked?


The Miz

Randy Orton


Daniel Bryan

Now of those names I mentioned, they all got revenge in some way. Daniel Bryan, Kane & Ryback had a great match with The Shield at TLC even in a losing effort. Orton has been out almost every week trying to attempt to atleast get revenge on them along with Sheamus.

The Shield's Survivor Series Debut: Cm Punk vs Ryback vs Cena
Now in this match the Shield debuted and attacked Ryback and put him thru a table. Now notice the fact that they left Cena alone, I don't think they bothered Cena and if so it was quick. They left Cena alone and allowed Punk to pin him but they basically came out and destroyed Ryback.

The Shield attacks Cena:
They actually did attack Cena one time I believe on Raw against The Big Show. What I think is it was a way to swerve us. Cena never got any real revenge for it and just swept it under a rug.

John Cena - The Nexus:
Now storyline wise, The Nexus gave Cena all the hell he could handle but it was one of the first times in his career he was booked to look weak. Cena knows the true power and benefits that a stable can provide to your career. What if he's finally realizing this and on the low started a stable of his own in The Shield?

2012 Was Cena's Worst Year Right?
Cena said 2012 was his worst and most embarrassing year. He vowed on Raw that 2013 would bring a huge drastic change in the career of John Cena. Am I right? What if this is the change. What if Cena hired an insurance policy to protect him throughout 2013 and help get him back to the top? Really think hard about it.

Hogan-Cena NWO Connection:
People constantly everyday compare Cena to Hogan. They call Cena a modern day Hogan which is true. What if Vince's plan is to turn Cena heel in typical stable fashion just like when Hogan turned heel by joining the NWO. What if Cena turned heel by joining The Shield? I can honestly see it happening and that would be the heel turn of the century and it would be icing on the cake if they rehashed it to look like Hogan's heel turn.

Survivor Series 2013 - Boston Massachusetts - CENA TURNS HEEL:
This is the perfect place for it to happen. A year after The Shield's debut at Survivor Series 2012. And live in Cena's hometown of Boston should be where its revealed that he's the leader of The Shield and his heel turn takes place.

Typical 5 on 5 Survivor Series Match - Kane, Daniel Bryan, The Miz, Alberto Del Rio & Sheamus vs Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Big E. Langston and a "Mystery Partner"

The last two remaining guys in this match are Sheamus and Dean Ambrose. Sheamus gets the pinfall and he's in the ring celebrating. Crowd is going wild.

"Lights Go Out"......Its pitch black dark in the arena and everyone assumes Undertaker is coming since it is his traditional Survivor Series PPV and the lights are out..........

"Lights Cut Back On"......Sheamus is laid out in the ring unconscious............

"Light Cut Back Off"........Crowd is going crazy at this point.

"Lights cut back on" and all the members of the Shield are hovered over Sheamus and the ref comes in and makes another 3 count. Everyone at this point is confused.............

As each Shield member stands up from trampling Sheamus. All you see is Cena on top of Sheamus pinning him to the mat. The crowd goes absolutely nuts. Cena has this dry look on his face and stands up. He then rises his hands with the members of The Shield and puts on a cocky Jericho like grin signifying that he was the mystery partner that got the pin on Sheamus.

The crowd reaction at this point would be so awesome you wouldn't know how to predict it. Kids would be going nuts in tears. The real fans would probably be cheering, it would be total chaos.

What a Cena heel turn does for wrestling?
I think it gives the business a fresh facelift that it so desperately needs. People say wrestling died when Austin & Rock left. Since then its been dominated by a bland John Cena doing the same thing for 7 years. Him turning heel would actually revitalize wrestling because its the one thing every major fan has been demanding. ESPN, and other outlets actually bash Cena's character which tells you something.

The product isn't good anymore, Cena has to go heel. It would have the world buzzing. People make a claim about Cena's merchandise sales but I guarantee the sales in Cena Shield shirts would double. When Hogan joined the NWO you would literally see atleast 5 people in an NWO shirt a day in the general public. People would respond to a Cena heel turn.

Drop the media propaganda trying to be this image friendly company and do something big for the business. People don't realize that a Cena heel turn will actually damn near double ratings, people will buzz about it and numbers will see a huge increase. What does the WWE have to lose? They've proven that the old way isn't working. Bring in something fresh and that would be a Cena heel turn in his hometown of Boston.

Hope you guys enjoyed this, please leave feedback. I'm sure this won't happen but a man can dream right? Thanks guys, be safe. Until then.

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  1. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    Never thought about it, but would make for a very interesting story. I like the idea... I just dont see these current WWE writers being that creative. Not sure they could come up with something like this.
  2. Michael Cobb's Avatar
    This would be cool, but there's an element you're forgetting. The Shield is a stable and in WWE that means its highly unlikely it'll last a full year.
  3. scribblerking's Avatar
    Very interesting idea and for the mere fact it makes too much sense means it will never happen of course...i do think the whole Shield stable needs to either end soon or get a boost either from a new member to stir things up and if they are around to stay as a stable they need to seek out some mid-card gold like the IC or US title
  4. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by scribblerking
    Very interesting idea and for the mere fact it makes too much sense means it will never happen of course...i do think the whole Shield stable needs to either end soon or get a boost either from a new member to stir things up and if they are around to stay as a stable they need to seek out some mid-card gold like the IC or US title
    I'd be happy with a match on TV
  5. akbar's Avatar
    Interesting, very interesting.
  6. Hurtts101's Avatar
    Have thought about this before. My only thinking is have it happen at Mania. Cena couldn't beat Rock last year, so this year he has insurance to take WWE back. Plus with the new stipulation at the Rumble, could actually cost Punk the title setting up Cena's ultimate revenge on the Rock. The only flaw is they've been building Punk as their biggest heel though the Rumble idea would allow him to go back to face. Especially if Orton goes heel as well. My only other consideration is everyone kept waiting to see who was behind the Nexus and they didn't need anyone in the end....
  7. Justin23's Avatar
    I have been saying this all along. No one ever said Hogan would turn and when he finally did, it was awesome and shook up the wrestling world! But why wait until Survivor Series 2013? They need to do this NOW and the Royal Rumble is PERFECT! We all know the Shield cannot interfere, but have the ref get knocked out somehow. Lights go off, Shield music hits, lights go on and bam...Cena is standing there face to face with Dwayne. Punk is seated in the corner watching as Cena beats the crap out of the Rock (payback for WM27). Tells Punk who is in disbelief to cover him. Cena wakes the ref. Punk gets the win and Cena finally turns heel and we all win. It's PERFECT!
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