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STATE OF THE 'E: Raw + Rumble Ramblin' = Everything Else!

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Welcome one and all to another edition of STATE OF THE 'E! I haven't done one in forever because I'm a lazy bum and one of my friends who reads this site told me its been a while since I've done one and that I'm "Fucking Up" for not posting in a while. So, here I am B. Nelson and everyone else who reads this... bringing you the best bang for your buck that money can buy. As per usual, keep your arms and legs inside my opinion until the opinion is over.

Once the opinion has come to a FULL STOP then you will be allowed off and able to puke, yell, poop or whatever you need to do. Now, on with the blog!!!


JAN 14TH Episode:
What in the utter crap was that? Really? That's all you guys can do for us? We're expecting a grand opus of magnanimous proportions and we get a bunch of nothing? The only good thing that came out of it was the fact that it took The Rock a full week to come back from the "Your Arms Are Too Short To Box God." line from Punk. (Which was golden by the way.)

What did we do to deserve such garbage as our "treat" for staying loyal for so long? I've personally been watching RAW since it's inception in January of 1993 and I felt like we got completely shafted. Nothing major storyline wise, no returns, no nothing. The Rock and CM Punk had a physical altercation... OOOOOOOOHHHMMMMMAAAHHHHHGGAAAWWWDDD!!! -_-

I was highly disappointed with this episode to say the least. There was literally so much wrong with it that I'd take up a WHOLE blog talking about it. Two other good things came out of it though:

*Wade Barrett got a win

*CM Punk has now been WWE Champion for the 1,000th episode and the 20th Anniversary combined... NO ONE else will be able to do that. Bank on it.

JAN 21st Episode:
“Beat The Clock” came back and made a definite impact on the show. The matches were solid and the whole show came off pretty damn good… except for the ultra lame John Cena “STATE OF THE WWE ADDRESS” to end the program. How can you have great matches, intense segments with CM Punk and The Rock… then end with that? I’m not sure what they were aiming for with that but it was an underwhelming end to an otherwise great show.

Even if the show had a 15 minute segment about hugging. If a fan from the Attitude Era decided that it was time to watch RAW again and turned that segment on in particular… I could see why people gripe the way they do about PG…

ALBERTO DEL RIO: I've been a fan of his for a while and couldn't really see what other people were saying about him being horrible and whatnot. Yeah, he needed some more personality but other than that I thought he has always been very good in the ring and has done an amazing job being entertaining since he's been there. He just became WHC recently along with a face push which is pretty damn cool. His personality is coming through and everyone is liking him now which I find weird but, its pretty cool nonetheless.

THE 'E SIGNING THE INDY TALENTS ALL UP: Holy hell!! Haitch has been on a rampage hiring all the indy guys we like, eh? It's been an insane year and it keeps getting better now that El Generico and PAC have been placed in the company. I think we need Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Lowki, Kevin Steen, and a myriad of others there as well. I also think they should keep their original names but that's another story for another time.

I know their names are changing but we really need these guys to be the beast performers that they've been elsewhere. You have the talent, use it. Get rid of the sniveling, commonplace people who are just the for a check and to not make any noise. You NEED the noisemakers!!! Let those bastards in so they can show everyone what its all about!

THE ROYAL RUMBLE: This is officially my favorite time of the year! We begin our quest for WRESTLEMANIA!!! The Royal Rumble has always been a damn special PPV but in the last five years they've really let it show that they invest a lot into it. The matches leading into the Rumble are always great and the Rumble itself has been awesome the last maybe... six years. (It's usually awesome but with the returns, the surprises... it's all different now.)

Although I fear The Rock will beat CM Punk and make the trek to WM a predictable one, I hope I'm wrong. Here's how I think it'll play out:





I really hope it doesn’t play out that way but I have a feeling I’m utterly wrong. Now, I feel like I’ve take up enough time. Remember as always to send me death threats, cooking recipes, general anarchist tips and comments in the section below. Thanks for reading and come back again real soon!

See Ya’ Soon, Space Cowboy…

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  1. dmt4life's Avatar
    another good blog from the Rated One, take note first time Bloggers, the best blogs are often opinionated, have direction and purpose, and build as they go, and Rob is slowly turning that into an art.

    hate to say it but I whole heartedly agree with Rob on the Mania Main event, WWE loves matches and feuds that sell, and Punk is showing that he and The Rock are gold together, much like Cena and the Rock were last year, and of course the WWE always likes to try and go bigger, cant get much bigger than Rock vs Cena vs Punk this year. WWE goes with the money, and thats where the money is at the moment.
  2. SouthernBlood's Avatar
    For sure brotha,I felt exactly that with the 20th ani,Not a damn thing out of the ordinary AT ALL! Really. Nothing different from any other show at all ,at all,other than the rock being there getting physical,as you said. no turns,no returns,no title changes,firings,Nothing.
  3. ewantu2's Avatar
    If Cena said he was going to face Rock at WM for the wwe title if he wins. Then i could understand why it went on last.

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