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Top 5 Wrestling Show Opening Themes

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Hey guys Knox here hoping all is well. I'm going to blog on my favorite opening things for some wrestling shows. Hope you all enjoy this. I'm going to stick with normal wrestling shows and leave out PPV's since they have different themes every year. Enjoy.

Top 5 Wrestling Show Opening Themes:

5. WCW Nitro Teme
The memories of this theme is why I love it. I wasn't a big WCW guy back in the day but the theme gave me a feel. Personally I enjoyed the lighting in WCW better, they did some cool things with the lights when they played this song. Its not really the song I like, but its the atmosphere of watching the entire intro.<

4. Raw - "Tonight Is The Night" (Current)
I know this is new but I for one thing its a pumped up theme. For some reason it sounds like a theme The Miz would use. This is a pretty good song here.

3. Smackdown - "I Want It All"
Don't lie and tell me this wasn't one of the best themes ever. This was an era in which Cena used to actually be the man. He was a great heel in this time and guys like Brock Lesnar and Rock were still around. I loved it.

2. Raw - "All Together" (Attitude Era) Theme
It just solidifies my favorite era ever and to me the greatest era ever. I love this theme so much.

1. TNT - "1980"
This is the most epic show theme ever in my opinion. Its very short but it just does something to me. It makes me enjoy life and think hard about things. I'm sure many won't call it the best but I love the theme so damn much. Here it is below.

Thanks for checking this out guys. Please leave feedback as well as your own lists. Thanks again folks and check out my new music below.

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Besides the attitude era one and WCW....didn't like the other songs as well as ones I may have picked. I would have probably chosen a TNA one over the ones you chose along with other Raw ones.
  2. rhyno535's Avatar
    Your opinion and your picks Knox and im not going to write "worst blog ever, you suck" or something like because you dont . I just wanted to tell you that in my opinion you missed 3 of the greatest themes ever. The first Smackdown theme "everybody on the ground". That theme got me pumped up every single time i watched Smackdown during the Attitude Era.

    My other theme i would have used (maybe you forgot) is Smackdown "Rise Up". Very very good song imo and was one of the reasons i watched Smackdown. A good theme that was used during the last good years in Smackdown, 2005-07.

    And the last theme is Raw "Across the nation" which in my opinion is the best theme song ever. Got me excited every single monday during the Ruthless Agression era.

    I love all your blogs and enjoy reading them. I just wanted to type these songs in case you forgot them
  3. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Challenge Accepted: Great List Knox, expect a response blog coming soon. I like your idea of good TV themes.
  4. Benoitsucks's Avatar
    Lets blog about something cool. Looks like you are running out of ideas. Worst blogger on this site!

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