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Who Should End Cm Punk's WWE Title Reign?

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Hey guys Knox here hoping all is well. I haven't blogged in a while, good to be back for a second. I have to blog on a few guys I think are worthy enough to end Punk's reign as WWE Championship. Since its pretty much set in stone that Rock is going to end it, I wanna go against that option and explain the reasons why.

The Reasons The Rock Shouldn't End Punk's Reign:

I want to point out that I have no issues with The Rock. I'm a fan. But for him to end such a legendary run by Punk just to disappear in a month makes no sense at all. I'm totally against it 100%

Punk's reign needs to be ended by a guy who could use the push. For Punk to have that belt so long and lose it, you want whoever the guy is that takes it from him to ride out that momentum and do something big with it.

Rock ending an over 400 day reign just to disappear absolutely ruins the prestige of the WWE Championship. Even worst than if Cena was to win it again.

Vince is all about money and drawing. That's all he cares about. Rock winning the WWE Championship would damn near double Wrestlemania buys and everything else in between. But what about the product?

5 Guys Who Punk Should Lose his WWE Championship to:

5. The Miz
This is a guy whom is fresh off a face turn and could really use some momentum. He's struggling to get over as a face but he's still someone that entertains the majority of the fans for the most part. He had a great segment with Punk with the lie detector thing, he improves almost every week in the ring and he knows how to cut great promos as a face. AND HE'S A FULL TIMER.

4. Christian
He's fresh off injury and is expected to be cleared by late January. This could be a surprise Royal Rumble entrant and winner to challenge Punk for the gold at Wrestlemania. This would be believable and both Punk and Christian could tell a great story in the ring and on the mic. Christian to me still needs a legit babyface run as WHC or WWE Champ. I'm still upset at how his heel run as WHC went. Christian might be injury prone......but he's also a FULL TIMER.

3. Kofi Kingston
I have to say I love what they've been doing with Kofi besides his gimmick. Vince has been teasing this guy as breaking into the mainevent for the last 4 years on and off and its been fun to watch. He's the ultimate upper-midcarder. He's a four time Intercontinental Champion and a two time United States Champion. He's been matured and worked thru the midcard scene the slow way. He hasn't been rushed to the top or forced down our throats. This is the kinda guy you wanna see make it big in this business. A guy who's went thru all the motions. He also has history with Cm Punk seeing as they are still to this day currently travel buddies along with Dolph Ziggler and they were Tag Team Champions together. They could also tell a great story. And Kofi has proved to not be injury prone and he just happens to be a FULL TIMER.

2. Daniel Bryan
This guy is ahead of his time. Just a great wrestler and entertainer. He's the only tweener in the WWE and plays it to the face side so him feuding with Punk would be very believable. Let's also not forget that in the beginning of last year they had one of the best feuds ever for this very Title with the face and heel roles switched and it went over well. It would be nice to see Daniel Bryan reinserted into the mainevent scene with a huge win over Cm Punk. Haha and Daniel might be the man with a beard....but what makes him special guessed it.....HE'S A FULL TIMER.

1. Dolph Ziggler

This guy is turning into the hottest commodity the WWE and maybe even wrestling has to offer. I hear they've been talking about turning him face. What better way to do that than to throw him in a feud with Cm Punk and have him take the Title. I think if anyone can pull off being WWE Champion and WHC at the same time it would be Dolph. That's what I wanna see. I want Dolph to cash in on Del Rio at the Royal Rumble, win the Royal Rumble and then win the WWE Championship from Punk at Wrestlemania. It might sound unbelievable but atleast he's a FULL TIMER.

Rock vs Chris Jericho - Wrestlemania 29
I think this should be the Rock's Wrestlemania opponent with both of the guys playing the babyface roles cutting great promos leading into it. This would be awesome. Jericho debuted at the expense of the Rock in 99' but they never really had a proper feud. These are two of the greatest, they're both legends and would rock the house (no pun intended). The match would draw and it wouldn't have to even be the mainevent but its a huge break from the traditional overbooked Triple H match. I would love to see this happen. It would be high profile but still not high profile enough to take anything away from the WWE Championship and WHC match. Bank of this.

Hope you guys enjoyed this. I love The Rock, I love having him around but he shouldn't be WWE Champion. You guys gotta look at this from an unbiased view and decided if its appropriate for the end that thing? Would he take it to Hollywood? Be safe guys, until then.guy to win the Championship and then disappear back to Hollywood. Its not fair to the guys who bust their asses everyday for a shot only to never get it. Rock should be around and I love him being around but he should only be in great feuds that don't involve the WWE Championship. Besides, how often would he even defend that thing? Would he take it with him to Hollywood? Be safe guys. Until then.


Jae Knox - "Loyalty"

Jae Knox - "Walls"

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  1. RagefulRhino's Avatar
    What about Wade Barrett, I know they're both heels, but I'd love that match. Gives Barrett his first world title, plus Sheamus vs Punk is inevitable in the future.
  2. lucky7pointman's Avatar
    vince only care about money? omg i am shock nooone else dont. this is a business to survive in a business u need money. that the real world
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    As a huge Christian mark I want him to win the title and have a good reign n drop it to some one like Kofi or Daniel Bryan...

    I want to see full fledged feuds between Christian and Punk/DB/Ziggler all are going to be great from both wrestling as well as entertainment points of view..
  4. Ozzy Mandias's Avatar
    Rock and Jericho had a decent feud in 2001 that was one of the highlights of the Invasion Angle.
  5. Hurtts101's Avatar
    Couldn't agree with you more that Rock shouldn't win. It takes away the credibility of every other guy who has faced Punk to this point. I never thought about it before, but I could get behind your Miz idea. Though not a huge fan, I've said for years he's basically the next Jericho. It would be shocking wich is good. And if Lesnar got involved at RR, it would give a long over due rematch. The only problem is what does Cena do. Face the 'taker, but I just don't see Cena losing another Mania this year. No, unfortionatley the best I can hope for is Punk to hold on and have a triple threat match versus Cena and Rock.
  6. knox's Avatar
    I'm sorry guys I keep forgetting about that Jericho & Rock feud, for some reason its a grey are to me and I've been watching wrestling for so long, I apologize about that. But I really wanna see that feud revisited.

    I never been a fan of the past vs present matches like Cena vs Rock and Hogan vs The Rock and stuff like that. I like to relive history, that's just me.
  7. midian's Avatar
    I'd go with Kofi since he travels with Punk.They could come up with great things for the story since they spend alot of time with each other.
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