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The Irrationality of Rock Critics/Punk Lovers

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I am a new member here who joined for the sole purpose of this blog, I am not theatrical, I am practical therefore excuse my rather stagnant blog as I won't be writing with charisma.

I check here periodically in my free time and one issue has particularly caught my eye more than any other IWC criticism.... That issue is, obviously, the return of Dwayne Johnson. There are blatant facts that users seem to be oblivious to in regards to his pursue of the title at the expense of CM Punk, i'm here to clarify why, from an objective perspective, this is one of the best moves for the wwe currently.... As well as exposing the single mindedness and ignorance that remains consistent amongst the iwc (which is why it shouldn't be appeased)

I will try to keep this concise

First off the case of the IWC bandwagon
The internet wrestling crowd consists of a handful of individuals who have an aptitude, whether professional or experience wise, for wrestling as a business and product while a large majority consists of single minded fans (the mark children and the smarks who are just as egocentric) The reason your voice is rarely heard is because you are inconsistent in your opinions and there are too many opinions to entertain. The IWC is so biased they rarely comprehend the decisions made by wwe or opinions that dispute their own (The wwe is a multi million dollar coporation, they're not hiring imbecile writers or employees, they function toward a common goal) So many of the IW community are simply over opinionated marks who will bandwagon the "coolest" segment placed in front of them for instance....

Cm punk was a mildly appealing pre shoot, he was barely over with the iwc until he worked you over and he said words you identified with (it doesn't take talent to speak your mind... Anyone could have did that promo) Wwe has a lack of star power therefore when they find something that works they capitalize upon it hence CM punk's title reign and the extension of his gimmick. We seem to forget that wwe is an entertainment company, this is why it has become this successful, it is not wrestling based anymore but there are plenty of alternatives for the latter (though wwe tries to preserve the dignity of the "sport"). Cm punk is the most entertaining WRESTLER thus there is noone better to hold the belt currentl than him but it is a testament to how dire wwe's situation is (it reflects in the ratings) When Cena retires then a large demographic will tune out and Ryback is hardly a replacement. Cm punk is nothing special and it is because he is active on such a dense roster that he outshines his peers and the IWC has so much vested interest. Should he underperform, or the next superstar emerges, you will turn on him due to overexposure (the same happened with Zack Ryder and Lesnar's return)
We're searching for perfect scenarios that may be in the minority, at the end of the day you account for a minor niche that they can't afford to satisfy, be happy they have in many ways.

Now, as I have stated above the wwe lacks a substantive roster, in addition many factors contribute to it's decreasing popularity therefore they must rely on past attractions to benefit the product (which in turn benefits the employees)
Cue one of the biggest attractions from the highest rated eras in wrestling: "The Rock"
It's funny, the man was booed in 2004 by the same fans who begged his return, only to boo him again, the IWC's criticism of the rock is the most immature, short sighted and selfish arguments I have ever heard.
He didn't have to return, the man has made an alternative career for himself (like you see many wrestlers doing i.e. Adam Copeland) he didn't have to retire due to injury or spend the rest of his career entertaining ungrateful fans.
The man return to help the business that made him famous
Why is he winning the title? To put cena over, who in the modern era is suitable to end punk's "legendary" reign? Why did punk hold the belt this long to begin with when ryback was en route to win it?
Yes CM punk is a hardworker but it's his JOB to be, Cena works just as hard but is hated for his character, rock is a part timer but that is the ramification of his schedule. You say solidify the title? (which is a miracle after the miz won it) Punk held it 400 days and loses it to a legend rather than a current superstar, the power draw Dwayne Johnson gives it a little prestige then drops it to cena
From a business standpoint, fused with common sense, this is the absolute best scenario regarding that title and the current product.
Your dream match of streak vs streak is impractical, your wishes of ziggler vs Daniel Bryan for the WHC at WM is improbable, it's admirable you admire workers and wrestlers but these are the dynamics of the WWE machine.

I must admit this is the main reason I watch any Raw, it is one of the most important components of the programming and the most pivotal to a wrestler becoming a star and attraction
The rock seems to be criticized for his cartoonish and repetitive promos while punk is revered for a more edgy and serious style... This is actually an accurate response considering their mic work are completely different.
The rock has never broke kayfabe, his promos have always been corny and farfetched "pancake your ass on outta here" but it's part of his character as an entertainer... His talent was in his delivery, his charisma and ability to captivate a crowd (like noone else but hogan and cena could do, austin was popped for his actions)
Cm punk has adopted this "speak my mind" style where he's able to say heelish promos, break kayfabe and criticize daniel bryan for doing exactly what he did... It's not talent, it's the benefit of this being apart of his character. Naturally with his style it will please the IWC moreso than cookiepuss but that's in the design.
Stealing spots
The current roster is inadequate, had the rock not returned they would still be in the same position... Why? Because building talent is trial and error, many are underdeveloped and do not possess the talent needed to draw on a large scale, ryback is the only legitimate prospect and he is a generic copy of wwe's old formula to creating powerhouses. Yes they can wrestle but they are not special attractions, the rock isn't holding their spot... They haven't earned one. This is why randy Orton, cena, Batista etc were constantly main eventing, because of their drawing power.. Wwe hasn't become this successful because of pure wrestling matches, but because they blended wrestling with entertainment, they are not going to change a formula that has gotten them this far.


In my attempt to stay short winded I was not elaborate, if you need me to explain further I will but this is common sense to any rational individual.
Rarely do I engage in conversations pertaining to wrestling, as I am simply a viewer due to my exposure to the superheroes as a child but there is no legitimate reason to dislike the program that the returning rock is involved with.

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  1. ublackeagle's Avatar
    I will say CM Punk is nothing more then more of the same. He is trying to be a pg version of Steve Austin. His general vibe is trying to be an anti-hero who speaks his mind whenever he wants. Hmm sounds really familiar.

    Kinda, like how now watching Daniel Brian now reminds me of watching Chris Benoit. Surprised to see him using the flying head butt. Considering WWE has tried to distance themselves from the whole fiasco, why would they allow him to use Benoit's signature move?
    What's next the 3 suplexes?

    The whole point of my comments is, WWE has ran out of new ideas for characters so now they are stealing points from very successful former wrestlers and spitting it in our faces and no one realises that is what they are doing.

    Whether it is CM Punk or Daniel Brian or Ryback, it is all recycled hash. And I have been watching wrestling from the 70's.
  2. weems's Avatar
    Great blog. This blog reminds me of Jim Ross as he constantly blogs about how lots of WWE talent are content with "their spot" in the company. JR also continually makes mention of how lots of talented wrestlers are not willing to put in the extra work to try and elevate themselves to Austin/Rock/Hogan status. Perhaps this is why when HHH, Taker, Lesner and Rock return, the audience becomes so much more engaged with the product.
  3. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    I found myself fast forwarding Punk's promo last night. Wake me up when he says something interesting again. As stale as the Shield has become, so have Punk's promos.
  4. natejoseph09's Avatar
    I agree quite a bit with your blog, Punk/Rock are two of my faves, but the IWC and their moaning about the Rock is getting a little too much. Especially with some of the flaws in their arguments, some of which you've brought up.
  5. Bagg's Avatar
    Im falling right into your little IWC/Troll Trap but to say ANYONE could have cut that punk promo is nowhere even close to the case. He was quick on his feet, he was articulate, and heres the kicker, he was PASSIONATE. And you see it in the mans eyes every single time he is out there, that he wants to be out there. If Randy Orton had an eighth of the passion CM PUnk does, hed be the longest reigning champion of the modern era.

    Yes, the IWC, which WERE ALL PART OF BY THE WAY. Likes to voice their opinions on what they want and what they dont like. So whats wrong with that, if people want Bryan vs. Ziggles and streak vs. streak, why cant they WANT that? And why does it matter to you?

    I have no problem with Cookie Pusses and Slinky Tits and the like, I have a problem with the rock telling me he had come home in 2010 and wouldnt leave home again...and then....he left. Maybe THAT has something to do with peoples opinions while watching him.
  6. bryanb1306's Avatar
    Did Damien Sandow write this blog? Couldn't get past the first paragraph without thinking he wrote this.
  7. Holographic_Universe's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by bryanb1306
    Did Damien Sandow write this blog? Couldn't get past the first paragraph without thinking he wrote this.
    There are some viewers who have a bit of intelligence... Sandow may be my favorite character because, unknown to a lot of users, his character is the most developed in terms of authenticity

    The actor plays him well and his material is legit (his segment with Shelby backstage regarding psychology was spot on, I was highly impressed)

    But no, it's somewhat insulting i'm compared to a wrestler haha
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