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Jason's Thoughts: Impact Wrestling 1-17-13

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Bully/Brooke wedding segments- It was pretty cool seeing Tommy and Spike- i mean brother runt on TV again and the tension in the segments made them bareable/decent
Rating: 3/5

James Storm/ Jeff Hardy vs Bad Influence- The back and forth on the mic between these guys before the match was great but in my opinion storm sort of ruined the segment, they were having a interesting promo then storm comes with his yelling and lets fight attitude. But still overall it was great.
Rating: 4/5

Gutcheck Segment- I was a little dissapointed with how fast they got rid of Brian Cage, he did not even get to say anything I really hope the manage to sign him. Jay Bradley still made this bit great with his awesome mic skills. I think he had a future he has the look, the skills and the in ring ability plus the fans had a instant reaction towards him even when he did not talk.
Rating: 3/5

Kenny King vs Christian York- This was entertaining. I am really enjoying this feud between York and King. But my question is where is RVD? Hes barely on impact now, better yet wheres the rest of the divison it can not just be King,York,RVD and sometimes Ion with Kash. Hopefully TNA can expand on the divison but right now it could use a little freshness, still decent though.
Rating: 3/5

Sting/Hulk segment- Im starting to warm up to this storyline now it is not so in your face with bad acting, plot holes and too much drama now its sprinkled in with the rest of the show instead of taking a big chunk of time, the writing also improved and that showed in this segment.
Rating: 3/5

Gail Kim vs Velvet Sky- Good match i loved the build up during the show and all of the fast pacing and excitment. Im loving the knockouts divison.
Rating: 3.5/5

Chavo and Hernadez/ Aries and Roode segment- This was super funny, entertaining and engaging it was also a nice set up for a feud or match but I hope they dont just put the straps on Aries and Roode quickly.

Brooke/Bully: The Wedding- This blew my expectations away. Not only was it interesting but it was a total shocker, who would have guessed Taz is in Aces. It leaves in so many possibilities. Im really happy they didn't do the obvious and have Bully join. Great swerve and great ending.
Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Overall: 9.5/10 some may think im overrating it but it was just so well put together, tons of great matches and suprised, feuds being established and all of the top stars in one show. But it was missing a few guys like Samoa Joe, Kurt, Wes, rvd etc.

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  1. jginger's Avatar
    This is my first time commenting on your blogs but I always read them! Nearly always agree with you but I really do not understand how your show got a 9.5? When most your matches/segments only got a three...

    Good blog though, keep them coming!
  2. Jaydash's Avatar
    Thanks for the comment jginger, I gave it 9.5 due to the great matches, the storylines, in comparison to past shows aswell as the overall feel. Its also because its one of the few episodes of TNA where every match or segment had nothing really bad about it. Anyways thanks for reading!
  3. Greekcian's Avatar
    I agree with your review, it's nice to see a wedding with attention to detail (no ropes, best man's, bridemaids etc) and a meaningful twist for a change.
    However, I would LOVE for them to give Aries and Roode the titels quite quickly and for them to also get the x-division and tv title as well. Sounds horrible? The arguments about prestige and how easy it was for them to get all the hardware would be hilarious, as would be them losing everything on the same PPV and then freaking out at each other.

    Damn this sounds doable... You heard it here first people!

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