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Coffee Talk: Things Are Heating Up

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Hey Everyone. DK Wrestling Savior here with another edition of Coffee Talk. I was happy to see the positive response to my first posting. I'm happy to hear you all enjoyed it. I like this style so I came up with another topic to talk about. It's kind of funny how in my first post, it was about interest in wrestling, and now, things are getting interesting.

First, I'll fess up. I'm getting Wrestlemania fever. Plus, with the Rock back, I've returned to the darkside. A glutton for punishment I guess. But be that as it may, things are heating up. So grab yourself a cup of joe and let's have some Coffee Talk.

So how do you guys like The Rock vs CM Punk feud so far? I'll tell ya what. I'm going to enjoy this war of words. And the best part is, no one knows who will win at next Sunday's Royal Rumble. Usually, these things are pretty predictable, but now. I don't know. Part of me feels like The Rock is a no-brainer to win. But somehow, I'm not 100% sure about that. On one hand, if the Rock wins, I think we can pretty much count on Cena gaining the number one contender spot and challenging The Rock for the title at Wrestlemania, And it's the perfect way to get around the "Once in a Lifetime" title they put on last year's match up. On the other hand, why would they give the WWE title to someone who, for all intensive purposes, is a celebrity guest at this point. I could see if The Rock was committed long term to WWE, with no end in sight, but the fact is, once Wrestlemania is over, I'm sure his stint with WWE will end as well. Maybe one more return next year for a Rock/Cena III, but who knows.

Now let's take CM Punk. His last 4 title defenses have ended in screw job fashion. Well, Raw has enjoyed back to back weeks of ratings over 3, and my feeling is, if he keeps the title until Wrestlemania, that's 2 more screw job endings we can expect. I fully do not expect Punk to go clean over The Rock. And whatever the case is at Elimination Chamber, I don't expect him to retain in any sort of clean fashion either. From there, who knows. But the possibilities are endless.

Think of the 100's of Wrestlemania predictions we've been reading on the blog board since Survivor Series. Most, if not all, are predicting either Rock vs Cena and Punk vs Undertaker in a Title vs Streak match, or Rock vs Punk vs Cena in a triple threat. So the popular choice is, Punk will retain next Sunday. So, I'm sure we can expect something like Brock Lesnar or The Shield, or Brad Maddox to somehow put the screws to The Rock. The only issue is, if we get Punk vs Undertaker, I don't see any logical way of spinning a Rock vs Cena at Wrestlemania match. I mean, surely they can do what they want, but just in a chain of events that actually makes sense, I can't find a scenario that fits.

My thought is, they need to have Rock vs Cena at Wrestlemania because there's one purpose, and that's beat last year's buy rate. And whether we like it or not, Rock vs Cena will draw the most buys. So the only thing that makes sense is, Rock wins the title at The Royal Rumble. I would say there's an opportunity at Elimination Chamber, but to give The Rock the title for one month and have him lose at Wrestlemania would devalue WWE's most prestigious title. To me, I think Punk had a very good run. One that's unusual for this day and age of wrestling. But all things do come to an end. And in my opinion, the more the screw job wins pile up, the more interest will start to dwindle again.

Now that's out of the way. I want to talk about Dolph Ziggler. I don't think it's fair how he's being treated in his feud with John Cena. Wait, what was that sound? Was it all of your jaws simultaneously dropping to the floor? You read that right. In back to back weeks on Raw, we witnessed John Cena vs Dolph Ziggler. One of those matches was in a cage. Now what we witnessed was, Ziggler hit Cena with everything but the kitchen sink. But then fall victim to one Attitude Adjustment and be down for the count. Seriously? Come one WWE. At least let's see Ziggler kick out of one, and then lose after a second one. He hit Cena with the Fame Asser, the Zig Zag, his new found Super Kick, which laid Orton out at Survivor Series, and Cena becomes even more SuperCena than usual. You all know I'm not a Ziggler fan but even I felt slighted there.

Okay fans. The last thing I wanna talk about here at Coffee Talk, is The Royal Rumble. I'm going to throw out some potential winners and also some that I think, though have realistic chances, I'm going to say, HELL NO to. First, I think that with Orton doing the clean drop to Barrett on Raw, that basically eliminates any chance of him winning. Losing clean to the IC champ doesn't put you in the World Title picture. That's my feeling on it. So I'm gonna say, we can forget Orton. On the same note, I think we can forget Barrett as well. He's the IC Champ going into the PPV, and I think that's his place at the moment. His time may come, but it's not now. Now, some others that you may think might have a chance but I feel are unlikely include Ryback, who will probably get screwed by the Shield again. I'm also going to negate Sheamus. He lost the title to Big Show, and lost two rematches. I think he'll continue to be a force and a fan favorite, but I think there's others to be involved in the World Title picture in the upcoming months. Besides, he won last year. I'm also going to eliminate Ziggler, since he has the briefcase. Miz, since he's feuding with Cesaro, and Cesaro who is the US Champ. Wow, that leaves the cupboard kinda bare, doesn't it?

So, with all those top guys I'm eliminating, let's talk about those who can realistically win. Big Show. Now hear me out on this one. He lost the title to ADR. He's gonna get a rematch. Let's say he loses. It's his way to get that third match, or rubber match, with ADR. It's possible. Another possibility is the loser of Rock vs Punk. Of course, this all depends on placement of the match. I think it makes sense to have the Rumble match last, but WWE has done this before. To keep either Rock or Punk out of the Rumble wouldn't be a good move, in my opinion. There's the potential return of the Undertaker. But like I said earlier, it will take some real creativity to swing a Rock/Cena II if Punk remains champ. Finally, there's Cena. In my opinion, he's this year's winner. There's always that curveball possibility, but I think SuperCena is in full cape right now. He'll actually overcome the potential curveball when it arrives. Something like, eliminating Undertaker. As for everyone else, well, we can forget Kane, Bryan, Sandow, Rhodes, Mysterio, and the load of surprise returns, midcarders, legends, etc. They got no chance.

Well, that wraps it up for this week. Please take this for what it is, my opinion. I'd love to hear yours on the topics above. Let's get this discussion going and let's enjoy some Coffee Talk.

Thanks for reading everyone. Be sure to look for Sudden Impact tomorrow after the episode of TNA Impact Wrestling.

Be Safe Everyone.

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  1. The Piper's Avatar
    Hard to argue with anything written
  2. Jack Newport's Avatar
    By how you put it, looks like Cena has this one in the bag.
  3. Halfbaht's Avatar
    i'd like to see cm punk over rock, thanks to some interference from brock lesnar (this would que up brock v rock at mania) and have the rumble winner face punk at mania (ryback?!?)
  4. ewantu2's Avatar
    If Cena wins the RR i think the Rock will win.... Eh. But i think people would be less 10x excited for Cena vs Rock 2. So i don't think it will be huge in less one of them turns heel.
  5. LostOmega's Avatar
    I think SuperCena is in full cape right now.
    Thank you for this. Great line right here. I don't have any doubt in my mind that Cena will win this year's rumble. Unfortunately. Maybe Vince will get mad that we're onto him again like last year and have Cena lose? I can dream.
  6. TomJarvis100's Avatar
    Someone who writes a blog and actually makes sense!
  7. El T Draino 316's Avatar
    I'll read a Coffee Talk every single day if you write one. Valid points, well-thought-out logical reasoning, and humble opinions.

    Couldn't agree more with the Ziggler comments. You forgot to mention a Big E Langston finisher, and a Big E Langston steel cage door to the face that SuperCena kicked out of, ontop of every finisher/signature move Ziggs has. I too would LOVE Dolph to kick out of ONE AA. Jesus its frustrating. Quick vent: The Superkick was really starting to mean something when he used it. He took down Orton and Cena with it at two straight PPVs, now two straight Raws Cena has kicked out of it.

    I also fully agree with your Rumble prediction. SuperCena's cape is firmly fastened (kudos on that great expression) and its shaping up to be Cena vs Rock II for the title. Vince's Dwayne and Vince's Johnny will get their rematch, and their feud will end 1-1 with a pretty ribbon in it.
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