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Sudden Impact: Wedding Day Bliss

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Hey fans. Savior here with another edition of Sudden Impact. This week, we are all cordially invited to witness Brooke and "Mark" exchange their vows and enter into the sacred institute of marriage...Oh yeah, and there was wrestling too.

Bare with me if this isn't the strongest Sudden Impact effort. Back to back days of writing quality blogs is proving to be somewhat difficult. With that said, let's jump in shall we?

Opening Segment

Spike Dudley. No way. And did anyone else find it kinda odd that just a few weeks ago, Tommy Dreamer was getting a beat down from The Shield? Now he's on TNA? Maybe I'm alone but that was the oddest thing since Rick Rude appeared on both shows simultaneously. And, Brooke doesn't have an answer to the million dollar question. "Will your dad be here?"

Jeff Hardy and Bad Influence

Just a quick note, the Impact Zone was rockin. That's like three weeks in a row that the crowd has really wild. Jeff Hardy comes out, cuts an okay promo. Then here come my two favorites, Bad Influence. Christopher Daniels has become gold on the mic and the duo is clearly the biggest heels in TNA. Next week, they have the title match. Naturally, it ended in bit of a brawl. The double team ensued, James Storm came out. And we have a tag match underway.

The impromptu match was a nice opener. Good action. Storm took bit of a beating adn when Hardy got in there, he was on fire. Kaz gave him a run near the end but walked right into the Twist of Fate. Afterward, Daniels came in, attacked Hardy and gave him Angel's Wings right onto the belt. Looking forward to that match next week. Sucks that it's being taped. I'm glad I don't read spoilers. On a side note, James Storm either sold an injury, or legit tweaked a knee.

Gut Check

The judges has their discussion. They talked about the same innovative move I did last week, with the suplex into the ring from the second rope. They both did well last week, and I hope they both find themselves with TNA contracts. But only one can win Gut Check. Jay Bradley got the vote of YES and he's in. This was one of the better Gut Check decision segments since it started. And I'm gonna say it again. The crowd was awesome. In my opinion, TNA could go bigger. Whatever it is, they're holding back.

Christian York vs Kenny King

I was shocked to see Christian York win at Genesis. King attacked him after the match and cost York a chance to beat RVD. Now we got the rematch. This match started fast and York really took it to King. King had some nice counters but York was in control for the most part. He did steal the win by holding the tights. I like how they're going about this X Division rivalry. We thought it was clearly an RVD/King feud and with York involved, I'm hoping they keep it going and culminate with a triple threat at Lockdown.

**Bully asks for Sting's help to have Hogan involved in the wedding. This HAS to be building up to something major. There's no way this wedding goes off without a hitch. No pun intended.**

Aries and Roode Segment

I see the creation of a new Team Hell No. I would hate to see them be a tag team but it could be headed that direction. Let's hope I'm wrong. They are funny though and play off each other very well.

**Hogan isn't happy. Nuff Said.**

**Groomsment Segment. Who's Paul? Am I missing something? Were they referencing Heyman by chance? Maybe some old school ECW guys can refresh my memory if the 5 minutes thing is a back in the day reference.**

Sting/Hogan Segment

Are we gonna get a wrestling match soon? It seems like it's been an hour since York and King faced off. But, the show is flowing nicely and setting up for a disaster ending. Anyway, Sting is doing Bully a solid by trying to talk Hogan into being involved in Brooke's wedding. Hogan fought it as best he could but ultimately, he's going to do what he always does and that's "The Right Thing." We'll see.

**Gail got screwed at Genesis. That sucks considering she basically ran the table in the gauntlet. She gets a rematch.**

Gail Kim vs Velvet Sky

Finally, a match. How long has it been since the last match? But naturally, the Knockouts didn't disappoint. After a quick start by Velvet, Gail took over and pretty much put on a clinic. She hit Eat Da Feet but Velvet got her foot under the rope. She made the comeback, gave her the Pedigree, and got the win. Something about Velvet seems different than when she left. It's not just the hair. She seems darker in her attitude, as well as her appearance. She looks like she would make a great heel.

Objection Time

Roode and Aries come out and cut a promo. They object to the wedding. They want to be celebrated. They respect each other, blah blah blah. It was good mic work though. Here come the tag champs and it looks like what I said earlier, we're seeing a new tag team being formed. Chavo and Hernandez could sure use a mouth piece. But that doesn't work for faces I guess. Anyway, Roode & Aries ran off their mouths about Mexicans and the fight ensued. The champs ran the future champs off. Yes, I said future champs. And I'll put a little frown face next to that statement.


Out comes a well-dressed Bully Ray. The music is happy and lovely, and I'm just waiting for this to all come crashing down. Anyway, the wedding march begins. This is the most realistic and professional looking wedding set up I've seen in any wrestling wedding segment. Anyway, the wedding party is set, and...

Brooke Hogan walks out alone. No Hulk to give her away. She did look beautiful though. The crowd gets into a frenzy and Hogan comes out, Tux and all, to give his daughter away, smile on his face. Hogan, though reluctantly, gave Brooke's hand to Mark. They exchanged their own vows. I laugh at Hogan's expression.

And then comes the objection part. Does anyone object? No. And as I watch, waiting for this to come to a screeching halt, it looks as though it won't happen. But then....What the hell is Taz doing? And then it happens. The party gets crashed by Aces & Eights and Taz is in. That was the one shock I wasn't expecting. All I can really say is, HOLY SHIT. That was unexpected to say the least. It was funny how Brooke went to the wrong person when going to check on Bully. And TNA goes off the air.

Even though there was a lack of wrestling, this week's episode was entertaining. We all knew something was going to happen with the wedding, so the anticipation was there pretty much the whole night. And the crowd was great. Really great.

I hope you enjoyed this week's edition of Sudden Impact. If you haven't checked it out yet, read my Coffee Talk blog. It's getting another great response the readers and I thank you all for reading and being a part of it.

Be Safe Everyone.

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Of course they were talking about Paul Heyman!
    But TAZ was a shock of all shocks to say the least. I did not see that one coming!
    It looks like the Master of the Tazmission is going to be in a managerial role in Aces and 8s. That actually makes me happy. This gives TNA a chance for it to slightly improve on it's commentary with Todd Kenely and "The Professor" Mike Tenay. Overall a good episode and a great edition of Sudden IMPACT my friend.
  2. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    Yeah I was surprisingly happy with this Impact with how little of actual wrestling was happening. I really liked the Bad Influence vs. Storm and Hardy confrontation not only because Daniels and Kaz are gold but it gave some build to the Daniels vs. Hardy title match next week.

    Lately, the championship matches that have taken place on Impact may have been announced a week ahead of time but nothing happens before that show to build some momentum to the match. It makes me think Daniels has the slightest of chances to win.

    Thought the ending was great. Obviously, it's a wrestling wedding so it's never going to go down without incident but I thought it could be possible people objecting or running in, Hogan punching Bully Ray in the face and walking away with Brooke, or one of them leaving the other stranded. Even when Taz grabbed the mic I did not expect him to have joined Aces and Eights.

    Curious to what Taz's role will be. Heel commentator? Manager? Should be interesting.
  3. LostOmega's Avatar
    I was caught off guard seeing Taz in the gang. It was a really good swerve that I don't think anybody saw coming. I imagine he'll be their mouthpiece in commentary because I can't really see him doing anything else.

    Great blog! Looking forward to the next one as well as Coffee Talk.
  4. Sahu's Avatar
    Roode/Aeries/Daniels/Kaz have entertained me to the core....Sting n Hogan did a good job as well..what surprised me is Jeff Hardy...he manged mic better than what I expected from him....

    Taz is a real shocker and I bet no one I mean absolutely No One had a clue of it..

    Great Impact even though it had very less amount of wrestling in it..
  5. nothingmusic42's Avatar
    Ya, the Paul reference was Paul Heyman. The "5 minutes" was a crack about how ECW was run.
    On Velvet Sky, her new look straight-up reminds me of Rogue from X-Men.
    I said on another thread that the crowds reaction to Taz taking off the jacket sold the moment better than anything that happened in ring.
    Also, did you notice during the ending beatdown, Anderson was out and wearing a Nomads cut? Same as Taz's. I'm thinking that TNA guys who join A&8 will all be labeled as Nomads (travelers), which works for the biker theme.

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