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Who is Mr.Royal Rumble?

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You have Mr.Wrestlemania(HBK), Mr.Summerslam(Bret Hart), and Mr.Survivor Series(Undertaker). Now it is time to crown Mr.Royal Rumble. Who is Mr.Royal Rumble. I name top 5 candidates based on success at the event. I will leave out HBK and others who received Mr. to another ppv. So here we go, here is the top 5 candidates including who I believe is Mr.Royal Rumble!! What is criteria? A candidate to win the award must have won the Royal Rumble match. They also should have great success at the ppv. By success I mean, win high caliber matches such as a world title match. I believe winning a world title weighs more so than retaining the world title. Memories contributed to the event also helps while appearing in very few hurts your status with being called Mr.Royal Rumble. In any case, here it is.....Mr.Royal Rumble is:

5.Edge-2005 final 3 along with beating HBK to open the show, 07 final 3, 08 retained world title vs Mysterio, 09 won world title vs Jeff Hardy, 10 won Royal Rumble, 11 retained world title vs Ziggler.

4.Hulk Hogan-Won Royal Rumble in 1990 and 1991, final 3 in 92. The reason Hogan wasn't higher because lack of appearances at the event along with lack of matches in the undercard.

3.HHH-97 beat Goldust for IC title;2000 retained WWF title in a street fight vs Cactus Jack, 2002 Royal Rumble winner, 03 04 05 retained the world title vs Scott Steiner, HBK, and Randy Orton; 06 final 3; 08 & 09 runner-up. HHH was ranked this high because his match with Cactus is still talked about today. That is one of the few matches that is consistantly brought in to discussion as one of the best matches in the history of the event along with being one of the final 3 on several occassions plus retaining the world title.

2.The Rock-98 retained IC title vs Ken Shamrock + 98 runner-up; 99 won WWF title in an I Quit match vs Mankind; 00 Rumble winner; 01 final 3; Why I ranked Rock higher than HHH is because HHH also had some terrible matches with likes of Steiner and Orton which hurt his vote in my eyes anyway. He might be leaving 2013 Rumble with the WWE title which would help his placement here as well.

1.Stone Cold Steve Austin-97 + 98 Rumble winner; 99 runner-up; 01 Rumble winner; 02 final 4. I think many shouldn't be surprised with this selection. Winning the most Rumbles shouldn't provide much question in this selection as Mr.Royal Rumble. Consistantly in the finals of just about every Rumble he was in. Which is again why he is my selection for Mr.Royal Rumble.

Did I pick the right, Mr.Royal Rumble? Did I miss anyone? How'd I do? Leave that in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!! I hope you enjoyed this blog.

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by hbk2416
    Shawn Michaels successfully defended the IC title in '93, final 4 in the Rumble in '94, won the Rumble in '95 and '96, Won the HW title in '97 and successfully defended the hw title in '98. Pretty good run for six years.
    I stated that he wouldn't be considered because he is already "Mr.Wrestlemania.
  2. Jerichoholic-NL's Avatar
    if it was an Top 8, you could add Kane, Michaels and CM Punk as well.

    But this is a great list though
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