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What I love about Professional Wrestling. Chapter One - Changing of the guard.

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Chapter One - Changing of the Guard

In this world, we often look for ways to keep ourselves amused. We want to enjoy life, and be entertained, we want to get lost in magical lands filled with diversity. We like to listen to music, and get lost in the songs. We like to play video games and truly become one with it, even if its just for a short time. We like to play our favourite sports, we enjoy the adrenaline of watching it too. There is no doubt that life would be one giant bore if we had to work all the time, we would end up going insane of boredom to the point that life would not be worth living.

So what does Wrestling provide? People seem to forget how to truly enjoy wrestling. They become so lost and deluded from what wrestling is all about, that they take out their anger by shouting at it, or arguing with their friends over it. Personally I enjoy a lot of things about wrestling. I could sit here and write ten more blogs on things that I don't enjoy, but then I would become what I hate. This beginning chapter is about something very specific. It keeps wrestling going, and makes it somewhat addictive. We want to know who is guarding the big castle. We want to know who has worked and achieved that glory and success that will eventually make them legends.

If you have not guessed by now, I am talking about the changing of Championships. Don't you ever feel like a PPV is so much better when there are a lot of title changes, compared to when there's none? Why is that? Maybe because we like that initial buzz we get in our stomachs as the ref goes to slam that hand down on the mat for the third time. Maybe its the thrill of seeing that wrestler finally make it on a big stage, you can see the passion in their eyes, the sacrifices they have made to get to that point. Becoming a Champion in wrestling can be incredibly popular and unpredictable, or totally forgettable. It all depends who won what, where and how.

I have seen so many different title changes. To the absolute brilliant, to the outrageous, and even to the point it made no impact whatsoever.
It's like scoring that goal in football, (Soccer for you Americans reading) its like winning a trophy in your favourite game. It's like getting that huge promotion at work, only on a much grander scale. The whole world watches as that wrestler achieves. Isn't it funny how a belt, is worth more to the wrestlers then spending time with their families? Isn't it funny how wrestlers sacrifice so much of their time, to get to that level. Many wrestlers never get that far, they never achieve greatness. They put everything on the line, yet we don't appreciate these men, because they never won anything of importance.

Its even funnier how they manage to make the titles "prestigious", despite all the title changes being predetermined. CM Punk made the WWE title relevant again, even though he never actually beat anyone in a real fight, he was chosen as the man to carry it until Vince McMahon would decide to pass it on. I could go into how negative it is that The Rock is WWE Champion. How it is .. a travesty, that he is Champion, but to be honest, I am happy whoever holds it. Whoever is given the WWE Championship has got it because they were right for it at the time, for the boss of the company. I can only imagine the reaction when someone beats The Rock. Can you imagine it now? Or are you still looking into what "should have happened"?

Wrestling always moves forwards. There are so many moments, so many title changes, as fans we are always caught up in the moment. If we stand around to dwell on the past too much, we might miss something in the present. In my life time I have seen some title changes that really got to my heart. In those moments, I could not have been happier for that wrestler. Should I give some examples? Well I don't wish to create a list, but I can tell you that title changes such as ... Chris Benoits World title win, Eddie Guerreros WWE title win, the first time Kurt Angle won the title, the time Chris Jericho became Undisputed Champion, even the more recent one of Austin Aries winning the TNA World Championship, all of these and many more have made me reach a state of absolute happiness.

Everyone has those wrestlers they love and hate. They really want to see their guys succeed. For some people, seeing John Cena win the title on any occasion was huge to them, while absolutely cringing to others. This is why I love Pro Wrestling. The fans are so diverse, so passionate, they will let you know exactly how they feel, and when that big title change happens, they will go nuts with excitement, or they will boo the roof off the building.

Title changes are magical, but they can also be damaging. Those title changes that should have, or should not have happened. Vacated titles are also a bummer, but most of the time, unavoidable, but you can enjoy the fact that there will definitely be a new champion crowned.

Its not just about titles either, its about special tournaments too. Gone are the days of King in the Ring, but I can guarantee that if the WWE put on a huge tournament bracket for the WWE title someday, it would be massive. People love to follow things like that, they like to try and predict who will win. They will even place bets on who will become Champion, to add to the excitement.

I am sure you all get the idea by now. Sometimes a wrestler has to be a Champion for a long time to make the title change more meaningful and memorable. How many of you will forget how your favourite wrestlers won their title? Or will you instead, remember how they lost it?

Always look on the bright side of life. Yes that is a quote from Monty Python, but its a damn good one. Look at the good things in Pro Wrestling, instead of the bad things. Try not to nitpick so much, I know how easy it can be to pick at all the really silly things that can happen, but just realize that anything you don't like will soon be over, and you can move on and forget about it. Try telling people why you love professional wrestling, and be proud of it, instead of hiding it away like a dirty little secret.

And that is what I love, about Professional Wrestling.

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  1. ewantu2's Avatar
    A nice blog for once haha. I was piss angry when the Rock won though(Not because i don't think Rock earned it but because i'm a big Punk mark) but i guess thats apart of the fun. But i also feel that the EWC cares about the money side of wrestling. The only people that should care about that are the people that work for WWE.
  2. scribblerking's Avatar
    Ok...damn...I have to say I appreciated the hell out this blog...DAMN! You actually made this one think about it and consider things from a different perspective and thank you for that.

    I may not have liked the change (I too like CM Punk more than the Rock) but for a minute I can see it from his point of view...honestly his starpower has grown by leaps and bounds and just as he once used his talent and influence in the wrestling world to break into the lucrative and "main stream" universe of Hollywood he can now use that luster to give the wrestling world a much needed "rub" while they all make a boatload of money...

    No I guess he did not "need" the title to be revelent and draw the big bucks and he might only be around a short while but I can see it from Vince's perspective to use that time he will be around to not only make money to keep the business going (for everyone the divas, superstars, the IWC and us all) but to make the title even MORE prestigious to mean even MORE to the next guy to win and wear the strap...

    I suppose I can accept the Punk did his job with the time he had for those 434 days and by George Foreman that title does mean something the Rock today has even more juice and starpower than he ever did before when he was "just" a superstar of the WWE and can elevate it even more however long he has it...damn...why'd you have to go and make me accept that load of--ok, ok...just don't give it to Cena! lol....
  3. Michael Cobb's Avatar
    Nice blog. I think the reaction of someone beating The Rock would be a lot better if it weren't Cena, which is pretty much guaranteed. I just don't feel like he needs it near as much as other guys. Also, I didn't want Punk to lose, but I was ok with it. I understand the bigger picture. I'm just upset that after 434 days he lost to the f'n Peoples Elbow. Other than that I'm ok with the loss.

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