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3-Hour Raw, Jerry The King Lawler, Attitue ERA, and more....

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OK. This had been on my mind for a while now.

1st of all. I hear a lot of people giving Raw a bad wrap for then 3-hour Raw shows, and I disagreed with them for a while. I always loved the big shows, because WWE usually know how to put them on. But after watching Raw last night for 20th Anniversary of the "longest episodic show on Monday nights", I physically felt sick from it, because will all the hype from the hopeful rumors that HBK, Austin, and Undertaker returning and seeing superstars from the past 2 decades got me so pumped, but then we get bullshit. Now, I missed the 1st hour, but I seen the Foley, and SHIELD thing happen, and basically, I knew that was the only thing I needed to know, it pretty much set the mood for the rest of the show, where there was no one else but Rock and Foley carrying that show. No other appearances, no promos with legends, just Flair, and the funniest thing about that Miz TV interview was Flair's, "I got 4 ex-wives, brother. I need the job." It was as fun as a stale show can get. With one main event happening and then handicap over the top rope squash challenge(Of how fast Sheamus could squash 3MB). Kaitlyn winning the title. Are we to believe one main event and one advertised match was suppose to make it a huge show? the last big 3-hour show I like to remember was 2005's Raw Home Coming on October 3rd. The night Kurt Angle fought Shawn Michaels in a 30-minute Iron-man match to be the first match of the night. Then a Pink Slip Ladder match between Edge and Matt with the loser leaving Raw. A SmackDown! 6-man tag main event. And I forget what Cena did, meh, don't care to remember. And especially the highlight of the night, of Austin stunnering not one, not 2, not 3, but 4 McMahons! That was h8ilarious, shocking, and took the damn cake for the night. That set the standard for 3-hour shows. Somehwere along the line, WWE, back in 2006, I realized those were heading down hill because there was that one Raw that promised a first ever 30-man battle royal where everyone started in the ring, and promised a WWE Title shot. Which Edge won, then failed in a cage match due to DX, then a main event of Edge, Cade & Murdoch vs Cena & DX. Now, nothing else really caught my eye, and I realized that this show wasn't worth it. And the 1000th Raw was cool, that was a good one, but I can't believe WWE really dropped it that night. Not even King's misguided, non-inspired commentary couldn't even make it huge, JBL made it watchable.

Which brings me to my second point. Jerry the King Lawler. Now, I listened to this man all my life watching Raw, he was funny, and especially hilarious when he would chant for the heels. His once in a while matches were cool and entertaining. Him and JR made Monday Nights great. King was awesome when he'd cheer for the puppies, wanting to check on the Divas when they got hurt, "Uncle Jerry", JR would call him, and being the voice of the heels, not in a rotten way, but in a comedic tone that made you chuckle no matter what. The perfect funny man to the straight man. Oh such memories. But then, JR got fired, King was joined by Joey Styles and Coach, then it all started. King had no straight man to bounce off great commentary, and so he had to pick up the slack in cheering for the good guys and being the voice of reason. This I did not to like. And Cena started his momentum for with the title and he wasn't going anywhere, and Good 'ol JR wasn't returning anytime soon. So was ended up losing what we grew up hearing, Uncle Jerry became Jerry "Yes Man" Lawler. Who was told to make Cena the biggest star possible big himself, and to make every declining Raw show, the best anyone has ever seen. This sticks to now, everything Jerry says, just doesn't have that magic anymore, every time he goes crazy over a diva, it's because of all her hard work, and every time he mentions a heel, he drops their entire accomplishments, just to call them a "Meanie" for the kiddies. Every time he laughs, it's because what John Cena said that's suppose to be funny, again, making him the best superstar ever. I now hate Jerry "Yes Man" Lawler, And it really was a knife forever twisting when he turned on Punk by saying, "Punk has turned his back on the WWE Universe." I lost all respect for King when he said that. Not because Punk pointed it out that is disrespected him, but he was so quick to say it as soon as Punk hit The Rock. Like Jericho was suddenly the good guy at WrestleMania, that Johnny Ace was just doing his job and Punk was the trouble maker, that everything he said about his career went out the window. That Punk kept his title by only the means of "Cheating" and "Underhandedness" and that he doesn't deserve it anymore. And not to bash Jerry's career, he had great matches and he definitely gave Punk and Miz a run for their money, but he would turn around and say John Cena is better than he ever was in the ring and on the mic. It is just so annoying to listen to him degrade himself every night for what ever idiot is telling him to be the straight man on commentary. Back in 06 and 07, I couldn't stand JBL, and now I welcome him, not in spite of Jerry, but because he brings originality to the commentary, he doesn't have the job to suck on John Cena's dick via headset every week, he can say good things about Cena, but he doesn't over-exaggerate it like King. King always finds a way to take everything a competitor has ever done JUST to say they are bad guys, example, back in December, SHIELD destroyed RyBack, Kane, and Bryan in a HELLacious TLC match, and King said something about the numbers game, but JBL kept pointing out the sides are even and they dominated because they were a team. Apparently King forgot about that, and declared last night on Raw, that, "The SHIELD don't like prefer to have the odds even." Like they were cowards, how can you say that about 3 young guys who beat 2 former World champions and monster on even grounds? well congrats King, you idiot, you took away these guys' potential from the eyes from every fan who listens to your blind commentary. I know SHIELD will bounce back, but King's an idiot for not even acknowledging that match ever again. But he'll still remember jobbing to Cole at WM27, he'll always love to say that's a "moment". Makes me sick to hear him. Of course, I won't go as far to wish another heart attack on him, that's low, I am glad he pulled through and wish him good health and hope he's good to put on another good few matches in the future. Long live the King.

Now, Attitude Era, WWF days were the best, Attitude Era gave us so many memories and I still love it, even to the point I don't need no stinking DVD to tell me how good it was, that I have enough of a collection at home to watch whenever I want. I'm sure the DVD is good, but I don;t need it, all I'm saying. Now, WWE is now in the PG Era.(2006-now) I say 2006, even though it was still TV-14, but DX really made it too kiddie for me and John Cena's momentum really picked up. Now WWE is counting on it too damn much to move forward. pretty sums it up. This really started to pick up after John Cena injured himself and was replaced by RyBack, then Punk got injured and at TLC, but now Vince is scared that the ratings are going down because they don;t have enough big stars again, so he brings in Rock, was Stone Cold, Triple H, HBK, Undertaker to make appearances and bring them back for ratings, but it's not going to work as he hoped. These guys are retired, and Vince built John Cena too much over the span of 10 years that they haven't got much great talent to grow, he used HHH, HBK, Angle, to all job to Cena for him to be a big star, but now they are gone and Vince is stuck with injury-prone Superman. But back to Attitude Era, WWE counted on this too many times for fans to love it, that I am am getting sick of Rock, HBK, HHH, Lesnar doing what they always due and obviously WWE is too, because you see them doing the same thing over and over again, How many times are gonna see a Rock Concert? I really hope that's the last one, I'd love to see Rock wrestle, but WWE doesn't want that, and that's why we like seeing them, in hopes we'd get to see a match with any of them. But now they have become "exclusive" where the only way to see them in matches is on heavily advertised PPVs and only hear them talk and talk and talk. I understand that some are retired or old or their injuries have taken a toll on them, but quit looking back and think we are gonna follow and still watch the wrestling matches that make us say, "meh". That's not good business sense, "Come for the legends, stay for the wrestling by guys we don't want you to pay too much attention too because we want you to love the way, love him yet?" that's what I see every Monday night when promising a "greatest show all year" as the Yes Man calls every single one. We love the attitude Era, but not too much, c'mon, YOU still have a future to look after.

Even go as far to say, I don't want to see Rock again, HBK, Undertaker, HHH, DX, any Legends, not even Stone Cold, I'd rather see CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Sheamus, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Wade Barrett, Alberto Del Rio, Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow, Antonio Cesaro, RyBack, Langston, R-Truth, even Miz, all come into their own to become all carry the torch, too bad WWE put all the Attitude Era guys against Cena, that's why seems to be the big star and none of these guys move. Randy Orton and John Cena's times are running out, I can feel it, ever since 2011 when Cena's lost his "boosting younger talent" touch.

And that was burning on my mind this week. See yah next time, and thank you for reading this.

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. Ozzy Mandias's Avatar
    Please check your spelling/grammar, but otherwise not a bad job. A very scathing blog, I feel your anger and I get it. Jerry Lawler is awful. The man is relying on nothing but his reputation from ten years ago and it shows. He even said he doesn't enjoy commentating so why do it? And his plugging of Cena is disgusting. I really hope he is moved along and replaced with JBL soon. He's the right mix of edgy/heel supporting/stillPG.

    Also why is it that Cena has defeated Ziggler on RAW every single fucking time they square off? So Ziggler wins at TLC so we HAVE
  2. Ozzy Mandias's Avatar
    to have Cena beat him twice in a row to correct that. It makes Ziggler's win look like it was all about the AJ heel turn. I tell you now, WWE are going to bury Ziggler. I don't think they mean to but it's only a matter of time before they make him look weak compared to Cena and he's back in the midcard. What a shame. #sosickofcena (stupid Twitter).
  3. goodomens's Avatar
    king is AWFUL now a days.
  4. Wade Barrett 1979's Avatar
    ''And it really was a knife forever twisting when he turned on Punk by saying, "Punk has turned his back on the WWE Universe."I lost all respect for King when he said that.''

    It's still real to you dammit!

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