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How the WWE Creative Machine will book the Rumble 1 through 30

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First, let me state that there is no way this will be entirely accurate. Next, let me make this very clear that this is not how I want the rumble to be booked. Finally, this blog is strictly a reflection of how I believe the WWE creative team will book the Royal Rumble. With that being said, here is how the RR goes down and why:

#1 & #2: The music hits and Daniel Bryan is the first man to enter the royal rumble. Bryan waits for the second participant to meet him in the ring and when the music hits, out comes Kane. After losing the belts earlier in the night to the Rhodes Scholars, the most dysfunctional tag-team in WWE history goes at it the moment the bell rings.

#3 is Kofi Kingston. Kofi will be the signature wrestler that starts early on in the rumble and makes it almost all the way to the end. This should help give Kofi credibility as it is believed that he will receive a push in 2013. Unfortunately for Kofi, the therapy lessons with Dr. Shelby must have worked because Hell No immediately stops fighting each other and starts a 2 on 1 beat down on Kofi.

#4 is the return of Evan Bourne. Evan Bourne evens the odds as Hell No is now 2 on 2 with Air Boom.

#5 is the return of Christian. Despite the layoff, Christian has always had great stamina and makes his opponents look good. It makes sense for Christian to come in the match early and keep things entertaining while there are just a handful of guys in the ring

#6 is the IC Champion Wade Barrett. We need to get a heel in the ring and this is a good spot to put in Barrett, a potential dark horse to win.

#7 is a WWE legend, perhaps X-Pac.

#8 is Antonio Cesaro. We need another heel in the ring and Cesaro is just the guy.

#9 is Rey Mysterio. Rey is not in a good mood after he and Sin Cara lost a #1 contenders match earlier in the night; however, the former RR winner comes out with an adrenaline rush.

#10 is Sin Cara. Sin Cara and Rey begin working together only for Sin Cara to then grab Rey from behind and throw him over the top rope onto the floor. This will be the beginning of their feud ultimately ending with a match at mania.

#11 is Big E Langston. While making numerous assaults on Raw, Big E has yet to actually compete in a sanctioned match. Langston makes an impressive WWE debut in the rumble.

#12 is Drew McIntyre. It is sad to see how Drew’s career has declined over the last couple of years. Unfortunately, his stint is short as he is used strictly as a pawn to make Big E Langston look good.

This is the first turning point of the rumble. As of right now, Rey Mysterio is the only man that has been eliminated. Big E Langston is a force to be reckoned with and over the next 90 seconds he eliminates Sin Cara, X-Pac, Evan Bourne, Drew McIntyre and yes, even Kane. Eliminating Kane should really give a boost to Big E. Still remaining are Bryan, Cesaro, Barrett, Christian, Kofi and Langston.

#13 is Sheamus. Last year’s winner enters the ring and goes head to head with Big E. This puts a stop to Langston’s carnage for now.

#14 is Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin makes his return but it doesn’t last long. Big E throws him out of the ring but Shelton does some wild spot (something comparable to John Morrison holding onto the guardrail) and then re enters the rumble. If WWE does not go with Shelton Benjamin, than I believe they will use this spot for a legend, perhaps Ric Flair.

#15 is Randy Orton. The viper comes to the ring and immediately shows that he is a favorite to win when he nails Big E Langston with an RKO and then eliminates him.

#16 is Jinder Mahal. Unfortunately for Jinder, he doesn’t last long. Mahal will later be eliminated by Ryback seconds after Ryback steps foot into the ring.

#17 is the Great Kahli. As we all know, Kahli does not have the stamina to work more than about 45 seconds. After coming in and hitting his god awful karate chop on about 4 guys, the rest of the wrestlers pin him in the corner and we have the annual RR moment where all of the wrestlers are teaming up to eliminate the biggest guy in the ring.

#19 is Heath Slater. Just like his fellow 3 Man Band members, he does not last long and will become a victim to Ryback.

#20 is another WWE legend. I won’t predict who as there are too many possibilities; however, a couple options could be the Boogieman, Ricky Steamboat or one of the New Age Outlaws.

#21 is Ryback. Ryback comes in as a total wrecking ball. Ryback immediately eliminates Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal, the WWE legend who entered at #20, Antonio Cesaro, Shelton Benjamin and Daniel Bryan.

This is the second turning point of the rumble. After Ryback’s onslaught, the remaining competitors are Barrett, Christian, Kofi, Ryback, Orton and Sheamus.

#22 is the Big Show. The Show goes right after Ryback and puts a stop to his dominance. We then get the infamous RR moment where two big men eliminate each other and continue fighting on the floor until it is broken up by refs/security. This will be the beginning of the Ryback feud with Big Show that will ultimately lead to a match at mania. Also, the WWE won’t make the Show work too long in the rumble as it is likely he was on the card earlier in the night against Del Rio in a rematch for the World Heavyweight championship.

#23 is Alberto Del Rio. After retaining the belt in a grueling match against the Show, Del Rio is not in a good mood as he was victim of a Ziggler cash in.

#24 is the beloved Super Cena. As Cena makes his way to the ring he is attacked from behind by the shield. There is then a complete beat down on Cena including their signature triple powerbomp through the Spanish announce table. The medics are out to check on Cena as he is not able to get up on his own.

#25 is the return of Mark Henry. Mark Henry returns as the wrecking ball he was during his World Heavyweight champion reign.

The tempo of the match has now changed as the match is now 80% over. The third turning point of the match occurs when Barrett, Christian and Del Rio are eliminated over the next 2 minutes. Remaining are Kofi, Orton, Sheamus, Mark Henry and a semi conscious Cena who is still receiving medical treatment.

#26 is the return of Brock Lesner. Brock makes his way to the ring and immediately appears to be the new favorite to win. Kofi’s ironman session is finally ended when Brock tosses him to the floor.

#28 is the return of HHH. Hunter goes straight at Brock and they begin to brawl. The brawl goes outside the ring and the two men continue exchanging punches on the floor. While they are both now eliminated, HHH and Brock brawl all the way up the ramp and the feud is now on again which ultimately leads to a Summer Slam rematch at mania.

#28 is the Miz. Perfect time for the recently turned baby face to enter the match as potential dark horse.

#29 is CM Punk. Despite having a WWE title match next against the Rock, Punk is out.

The fourth turning point occurs when Punk makes his way out. Punk stands in the corner while the other wrestlers beat the hell out of each other. During this time, Miz, Del Rio and Mark Henry are eliminated. Punk, Orton, Sheamus and the still injured John Cena are the only ones remaining.

#30 is the Undertaker. The crowd goes nuts as the Taker makes his way out. Orton and Sheamus go straight at the deadman but it is to no avail. Orton and Sheamus have been in the ring for quite a while and don't have much gas left in the tank. The Taker takes advantage and makes quick work of Orton and Sheamus while Punk continues to watch from the corner. Taker eliminates both Orton and Sheamus. As a result, Punk and Taker are now the only men left in the ring. Taker gets the upper hand but Punk comes back shortly thereafter. Punk eliminates the Taker and is the last man standing. In fact, Punk actually makes the Taker look pretty bad and the cameraman does a great job of showing how upset and disappointed the Taker is with his performance.
As Punk is about to celebrate his victory, Super Cena starts crawling to the ring. Punk is not aware of Cena (who still has not even entered the ring) and believes he has won the RR. Cena staggers into the ring and Punk sees him out of the corner of his eye at the last moment when Cena is getting up on the apron. Punk goes to hit Cena with a clothesline but Cena ducks and pulls down the top rope eliminating Punk. Super Cena is the winner. Punk is irate and feels cheated. He is about to deliver a well deserved post match beating on Cena but before he can, the music hits and we hear, ”If you smellllllll.” The Rock makes his way to the ring and the main event of Punk v Rock for the WWE title begins.
Rock goes on to win the match and then ultimately fights RR winner John Cena at WM29. Likewise, the Taker comes out on Raw and challenges Punk (the man who eliminated and embarrassed him at the rumble) to a match at Mania.

Notables left off the rumble and why:
· Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow. Already won the tag titles earlier in the night.
· Dolph Ziggler. Faced Cena earlier in the night and cashed in on Del Rio to win the WHC.
· The Rock. Defeated Punk in the main event to become WWE champion.

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  1. goodomens's Avatar
    your first blog was a failure. this blog was a failure too. stop making blogs please.
  2. goodomens's Avatar
    wait, all your blogs are failures.
  3. Beer_Villain's Avatar
    Nice read, don't think you can ever predict anything in the RR (besides the winner perhaps) but after reading this you left me with one question: "Why haven't you included The Shield in your RR?"
  4. weems's Avatar
    Beer_Villain, I had the Shield making an impact by taking out Cena opposed to utilizing the 3 of the 30 spots. I just can't see 6 of the 30 spots going to The Shield and 3MB. Personally, I would definitely like to see Ambrose and Rollins enter early and have a good showing.
    KingWade, I like your predictions (especially the one about Orton coming back in to eliminate Sheamus) and yes I was disappointed about the 3MB entering the RR. In fact, I commented on that in a previous blog. In regards to how I have the Taker being used, I was trying to visualize a situation where Punk gets the best of him. Therefore, as they are building toward the match at WM29, there is at least some illusion that Punk could win over Taker at mania.
  5. TomJarvis100's Avatar
    Kane & Bryan wont happen at 1 & 2 if they have already had a match.They will probs be in the later half. There will be more than 1 person eliminated by the time they get to number 13.Del Rio wont be in the rumble coz even if his not the champ then he will have a rematch clause.Big Show might not be either coz even if he looses to del rio then its not realistic for fans to think he will win so theres no point in having him in it,might as well give another sopt to someone else.I doubt Lesnar will be in the rumble but its possible.If he is I would put him at 30 after the undertaker for the shock factor.Now putting HHH in the rumble is the most stupid thing ever.He is the COO.Having Punk in it is also so dumb,especially as you said he has a match next?how stupid can u get?The only way he could be in the rumble match is if he loses the title to rock and then the rumble is the main event.And even that wouldnt make sense because he would have a rematch clause,might be ok if he won it though.
  6. NiallF96's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by goodomens
    your first blog was a failure. this blog was a failure too. stop making blogs please.
    Really? Why are even here to make that stupid comment?? Give some constructive criticism instead.

    i personally think this blog was OK,but no shield?? They would be the main dominant group until perhaps Ryback comes in and takes them out. And also, Punk being in the rumble BEFORE his match with Rock? That really just makes no sense does it? Maybe if the Rumble was the main event I'd agree but Punk shouldn't be in the rumble then to compete in a match with the rock immediatley after
  7. TomJarvis100's Avatar
    I would have the Sheild be band from the rumble match next week on Raw but then come and attack Undertaker who enteres at 30 and eliminate him,powerbombing him off the stage.Leaving Cena (no21), Ziggler (no1), Orton (no9) and Sheamus (no15) as the last four. Sheamus eliminates Orton only for Orton come back in and eliminate Sheamus. Cena eliminates Ziggler for the win after when AJ accidentally costs Ziggler.

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