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Chronicles of Wrestling Episode 1

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Hi all, Shirty88 here coming to you from the glorious land of England. This is my first blog in my new series called the Chronicles of Wrestling. Each week I will be blogging about something from wrestlings past, present and possible future. So without furhter delay, I present to you the Chronicles of Wrestling
TNA 2013
First things first, I'm a huge TNA fan. Have been since 2005. What I'm going to blog about this week is my thoughts and opinions on what direction I feel would be best for TNA in 2013.
My first port of call would be the World title picture. At this minute I'm kinda liking Jeff Hardy as TNA world champion. He is very over with the fans, has a decent move set in the ring and the whole redemption factor was good. That being said, we are 3 months into Hardy's 3rd world title reign(which has been extremely better than his previous 2) and I cant help but get the feeling he has already peaked as champion. He has been fueding with Austin Aries for the past 3 months and has recently been fueding with Bobby Roode and I cant see any other wrestlers who could do a decent fued with him over the world title. Let me take you back to BFG 2010. Hardy turned heel, joined Immortal and became the world champion. Then they had him go over Matt Morgan not once but twice in two months. I mean come on, the size of Hardy to Morgan yet were suppose to believe he can overcome such awesome power, please. This is why I feel Jeff's reign may be coming to an end soon because there isn't enough heels in the company to fued with. The only credible heel after Roode and Aries is Daniels, who I have a sneaky feeling may get the gold at some point this year. However I feel a Hardy vs Daniels fued would be somewhat underwhelming. Daniels would completely destroy Hardy on the mic only to come a cropper when its game time. My opinion would be for Hardy to drop the title in some sort of 4 way match. The match would obviously have roode and aries involved but I would include James Storm in the match. Have Storm go over Hardy clean with the last call to become world champion. Then they have the rematch where Storm gets the win again. I would have Storm hold the title until Slammaversary. In a perfect world, they would reinstate the King of the Mountain match as the main event. In that match I would have Storm, Hardy, Daniels, Roode or Aries(1 not both) and Matt Morgan. My pick for the winner would be Daniels.
As Daniels is celebrating, Aj styles appears in the crowd, hinting at a possible fued for the world title. However, they shouldn't go straight into it due to AJ not receiving a shot until at least BFG. Have Daniels fued with the likes of Storm,Hardy and hopefully Samoa Joe over the next coming months with Kaz coming to his aid every now and then. Styles enters the BFG series, eventually winning it, setting up Daniels vs Styles at BFG. I would then have Styles win the title in a 2 out of 3 falls match. I also feel that since there have been whispers about Styles retiring in the near future, it wouldn't hurt to put the title back on their most loyal wrestler.

My second port of call is the X Division. Now dont get me wrong, I like RVD and I respect his career but I honestly tire watching him wrestle with the same move set he has used for the past 15 years. Its obvious that he is only champion because of his name and the fact that whoever dethrones him, probably Kenny King or Christian York, will get a major boost from going over him. Now, if I was to book the X division I would have York win in a triple threat including King. Then have York and King fued til Slammaversary in an Ultimate X match with King going over. Then have King refuse the world title match at destination x as he wouldn't want to give up the title he has been chasing for the last 7 months. I would also like to see some old faces return to TNA to beef up the division with the likes of Alex Shelley, Amazing Red and Petey Williams. Not to mention the returns from injury of Chris Sabin and Jesse Sorensen. My X division would consist of Christian York, Kenny King, Zema Ion, Sonjay Dutt, Alex Shelley, Amazing Red, Petey Williams, Chris Sabin and Jesse Sorensen. I think a division of this size and talent would reinvigorate it and bring back some prestige to a fallen championship.

Now I know that Im dragging on a bit and its getting quite late, so Im going to wrap things up. The TV title with likes of bully Ray(not world title material imo), Mr Anderson, Gunner, Crimson, Magnus(main event push in 2014, you heard it here), Devon, Robbie E,rob terry and kaz
Tag title scene with chavo and hernandez, bischoff and briscoe(only decent place for them) some other members of aces and eights ie: knox and doc however I do feel that if TNA are to bring back some credability to their once great tag division they have to hire some credible teams who have good chemistry and experience.
I also am happy with the way the knockouts division is. I dont see the need for it to be too overcrowded and with the likes of Tara, ODB, Tessmacher, Gail Kim, Velvet Sky,Madison Rayne, Mickie James and the fresh faced taylor hendricks there is no real need to add to it.

Well folks, there you have it. Hope it was a good read. Give me feed back, good and/or bad(not too harsh though) and keep a check out for my next blog Chronicles of Wrestling Episode 2 Did Bret screw Bret?

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. blink's Avatar
    I rather enjoyed this blog. I havent really kept up with tna since joe was kidnapped by ninjas but watch it here and there, and i like most of your suggestions. One thing though, bully ray could be world champ material if he goes back heel. In fact being a face with the name of bully doesnt really work.
  2. shirty88's Avatar
    Thanks for commenting blink. I feel there are 2 reasons why ray turned face. 1 being that he was getting over with the fans and 2 because he was suppose to be one of the main guys going against A&8's, however TNA decided it would be better to put him together with brooke hogan and do a story arc with her dear old dad terence which will most likely end with both brooke and ray being in A&8's all along, like we didn't see that one coming.
  3. Vince Lupton's Avatar
    Nice try kid. Shitty88 not shirty88
  4. shirty88's Avatar
    Thanks for the constructive criticism Vince, however if u think u could do a better job be my guest

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