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My WWE WM29 realistic Card.

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Hey everyone this is Kingcobra82390 at your service. And I know there has been a lot of these right now. But I just wanted to give my opioion and most realistic card that I can so here goes.

WWE Championship
The Rock(C) vs John Cena.- Rock beats Punk at the Rumble Rumble and Cena wins Royal Rumble and challenges The Rock at WM29.
Winner- NEW WWE Champion John Cena.

World Heavyweight Championship
Randy Orton(C) vs Sheamus- Randy Orton wins the World Title at the Elimantion Chamber from ADR. And Sheamus elimates Orton from RR and that turns Orton heel by coming back in and beating him down.
Winner- Still World Champion Randy Orton.

UnderTaker vs CM Punk- Punk loses title to Rock at RR and then he loses at the EC. Then he comes out and says I Am The Best The World and to prove that this year I will beat The Best In The World at WresltManias and the that's "The Deadman" Undertaker. A couple week later Taker plays minds games with Punk and tells him at Mania he Will R.I.P

Ryback vs Big Show- This is pretty much to get Ryback his WrestleMania momemnt. But hoisting him up in the air for a longer Shell Shocked!!

Brock Lesnar vs Triple H- The night after EC HHH comes out and says my arm is feeling a lot better but I want another peice of the man who broke it. So Lesnar if you have the guts come on out and accept my challenge you coward. Then week after week the feud contuies.
Winner-Triple H

Intercontieal Championship
Wade Barret vs R-Truth- Can't really think of anybody else at the moment. Just a filler title match. Barret Barrage gets stornger.
Wnner-Wade Barret

United States Championship
Antino Cesaro vs The Miz vs Kofi Kingston- Personally I would love to see this match. This will prove how good of a US Champ Cesaro is and can be. And Miz and Kingston in the match it make it a classic. But Cesaro will retain title.
Winner-Antino Cesaro.

Sin Cara vs Rey Mysterio- Sin Cara will play the heel. Cara and Mysterio will keep losing matches and Mysterio would be the one to keep getting pinned. Then Cara will turn on him saying its his fault they can't win anything.
Winner- Sin Cara to continue his build as a heel.

Divas Chamiponship
Eve(C) vs Kaitlyn vs Layla vs Tamina Snuka- Same ol Divas match -sigh- maybe a couple of good moves but overall boring probably. The title will change hands though.
WinnerKaitlyn. If she doesn't win it earlier.

Monet In The Bank Contract
Dolph Ziggler(Holder) vs Alberto Del Rio- I know Del Rio just won the World Title. But I think h won it just to be easy championship bait for Orton at EC. So he is hungray for that World Title again. And what easy way to do that then by going after the MITB holder and now since ADR is a face this match could work. But the heel would provial in this match.
Winner-Dolph Zigger.

Thanks for taking th time to read this. I would love some comments. Bad or good I will take it. Just take it a little easy. And if I can improve just give me advice thanks. And hope you all enjoy this little blog.

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  1. y2jray's Avatar
    sadly this looks pretty realistic aside from the ziggler ADR match. Also you did not have team hell no, the shield or rhodes scholars on that card.
  2. Beer_Villain's Avatar
    Orton vs Sheamus match isn't probably going to happend, since Orton is reported for going to take some time off soon.
  3. #BITW's Avatar
    i know this is your opinion. But cena vs rock shouldnt happen.
  4. TomJarvis100's Avatar
    Pre Show-Wade Barrett (c) vs William Regal IC title
    1.Orton vs Sheamus
    2.Ziggler,Big E,AJ & Tamina (with Vickie) vs Miz,Mark Henry,Kaitlyn & Natayla (with Ric Flair)
    3.Big Show (c) vs Ryback WHC
    4.Ziggler vs Ryback (c) (mitb cash in)
    5 Del Rio,Mysterio,Sin Cara vs The Sheild
    6.HHH vs Lesnar No Holds Barred
    7.Hell No (with Dr Shelby) vs Rhodes Scolars (c)
    8.The Rock (c) vs John Cena
    9.CM Punk (with Paul Heyman) vs The Undertaker (with Paul Bearer)
  5. Kingcobra82390's Avatar
    Yes sorry for not having Team Hell No Rhodes Scholars ans Shield I relized it after I posted it thanks. And no I don't want Rock vs Cena II to happen again. I just pur it there stating that what's probably gonna happen. And I read the Orton news after I posted this as well. But thanks for the comments and hopfully I will be blogging again soon thanks everybody.

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