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10 Bold Predictions for the WWE in 2013

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Hello, Nitro here and I am going to bring you 10 Bold Predictions for this year. Will they happen? Who knows! While reading this, none of them are in order, all are the same level.

1. Wade Barrett will not win a world championship this year

This might make some mad, but every year it is predicted so I will predict it again. I believe 2014 will be the strike of gold for him but he will not win any title this year.

2. Damien Sandow will turn on Cody Rhodes

The Intellectual Savior of the Unwashed Masses will need to spread himself from Cody and he will turn to do so. Cody will then hold onto to his mustache for life in the WWE.

3. Kane and Daniel Bryan will have one of the best feuds of the year

We all know that they aren't going to stay a tag team forever so they will break up. When they do, we will see a good series of matches that makes one of the best feuds of the year.

4. Kaitlyn vs AJ will revitalize the Diva's Division

We all know that the Diva's Division has been in the dumps for many years, but I feel that it is all building towards this feud. If they plan this correctly, this could be a feud that breathes new life into the stale division

5. Evan Bourne will return to tag with Justin Gabriel to bring excitement to the tag team division

Tyson Kidd is out with an injury for a year and now Justin Gabriel looks lonely. This will give Evan Bourne his opportunity to return and actually show that he can mean something in the business

6. Mark Henry will return to a shell of his former self

When Mark Henry returns this year, he will try to pick up his Hall of Pain again, but the WWE will make him face again sooner or later, with Mark Henry descending down into jobberdom.

7. The Miz will be degraded to the tag team division

The Miz is a great worker for the wwe and he is excellent for social media, but I feel that after a us title feud with antonio cesaro, miz will be heading back down to where he was made noticed.

8. Evolution will reform to take on the Shield, only for Orton to turn. Orton vs triple h will happen again.

With Ric Flair returning, Evolution will take on the Shield for a short stint, only for Orton to turn on them and become the heel he has always been. This will lead to the final Triple H vs Orton match where Orton will come out on top.

9. Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus will switch spots in terms of importance

With Alberto Del Rio the new world heavyweight champion and WWE pushing him yet again, this year will prove to be Del Rio's while Sheamus will try to stay near the top, but get annoying after time and time again.

10. Undertaker will defeat CM Punk for the title at Wrestlemania, retire that title, bringing in a new look for the belt. Undertaker announces he will retire at Wrestlemania 30 against John Cena. CM Punk continues to be the best thing in wrestling

This is a huge one. Not only am I predicting that CM Punk will beat the rock, but that Undertaker will defeat Punk for it at wrestlemania. Undertaker will retire the title, bringing in a new look that everyone has wanted. A tournament will happen to declare the new champion and Undertaker will announce that he will retire and face John Cena at Wrestlemania 30. Punk will continue being amazing and show that the WWE revolves around him.

And there we go! 10 predictions for the new year. Do you agree or do you disagree? Any predictions of your own? Comment below and we will check in to see if these are correct.

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  1. hystrix's Avatar
    Cool Predictions. Good blog. I can't say I disagree with any of them except I don't think we will see a new title or a new title belt. However, I'd love to see all of these come true.
  2. ewantu2's Avatar
    Hmm i think 1. 9 8 and 7 will not happen.
  3. ICB's Avatar
    Undertaker will face Punk, but not for the title. Del Rio has been pushed and pushed but hasn't really taken off. Should've kept pursuing Rosa Mendes. Look what AJ did for Dolph. Speaking of AJ, she will win the title from Caitlyn. In fact, that's the only reason Caitlyn won it. I believe we've seen the last of both Evolution & Evan Bourne, even though teaming him with Gabriel makes all the sense in the world. It worked for London & Kendrick didn't it? Rest of the predictions are likely over the next 12 months. Good list!
  4. Nitro_99's Avatar
    Thanks everyone. Like I said, these are pretty bold, meaning some of them most likely won't happen. I enjoyed doing it and like everyone says, I hope Wade becomes champ soon
  5. knox's Avatar
    A very creative blog and i wish you were on the creative team. I love this one bro. I'm interested to know your thoughts on Ryback. Do you have any predictions for him in 2013? I think he'll become WWE Champion, it seems to be the route they're going.
  6. Nitro_99's Avatar
    Thanks alot, that means so much! I agree, Ryback will most likely be champion by the end of this year. This and 2014 will be the transition from Cena stepping down for Ryback

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