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My Wrestlemania Card and Results.

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I've been wanting to post one for awhile, some matches you might not agree with, but hey that's why its called "My Wrestlemania Card".

Wrestlemania 29

Brock Lesnar Vs Triple H - Last Man Standing Match

John Cena Vs CM Punk Vs The Rock - Triple Threat Elimination Match WWE Championship

Kane Vs Daniel Bryan

Sin Cara Vs Rey Mysterio

The Shield Vs The Undertaker- No Holds Barred

Ryback Vs Big Show

Brad Maddox Last chance match.

Antonio Cesaro Vs Big Show- WWE United States Championship

Dolph Ziggler Vs Alberto Del Rio Vs Sheamus Vs Randy Orton- World Heavyweight Championship

Wade Barrett Vs Ryback- WWE Intercontinental Championship

Match 1: Kane Vs Daniel Bryan

Background: After Kane eliminated Daniel Bryan from the Royal Rumble. Bryan would return to the ring and eliminate Kane causing dissension in the group. After the two cost each other qualifying matches for the Elimination Chamber, and even walked out on each other in two different tag team title matches both continue to stay tag team championships. After getting into an argument about whose the better partner, Booker-t makes Kane Vs Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania.

Result: Kane pins Daniel Bryan after Bryan was able to kick out of the chokeslam but was tombstoned right after.

Match 2: Antonio Cesaro Vs Big Show

Background: During the Royal Rumble, Cesaro attempts to neutralize the Big Show but fails and gets eliminated by Big Show in the process. Over the weeks he continues to attack larger superstars claiming he can lift any superstar in the WWE. And makes his way into the smack-down Elimination Chamber, only to be eliminated by Big Show again. Cesaro would grab his title after being eliminated and return to the ring to nail the big show in the head with his title, sending a message. Over the weeks promos are exchanged with Cesaro continue getting the upper-hand in tag team matches, and even slapping The Big Show. The match is set at Wrestlemania for the United States Title Cesaro Vs Big Show.

Result: Cesaro hits the neutralizer on Show but Show kicks out, after Big Show gets back up he is able to pin Cesaro after two knockout punches and win the United States Championship.

Wade Barrett Vs Ryback

After Ricky Steamboat is out cutting a promo, talking about his career Wade Barrett interrupts him and tells him to leave his ring, after Steamboat refuses Wade Barrett lays him out with his bull-hammer elbow. Backstage a fight breakouts as Ryback tries to attack Wade Barrett but the fight is broken up before Ryback can do serious damage. After weeks of running a match is made for the intercontinental title between Ryback and Wade Barrett.

Result: After Ryback goes for his Shell-Shocked move, Wade Barrett is able to reverse it into a roll-up and grabs the victory using the ropes. But as he leaves Ricky Steamboat comes down the ramp and begins chopping Barrett and throws him back into the ring and ends with Barrett getting shell-shocked by Ryback. Steamboat raises Ryback's hand as they stand over Barrett.

Brad Maddox's last chance.

Brad Maddox has been interrupting matches for weeks, saying he deserves one more match. But week after week he keeps getting turned down. After Brad Maddox spits on Booker-t, Booker-t gives him a match at Wrestlemania, with a mystery opponent.


As Brad Maddox makes his way to the ring, Booker-T's music hits, Booker-t comes down to the ring and grabs a mic, and tells Brad that being he is the GM of Smackdown the board would not let Booker-t wrestle at Wrestlemania, but he found him another opponent. Which is when Ric Flair's music hits. And Flair makes his way to the ring.

Result: Flair wins in quick fashion after a few chops, and a figure four leglock.

The Shield Vs The Undertaker

After The Undertaker returns at Raws 20th anniversary he is attacked by The Shield and is power-bombed in the middle of the ring. The Shield then makes a statement the next week saying That they respect The Undertaker but hate the fact each year that he gets to come back and gets a spot at Wrestlemania, while younger wrestlers fight for a spot. They also say that no one is bigger than the WWE, and that includes The Undertaker. The Shield for weeks are constantly attacked by The Undertaker, as when the lights go out and are turned back on a member of The Shield is laid out. Finally when The Shield are in the ring a 3 weeks before Mania a voice is heard making the challenge, saying at Wrestlemania The Shield Vs The Undertaker No Holds Barred. The weeks after The Shield continue to prove dominance over various superstars, and on the final week before Mania cut a promo saying how they know that no one believes in them, but that they will come on top at Wrestlemania.


The Shield put up a good fight, power-bombing The Undertaker twice, but The Undertaker is able to win after last-riding Rollins throw an announce table, Choke-slamming Ambrose on steel steps, and tomb-stoning Reigns inside the ring.

Sin Cara Vs Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio walks out on Sin Cara, who is being attacked by Rhodes Scholars. Rey cuts a promo saying he is the best luchador in WWE, and no one is going to take his spot. And he wants to prove he is the best. The match is set at mania.

Rey Mysterio wins after a 619 and a splash. Sin Cara and Rey look at each other, Rey utters the words I'm sorry, Cara reaches out his hand and they shake.

Dolph Ziggler Vs Del Rio Vs Sheamus Vs Orton- World Title


Ziggler after The Royal Rumble says he is going to Wrestlemania one way or another, and says he is cashing in his Money in the briefcase for a shot at Del Rio at Mania, Randy Orton wins The Royal Rumble so he is put in the match, Sheamus was suppose to be in the Chamber but was attacked backstage by Orton who didn't want to see Sheamus at Wrestlemania. (turning him heel) Booker-t puts Sheamus in the match anyway.

Sheamus brogue kicks Randy Orton, Sheamus turns around into a superkick and gets pinned by Ziggler.

Insert Celebrity match here*

Brock Lesnar Vs Triple H- Last Man Standing Match

Lesnar returns after Triple H is making a public statement, and claims he realized that he wasn't the monster he wanted to be and wasn't satisfied giving Triple H a broken arm and wanted to end his career. Triple H doesn't accept, so Lesnar attacks members of the Clique, and finally Triple H accepts the match at Mania.

Result: Triple H wins after a pedigree on Brock throw the regular announce table.

Insert Divas Match here*

John Cena Vs The Rock Vs CM Punk- Triple Threat Elimination Match WWE Championship


CM Punk beats The Rock at the Royal Rumble using The Shield. At The Elimination Chamber The Rock, Punk, and Cena are in the Chamber. Heyman puts a pipe in the chamber in which Punk is able to use on Cena and pins him. He turns around to use it on Rock, but Rock catches him with a Rock Bottom to win the WWE Championship. CM Punk claims he deserves a rematch at Wrestlemania, but John Cena claims he deserves the match since he was taken out by a foreign object. Vince McMahon says the main event of Wrestlemania will be a triple threat elimination match between Punk, Rock, and Cena.

CM Punk is eliminated first after a rock bottom. John Cena wins after pinning The Rock with an Attitude Adjustment off the top turnbuckle.

John Cena celebrates with the fans, as the show goes off the air.

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  1. KingWade's Avatar
    I can't see a few matches happening. Undertaker vs the Shield would be a waste of a streak match and i'm pretty sure he's gonna face Punk. I don't think a Show face turn is on the cards and i definitely see no benefit in giving him the US title. Cesaro should definitely win at Mania, same for Barrett. Stick Ryback and Big Show in a match and have Ryback win. Still not sure what the Shield are gonna do at Mania but would not have them go after the streak.
  2. TomJarvis100's Avatar
    thats a shit unrealistic card think again dumbass
  3. Justin23's Avatar
    What? You have Ryback and Big Show wrestling twice. Undertaker vs The Shield makes no sense...3 on 1? No happening.
  4. el gabo's Avatar
    Undertaker isn't going to wrestle the rookies. Have him wrestle a high-caliber superstar like Punk or Cena (which are frankly the only ones I can think of right now.) Not really a fan of fantasy bookers.
  5. james.chelsea11111's Avatar
    Ok while I'm not gonna be a Prick about it that is definately the most unrealistic card ive seen so far
  6. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Maddox gets a match at WM?
  7. Vince Lupton's Avatar
    You're a fucking loser for even posting this.

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