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WWE Impact Superstars of the year: 1993

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Hello fellow internet dwellers, my name is Earthquake (or David lol) and I am going to (try) get a little blof published on Breakthrough Superstars of the year from 1990 until present day. So that is 23 years of personal opinion that I don't think most people will be able to argue with but of course if you read this put forward your opinions cause this is a blog and it really feeds on your opinions, otherwise it's just me spouting (obvious) nonsense. I am going to write all of these one after the other so the initial aim is to get 1 published per day but I've gut nothing else to do so hopefully I will get a few out at a time.

The Rules:
Every year I will pick ONE superstar that I feel made the big breakthrough of the year. In the interest of fairness once somebody has won the breakthrough "award" he can never win one of them ever again.

I will pick a runner up, because again in the interest of fairness some people need to get their due. People who are runners up can at one point before, or in the future, receive the breakthrough award themselves, as this represents a significant step in the right direction or a brilliant re-emergence that made the world take notice of them again and solidified their status that may at once have been in doubt.

I will also pick 3 "also-rans", again in the interest of fairness. These 3 can win the award again before or after and again just signified a step in the right direction from the superstar.

Many things can achieve the award. A simple gimmick change that works brilliantly, a solid run in the main event, or the first steps that lead to a run of momentum to the main event scene. Most likely winning a championship for the first time will achieve this but not necessarily that.

There will be some controversial picks, and I'll admit there will probably be some guys I didn't like, people who didn't deserve a push, but in the interest of fairness I can't let personal bias cloud how prevalent they were in the year selected.

I hope you enjoy my blogs. I will enjoy writing them thats for sure.

So without further adieu.


Impacting Superstar of the Year: Yokozuna

BANZAI!!! This was what Yokozuna would shout aggressively before he hit his terrifying Banzai drop to his unfortunate opponents. As soon as he arrived in the WWF he was the new feared monster on the block, wrestling had never seen a personality liike his, a feared sumo master. He quickly made light work of the roster, crushing favourites like Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Randy Savage in his ascension, eliminating the latter finally in the Royal Rumble and cementing the number 1 contendership for a title shot at WrestleMania IX. He played up to an anti American bias upon debut, and Hulk Hogan defeated him for the title in an impromptu match moments after Yoko defeated Bret Hart for the strap. After a few months Yoko would regain the title at King of the Ring and cement himself as the "evil foreigner" champion until the next WrestleMania, where Bret promptly won the title back. Flanked by his devious manager Mr. Fuji (and later Jim Cornette) Yoko dominated in his early career, until his health deteriorated and he left the promotion in 1996. RIP Yoko.


Hey, I didn't like Lex Luger as (probably) most of you didn't either. I was only 9 when he suddenly was not a narcissist anymore but an extremely patriotic american hero instead. Even as a young dumbass I could see how phony he was. However, he was over, push somebody down peoples throats enough and people will buy into it. However, as we all know, Luger was a failed experiment, groomed for success but luckily Vince knew it wouldn't work out and gradually put Luger into the background. Still, he's here because I can't be biased about this, he played a prominent role in 1993 and for most of 1994.

Other Notables:

Bam Bam Bigelow:

I was a big fan of Bam Bam. As Bret Hart said in his autobiography (which, by the way, is excellent) "a super heavyweight who could move like a lightweight, Bam Bam came back into the WWF in alot better shape and with a much improved attitude." This attitude saw Bam Bam become a prominent player for the next few years, and somebody the fans took a liking to even though he was a big heel. In 93 Bam Bam was on most Raw's and got to the King of The Ring final against Bret Hart. Headlined many shows, including one I saw in Dublin against Bret. Agile like a cat, a very big, big cat.

Doink The Clown

History may have moved on to such a point that this is in the "ridiculous gimmick" hall of fame but in late 92 and throughout 1993 and 1994 Doink was HUGE. As the evil clown, he was a brilliant mischievous and "evil" character, much to the chagrin of the standard good guys in the WWF. He was at his best when he was a heel. He got so popular that WWF had to turn him face, and he got watered down quite a bit, given a sidekick called Dink, but he was still an entertaining annoyance to heels, especially to Bam Bam Bigelow listed above. There are many clowns in the hall of fame, but if Koko B Ware is a shoe in Doink is more than deserving of entry.

1-2-3 Kid

Yes, the name wasn't very creative, but these were simpler times. Sean Waltman had many jobber names, Cannonball kid being one I can remember in his early days, and he was trounced often. In probably the first genuinely GREAT moment in Raw history, he upset Razor Ramon and picked up the 1-2-3, hence the name. The arena erupted, and 123 got involved in a brilliant storyline with Razor where Razor wanted revenge and coaxed the kid out of "retirement" for one more match. After eventually stealing a bag of money off Razor that had 10,000 (imaginery) dollars to bribe him into a match, he finally agreed to a match with Razor one more time and defeated him again. WWE go on about Rey Mysterio being the ultimate underdog, but 1-2-3 kid was the first true underdog.

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