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WWE Impact Superstars of the year: 1992

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Hello fellow internet dwellers, my name is Earthquake (or David lol) and I am going to (try) get a little blog published on Breakthrough Superstars of the year from 1990 until present day. So that is 23 years of personal opinion that I don't think most people will be able to argue with but of course if you read this put forward your opinions cause this is a blog and it really feeds on your opinions, otherwise it's just me spouting (obvious) nonsense. I am going to write all of these one after the other so the initial aim is to get 1 published per day but I've gut nothing else to do so hopefully I will get a few out at a time.

The Rules:
Every year I will pick ONE superstar that I feel made the big breakthrough of the year. In the interest of fairness once somebody has won the breakthrough "award" he can never win one of them ever again.

I will pick a runner up, because again in the interest of fairness some people need to get their due. People who are runners up can at one point before, or in the future, receive the breakthrough award themselves, as this represents a significant step in the right direction or a brilliant re-emergence that made the world take notice of them again and solidified their status that may at once have been in doubt.

I will also pick 3 "also-rans", again in the interest of fairness. These 3 can win the award again before or after and again just signified a step in the right direction from the superstar.

Many things can achieve the award. A simple gimmick change that works brilliantly, a solid run in the main event, or the first steps that lead to a run of momentum to the main event scene. Most likely winning a championship for the first time will achieve this but not necessarily that.

There will be some controversial picks, and I'll admit there will probably be some guys I didn't like, people who didn't deserve a push, but in the interest of fairness I can't let personal bias cloud how prevalent they were in the year selected.

I hope you enjoy my blogs. I will enjoy writing them thats for sure.

So without further adieu.

Impacting Superstar of the Year: Bret "The Hitman" Hart

If you read my 1991 blog you will know that Bret Hart took his first steps towards solo superstardom in that year, unless you remember it already and I think you do lol. 1992 was the year Bret Hart became an absolute megastar and remained in that position for the forseeable future. After vacating the intercontinental title in late 1991, he competed against Roddy Piper at WrestleMania 8 in the second "good guy v good guy" match at that event, and now thinking about it I was looking forward to that more than any other match on the show. As you know (or don't know), they had an absolute classic match in which Bret regained the IC belt and became the man again. He was the shit at this time, and competed in the first ever ladder match defending his belt against new turned HBK (who you will read about shortly) before the nadir of his IC reign, the losing effort against British Bulldog at Wembley Summerslam. He says it himself, it was his favourite match ever, and the office had such faith in Bret that they let him headline SummerSlam with Bulldog (Bulldog had headlined English events prior to this, but Summerslam was a "big" international event just happening to be in England). Nothing else could have followed it. In the wake of this, the steroid scandal hit and Vince put it on the true main man in the company to delirium. Once again faced HBK in the main event of Survivor Series and put on a clinic and went on to main event 3 of the next 4 WrestleMania's.


Just like Bret Hart one year earlier, Shawn Michaels made a pretty much identical leap in character and performer. As a member of the popular team The Rockers, they were loved by fans and were one of the few teams that would perform individually at times, such were their individual talants. But Shawn Michaels the character was getting fed up being in an underachieving team and started developing a superior attitude of sorts. In the middle of crisis talks, he feigned friendship and levelled Janetty with a superkick on the Barber shop segment and then threw Janetty threw a window, completing one of the most memorable turns in history. He acquired the services of Sensational Sheery as his manager (who had a BIG reputation and he will say himself she was crucial to him getting over) and developed a boy toy, sexy boy reputation, labelling himself as the heartbreak kid. As I said earlier, he competed in the first ladder match with Bret Hart, but also headlined an English tour with Macho Man. He was a supreme worker who finally started getting his due and he showed his unrivalled charisma more every week. By the end of the year, he captured the IC belt off of British Bulldog (one of many) and headlined Survivor Series with Bret for the title in a classic. The changing of the guard had begun to take shape.

Other Notables:


WOOOOOOOOOO! Debuting on WWE television in 1991 as the "real worlds champion", Flair got the proper rub of the green when he won the vacant WWE championship in 1992 in a Royal Rumble match to officially become the man. His initial WWE run was successful, he got over, but he didn't get over to the point they wanted him to get over to, but he was a prominent heel in the company. Had many classic matches, the first one coming to my mind was losing the title to Macho at WrestleMania VIII and in another losing effort to Bret Hart at a house show in Toronto. Was left off SummerSlam bar a run in rather bizarrely but made an impact no doubt. The Royal Rumble was definitely the highlight and has probably gone down in history as the very best one.

British Bulldog

Got big as a solo act in 91 but rose higher in 92 as a result of the Wembley masterpiece with Bret Hart. The funny thing though reading Bret's autobiography was Bulldog being totally off his face on drugs and booze during the match, just showing how damn good Hart was. Needless to say, Bulldog was involved in a total classic. For the rest of Bulldog's storied career, he would always be remembered for taking part in one of the greatest matches ever, bringing a lasting credibility.

Razor Ramon

Made an immediate impact. Was involved with all the big players right away in a short run in 1992, taking part in a high profile match that Survivor Series teaming with former champ Ric Flair against former champ Macho Man Randy Savage and former IC champ and newly turned face Mr Perfect. Originally, the feud involved Ultimate Warrior in place of Perfect as Savage's partner, and Ramon did not look out of place despite all the personalities he was involved with.

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  1. bryanb1306's Avatar
    Where's the 1991 blog? I was really looking forward to it.
  2. blink's Avatar
    Maybe you should change it from breakthrough superstar to standout superstar. Im really enjoying these blogs but dispute a few of your selections for their breakthrough time.
  3. Earthquake's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by blink
    Maybe you should change it from breakthrough superstar to standout superstar. Im really enjoying these blogs but dispute a few of your selections for their breakthrough time.
    Done man, thanks
  4. Earthquake's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by bryanb1306
    Where's the 1991 blog? I was really looking forward to it.
    Didnt publish for some annoying reason. Got it back in a queue now

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