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Top 10 non-Royal Rumble matches in history

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The Royal Rumble match has overshadowed the undercard that has put on spectacular bouts over the years. It is time to list the top 10 matches in the undercard aka the 10 best non-Royal Rumble matches in history:

10.Yokozuna vs Undertaker casket WWF title(1994)-I'd say Taker losing this match and the moment afterwards will end up when his career is over still a top 10 moment in the history of the deadman. Their match will always be brought up when the undercard matches are brought up which is why it made my top 10 list.
9.HBK vs Edge(2005)-Edge and HBK had tons of great matches including at the Rumble match where they opened the show. They also competed in the Rumble match where I believe Edge was in the final 3. Back and forth match where Edge was using his new submission which I wish he would have used longer. The 1st meeting between the two ended in a great one.
8.HHH vs HBK Last Man Standing World title(2004)-I know some didn't like it, but I did. I enjoyed the rivalry these two had even though I hated the fact HHH would usually be the one who came out on top. The story telling match was great if you ask me. Anticipation of the fans after HBK hit HHH with the sweet chin music. Attempted to get up, but failed to get up by the count of 10. Ending the last man standing match in a draw. HBK refused the stretcher and walked out of the arena with some help from the refs. Made the story that much better!!
7.Rockers vs Orient Express(1991)-Match not mentioned enough is this match. I believe this was the opening match of the 91s Rumble ppv. Stole the show without question with great action. You could see why the Rockers were one of the best teams of there era with that tag team action.
6.Dudley Boyz vs Hardyz tables tag titles(2000)-The match that started a rivalry that is still talked about til this day. The tag division went to heights not seen before or seen since. The Tables match that was a classic has been overshadowed by another great match that happened on the same night: HHH vs Cactus in a street fight. However, it doesn't change the fact, it is one of the top matches in the history of the Royal Rumble. One could argue that it deserves to be in the top 5. I would have no problem with that myself.
5.John Cena vs Umaga Last Man Standing WWE title(2007)-What a great match. Arguably the best 2 ever had in their respective careers. Which is another reason why Cena deserves more respect for his in ring ability. Gets a lot of slack for the way his matches end, but matches are usually booked to end that way. If a match goes on too long they usually call the finish that way. Cena vs Umaga last man standing was great. The finish was probably the best finish for a last man standing match. The ring was took apart during the match. How often does that happen?
4.Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho Ladder IC title(2001)-The greatest time in my opinion when the IC title was at its very best was when these two were going at it along with Kurt Angle. The matches they had, we still talk about today. Under-rated match they had at WM2000 that will continue to be overlooked because the triangle ladder match happened on the same day. In any case, another Ladder match that told a great story. The walls of Jericho on top of the Ladder was awesome. The problem these days is the midcard talent don't get the oppurtunity to do this stuff like they did in the past. I'm sure a guy like Kofi could put on a great Ladder match for the IC title with just about any opponent. This is the same with the Divas division. Why do they have 0 gimmick matches? Submission match with Natalya would be great.
3.HHH vs Cactus Jack Street Fight WWF title(2000)-One of the very few matches that is brought up when talking about the undercard. Cactus vs HHH is arguably the best feud either has ever had. Me personally, I'd say HHH vs Rock and Mankind vs Undertaker. In any case, Foley put over HHH big time like he has done to a lot of young talent in the past. Showing yet again that this young talent can take punishment and still win. That is the problem now days when you see no blood, but I understand why there is none. I thought that was an issue when Miz was champion. Another reason why his career went down hill too. 2 pedigrees with the finish on the tacks. HHH left on the stretcher, but Foley rolled him back out to hit him one last time with Barbie.
2.Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit WWE title(2003)-A match that doesn't get as much buzz when best matches in the history of this ppv. I don't believe it gets enough credit. These two put on another clinic that again stole the show yet again. Wasn't the first time because their match stole the show at Mania 17. Benoit putting on the ankle lock on Angle among other great things is what I miss. I miss the 3 germans in a row. On rare occassions do you see a standing ovation particularly for the loser of the match. The respect that the talent gets post match for their effort makes those moments that much more special.
1.The Rock vs Mankind "I Quit" WWF title(1999)-The match most everyone including myself always think about when talking about the Royal Rumble is the "I Quit" match for the WWF title in 99 when Rock challenged the reigning champion Mankind. Didn't disappoint at all however, all the issues about health and head shots ring through my mind looking back at the match. Sometimes I think Foley is under-rated, but when I hear the praise he receives I think he is over-rated. However, no one can deny he put his body on the line to entertain the fans every single night. That is why everyone loves Foley. The dynamics of Rock being the corporate champion. Good looking guy compared to an average Joe who isn't as appealing. You couldn't help, but root for him when he faced the likes of The Rock or HHH. I hope to create a blog post in his honor before he is inducted in the Hall of Fame.

There you have it....the 10 best non-Royal Rumble matches in history!! Did I leave a match out that you think would make your top 10? What is your top 10? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below. Rate if you'd like to help me know what you think. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Mazza's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Playboy Stevie V
    Wasn't Steve Austin vs Triple H 3 stages of hell match at a Royal Rumble?

    How about Cactus Jack vs Triple H HITC? Wasn't that also at a Royal Rumble?
    I'm pretty sure they were both at the February PPV which at that time was No Way Out
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Playboy Stevie V
    Wasn't Steve Austin vs Triple H 3 stages of hell match at a Royal Rumble?

    How about Cactus Jack vs Triple H HITC? Wasn't that also at a Royal Rumble?
    Both of those matches were at No Way Out.......2000 and 2001.
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