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Jason's Thoughts: Impact 1-10-13

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Anderson/ Angle segment- This was a pretty decent segment, very intriging and a nice setup for the match.
Rating: 3/5

Kenny King vs Zemi Ion- Meh. This match was short, very uninteresting and we all knew King was going to win but the moment Zema had the jobber entrance it was almost a guarentee.
Rating: 2/5

Rob Terry (im not calling him that dumb robbie t name) and Tessmacher vs Tara and Jesse- Wow, this was a pretty strange segment. Its decent for a comedy feud and it gives Rob Terry something to do, maybe a ladies man or dancing gimmick is in the works. I see a E vs T feud over Tessmacher in the works.
Rating: 3/5

Brian Cage vs Jay Bradley- Great match, alot of action, some nice spots in my opinion Jay was better but they both should get signed. Jay really reminded me of barrett with his look and the way he was preparing to hit Brian (Moving his elbow pad, the way he moved his arm.)
Rating: 3.5/5

Aces segment- Very entertaining and helped establish Anderson and Knox's roles, they need to keep these segments going and running at this length because it took me weeks to understand certain members and their motives and really that type of stuff needs to be learned at a better pace, so I really like the segments.
Rating: 3/5

Joseph/ Hulk/ Brooke segment- Ugh these segments were rushed, dull and boring I could not care less, for Joseph and hulk it was basically just " Ive trained and now im a wrestler I want a match Hulk" "Fine you can have it" It was done in a matter of 3-4 minutes. And the whole idea of the hulk,brooke and bully storyline makes no sense. How is Hulk able to avoid Brooke for a whole week if they work together? How did Bully and Brooke even start dating all we know is brooke went to apologize for Hulk. And the last few reasons I will get to later.
Rating: 1/5

Aries/Roode vs James Storm and Hardy- Im really loving the dynamic of Roode and Aries, the comedy, the ring work and the mic work are just spot on. The match itself was ok. I wasnt really engaged, it was just a basic tag match. I also love how TNA is trying to establish feuds/ppv matches 3 days before Genesis. The match followed a basic formula the heels work on the face, distractions from pins, both men are crawling the face tags in his partner and the guy cleans house. But the finish felt rushed it was like a cluster of things happening Storm is destroying everybody, then hes fighting Bad Influence and chases them suddenley Hardy is acting like hes the legal man and then its a DQ. And all of this happened in a matter of minutes.
Rating: 3/5 but just barely

Sting vs Knox- Well we were going to get the exciting idea of Anderson vs Angle until he got attacked so we got this match. This 2 minutes squash match that established nothing. The only reason it was cut short was probally to make room for the god awful ending.
Rating: 1.5/5

Brooke/ Bully- Well I have a huge thing to rant about for this whole storyline so be prepared. This segment had so many plotholes and things that made no sense it wasnt even funny. Why is Bully even mad about suspended when he is still hanging around the impact zone and even came from the entrance way. Why are bully and brooke marrying when this relationship only started 2 months ago? And if Hulk dissaproves of the marriage why is he letting it air on impact?! But besides that there were many things to dislike. The randomness to it, the predictability and just how uninteresting it is. I really hope they wrap this story up next week. But there was just a little bit of good in this segment and that was the whole trust issue being explored more and that its adding a little bit more dimension to the Hulk character and the Bully Ray character. It also showed that Aces are ruthless and will do anything, even harm or kidnap a woman. But that bright side vanished when Bully destroyed them by himself.
Rating: 1/5

Overall:6/10 there was tons of bad and mediocre matches, feuds and storylines but there were also some nice matches, some development for characters and story and some freshness added to the X-divison and tag divison (which had a not so note worthy fight with hernadez/chavo and ryan and morgan.) So this show really was a mixed bag.

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  1. nothingmusic42's Avatar
    Um, did it ever occur to you that Bully and Brooke are both Aces and Eights? Bully is the VP who has been directing traffic on-screen so far. The President off the club hasn't actually appeared yet, its been the VP in charge. That's going to be Bully Ray, and Brooke is his "old lady."
    Once Bully and Brooke are revealed as A&8 (probably at Lockdown), the President takes charge personally. Finally, at Bound for Glory, after winning the BFG series and winning the championship, standing tall over the broken bodies of Hulk Hogan, Sting, and the rest of TNA, the President of Aces & 8 is revealed to be: Jeff Jarrett!
    TNA then has a year's worth of storyline about Jarrett wresting control of his company back from Dixie Carter.
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    @nothingmusic42. I've been stating that Bully and Brooke are in A&E for like 2 months. I like your chain of events here. I just don't want it to be Jarrett. That's me personally.

    Another nice blog JayDash. I agree fully that this week's Impact lacked in a lot of places considering there's a PPV tomorrow. Where was RVD? Christian York? Why was there no final closing promos from Bad Influence or James Storm? Where was any build toward the Knockouts Gauntlet Match? And why in the world is Joe NOT on the PPV? TNA needs to tighten that stuff up a little better. There's two months before they're next PPV. Bully and Brooke could've gotten engaged next week.
  3. AOF666's Avatar
    One thing you didn't mention was Brooke Hogan's bad acting, she so tried to cry and failed. Even someone yelled "Come on cry".

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