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To The royal rumble and beyond !!!

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Hi There, I have been a frequent reader on this site for a long time and finally decided to give my own input as many of you guys do very well week in and week out. SO HERE IT GOES

With the Royal Rumble just around the corner which happens to be my favorite annual PPV. 2013 has gotten off to a great start with this past weeks raw and the "PIPE BOMB" that we witnessed courtesy of MR.PUNK. That being said what my hopes are going forward towards the RR through The GRANDEST STAGE OF THEM ALL goes like this.......

1. THE MIZ is given a great push this year by hopefully winning the Rumble ( Im partially biased on that ) and that MIZ TV continues.

2.The E doesn't drop the ball with the surprise entrants and waste a entry number on too many underdogs ( IE: Millions of dollars, tensai, yoshi tatsu) well all deserving they would be better off with there own battle royal or mixed tag matches.

3.The Undertaker's return should be kept a complete surprise because last time he was interupted by HHH and it wasnt fully recived in my oppinion. just to add that The shock of a return is what keeps fans on there feet everytime they enter the arena.

4.The road to wrestlemania should be drama filled with alot of things that will keep fans invested. i have noticed that the crowd reactions including the rocks return on raw was not as big as i expected. this being said creative should really work to keep us guessing as to what will come next.

5.STOP RELYING ON THE ATTITUDE ERA and move forward there has been talks about bringing guys in to boost ratings and help younger talent evolve well that is all fine and dandy but your PG now most of the younger kids dont know who these legends might be. NOW I DID GROW UP WATCHING THE ATTITUDE ERA i am in no way dissing it but wwe has changed and need to work on what talent they have instead of bringing in the past.

6. Utilize the TAG TEAMS and make them Legit (IE: THE USOS, PRIMO AND EPICO) i do love team hell no but team cobro and the Rhode scholars are singles competitors not a team. they may have great chemistry in the ring but where is the story behind it. tho we can never recreate the hardys or edge and christian but at leased learn from there days in the ring

7.RYBACK & THE SHEILD were do we go from here. I do enjoy watching ryback destroy everything and everyone in his path. to which i say i hope he gets the WM MOMENT he deserves and really shows what he can do. he i a great example of a work horse who deserves it. SO COME On wwe dont mess it up. as for the sheild i love they unknowing aspect they have you never know what they will do but there comes a point where the triple powerbombs and interupting matches need to stop they cant do it forever so i think the RR is the perfect time to show what they can do individually because dont for WM is where stars are made.....

I know it was a long read sorry trust me i have a lot more to say which will come soon i hope you enjoyed i am open to opinions good and bad . SO THANKS FOR READING

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  1. Wade Barrett 1979's Avatar
    Nice blog, easy to read and at least you don't seem to be suffering from the, 'My opinion is the only thing that matters, if you disagree you're wrong,' disease that most blog writers here suffer from. That or they believe they are Shakespeare for the 21st Century.

    I'll be reading again in future.
  2. B-MCINTYRE's Avatar
    I only just saw this blog. It's well written and I enjoyed your opinions. Don't be afraid to post more in the future, I'll be glad to read more from you!

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