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TNA PPV Main Events for 2013

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This Is a quick over view of what I would like to see for TNAs PPV year main events

Genesis: Triple threat elimination match for the TNA world title
Jeff Hardy(c) vs Austin Aries vs Bobby Roode

Result: Aries is eliminated 1st after Roode accidently hit him with a chair. Jeff Swantons Roode threw a table to get the pin

Lockdown: Cage Match for the TNA world title
Jeff Hardy(c) vs Christopher Daniels

Result: Daniels wins after kaz destracts Jeff & Daniels hits him with brass knucks off the top of the cage & escapes

Sacrafice: title vs Hair (If Hardy Loses he loses his hair, Kaz is banned from ringside) Daniels(c) vs Hardy

results: Daniels wins. Jeff had him beat but the light went out & when it came back on AJ is in the ring & beats both men down with styles clashes after which Kaz puts daniels on jeff (side Note: AJ is not gonna be face painted or be sting like in anyway)

Slammiversary: King of the mountin for the TNA title
Daniels(c)vs Roodevs Storm vs Kaz vs Joe(Wish i could replace Kaz with AJ)

Result: Daniels wins with help from Kaz

Destination X: 1st Ever Ultimate X match for the TNA world title
Daniels(c) vs Joe

result:Joe wins after a 30+ minute match

Hardcore Justice: Falls count anywhere match for the TNA world title
Joe(c) vs Daniels

Result: Joe wins after a muscle buster off the stage threw 2 tables

Bound For Glory: 1 on 1 for the TNA world title
Joe(c) vs Matt Morgan (I went back & forth with who he'd go against but I think this could be a good match)

Result: Morgan wins after 3 carbon foot prints

Turning Point: Submission match for the TNA world title
Matt Morgan(c) vs Samoa Joe

result: Morgan won after using the brock lock
Side Note: weeks leading up Morgan wore down Joes Knee with steal chair shots. Joe did not tap he passed out SCSA style

Final Resolution: 1 on 1 for the TNA world title
Morgan(c) vs Bully Ray

Result: Morgan after bully's head hits the exposed turnbuckle & he hits the Carbon Foot Print

Thats how I'd like to see the year a couple of new champs & new feuds I also really think it's Daniels time to be champion

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Wouldn't be my picks, but a Daniels feud with Jeff Hardy for the world title intrigues me. I hope Aries vs Jeff isn't the one they go with. I may respond tomorrow with mine.
  2. AJ1981's Avatar
    To be honest I think Christopher Daniels may get a run at the title in the near future as TNA is short on main event heels and I'm starting to tire of seeing Hardy wrestle Aries & Roode. The only other possibilities are Mr. Anderson (I don't really want to see this match again) and Bully Ray (If he turns again)


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