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WWE's WM29 Card!!!

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Hello EWN Community!

I have never posted a blog before, and I am by no means a writer. However, I have been a fan of the WWE for as long as I can remember (literally). In this blog I hope to focus on the top 4 matches of WM29 and how they come to be. With that said, the rest of the card should get a quick mention to explain certain wrestlers whereabouts on the card. I do a fair bit of reading of other peoples opinions on here but make no mistake, while some of the card may overlap with others opinions, these are only my predictions of what WWE will do. I look forward to hearing everyone’s opinions on what is sure to be one of many more WM29 card blogs. Enjoy!

Royal Rumble PPV
I have noticed that many people on here have shown a desire to see the Royal Rumble match end the night as the main event. While I agree, I believe that this may be one of those years where an exception must be made.

Royal Rumble MatchThe lead up to Rumble itself sees Cena and Ziggler continue their feud, and a new refreshing Sheamus and Orton feud begin. Nearing the end of the match I would see the 3 faces ban together and eliminate Ziggler, and then end up costing each other the match in some way. The eventual winner of the match would be the up and coming Ryback who is in desperate need of a big win after having lost 3 times to Punk. I would have him end up eliminating all 3 members of the Shield to gain some form of revenge on them, and end that feud right there.

Punk (c) vs. Rock By the looks of it this match will have an incredible build up. Punk has gone on record multiple times saying he has nothing to do with The Shield/Maddox yet he has now (on last Raw) fully admitted to all the other horrible things he has done. Nearing the end of the match, Lesnar makes his long expected return and costs The Rock the match at the bidding of Heyman. This lines up Rock vs. Brock for WM 29 (just take a look at the poster) After the match the Rock and Lesnar fight spills up the ramp and into the back. With Punk left by himself celebrating in the ring the lights go out. Lights turn on and the deadman is behind Punk. After his signature throat slit, Punk eats a tombstone and Undertaker celebrates on one knee with the WWE title in hand. This would set up an eventual WM29 match and would send the RR crowd home happy. (And too excited to sleep if you are me)


Pre-show Battle Royal
Everyone that didn’t make the card

Winner - Brodus Clay (gives the kids a chance to dance)

Money In The Bank Ladder Match For WWE Championship Contract

Start the night out fast with 8 different upper-mid card wrestlers that would not fit elsewhere. Lead up is simple: they all want the contract.

-Miz - He will be moving on up
-Kofi - Crazy spots
-Ziggler - Possibly the 1st ever man to hold both MITB contracts at the same time
-Zack Ryder - A now super-serious heel and member of the shield (this is the reason why he has been so openly talking trash about WWE lately)
-Del Rio - Nothing better to do
-R-Truth - See Del Rios explanation
-Tensai - Poor guy....
-1 Surprise entrant to make it exciting (A returning Mark Henry, Christian or Swagger)

Nearing the end of the match, The Shield shows up to give Ryder the win. During the chaos, The Miz creeps his way to the top of the ladder and gets the briefcase. This could lead to a future feud between Miz and The Shield

Winner - Miz

Keeping up the excitement and fast pace, and leading into the next match…

Mysterio vs. Sin Cara (Crowd gets to put on the masks for the record)Assuming they are both back in time, they lose the Number 1 Contender Match before Elimination Chamber and eventually Cara turns heel, blaming Rey.

Winner - Sin Cara

Slow things down with a power match.

Big Show (c) vs. RybackAfter winning the Royal Rumble, it comes out that Ryback is not allowed to get a title shot against CM Punk thanks to Heyman’s contract skills. Either that, or Ryback sees a bigger meal in Big Show. Like many others have said, this will be Ryback’s chance for a huge WM moment.

Winner - Ryback

Big Show will go for the hand shake afterwards and sucker punch Ryback with a KO punch, leading to the long awaited cash in by Ziggler. He gets to show off in the biggest way and wins the title on a KO'd Ryback. This could lead to a great feud moving on.

Rhodes Scholars (c) vs. A deserving tag teamThey win the titles at Elimination Chamber and face whomever WWE sees fit. If it were my choice, I would finally put the Usos over because the crowd loves them and they are great to watch. Other good options would be Gabriel and Kidd, Primo and Epico or even a face team of PTP. They are funny enough to do it and would be a good contrast to Rhodes and Sandow. Last option would be to do the 4 team match and get as many people on the card as possible.

Winner - Whomever faces Rhodes Scholars

Kane vs. Daniel Bryan
They lost the titles at Elimination Chamber and their feud finally boils over.

Winner - Daniel Bryan

Kaitlyn (c) vs. AJ
They use this chance to give another win to a heel, as you want to balance the card to a certain extent. Using Big. E (male) to interfere against Kaitlyn (female) would make huge heat. This would lead to the power couple angle with both titles on AJ and Ziggler.

Winner - AJ

Cena vs. Orton vs. Sheamus

After a string of single matches, this would be a good spot on the card for this match. This match stems from the Rumble in which each one cost the other the match. This leads to the Elimination Chamber in which the same situation occurs between the three men. Being the only three way on the card will make it stand out. This could also be the chance WWE has been waiting for to turn Orton heel, letting him do something like the old Orton would (everyone knows he is a great heel).

Winner - Orton

Cesaro (c) vs. Barret (c)

This would be a good chance to get both titles on the card at once because we all know the WM card always gets crowded. Use the fact that Barrett is not American and therefore plays up Cesaro’s anti-American gimmick. If WWE wants, they can unite the titles. If not then the winner takes all and wears both titles (which looks more impressive anyways).

Winner - Antonio Cesaro

This is where it gets tough. WWE will no doubt get most of the buy rate from advertising Lesnar vs. The Rock because they are both so well known to the average person. However, at some point they are going to once again have to make the WWE title the true main event. Also, I don’t believe they will want the night to rest on the shoulders of two part timers who really don’t have that much invested in the outcome, especially Lesnar (see Lesnar vs. Goldberg) Therefore, I believe the next match will be...

Brock vs. The Rock

Now I am fully aware that the PPV poster doesn’t always matter, but it has to be noted that they are the only two on it. They are also the two most known wrestlers in the main stream audience. With that said, I began believing this match would happen the night Lesnar re-appeared on Raw. I could just feel it. So at this point Brock has cost The Rock the title at both the Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber (see the next match description) and they face off in an epic grudge match. This match will no doubt end with the feel good moment of revenge for The Great One.

Winner - The Rock

Punk (c) vs. Taker

Streak vs. Streak and Punk is looking for respect. Both would be great material to make a build up of epic grandeur. From the Royal Rumble to Elimination Chamber, Punk begins to question Heyman as to the presence of Lesnar, which then leads to whether or not Heyman has been behind the Shield and Maddox as well. At Elimination Chamber The Rock gets his rematch in the chamber with the other five wrestlers. Nearing the end of the match, only Punk and The Rock are left. Rock has the upper hand but out comes the Shield as they begin to dismantle to Chamber to get in. Just as The Rock hits a Rock Bottom on Punk, Lesnar appears and goes right at The Rock and F5's him. He then drags Punk onto Rock and Punk gets the win. This would finally be all the evidence Punk needs to prove that Heyman has been behind it all and he turns his back on Heyman on the next Raw. He can say he will never get respect with someone buying all his wins for him. Heyman tells Punk he will regret it. Punk gives a nice GTS to Heyman. Punk is once again a tweener. Lights go out again. Taker is behind him but he doesn’t attack. He just nods approvingly and then disappears once again when the lights go out again. The build up from there would be simple with Punk saying all he ever wanted was respect and beating Taker by himself is the only way he can get it. A mini feud between Punk and The Shield could fill the gap for the lack of Undertaker wrestling until WM.

After putting on a great match, The Shield runs out to cost Punk the title since he turned his back on Heyman. Both Taker and Punk fight them off. With the ring cleared, Taker and Punk face off one more time and after they each kick out of a few finishers, Punk can take no more and passes out in the Hell’s Gates and loses by Pass Out/Submission.

Winner - Taker

After the match, Taker raises Punk’s arm to signify that he finally got the respect he had been looking for. The lights go out and after the smoke clears ,the title is left lying in the ring. Punk goes to pick it up but realizes that he is no longer the champ and chooses to leave it behind. This would lead to a fresh title scene starting on Raw the next night with a tournament leading to Backlash and a new champion crowned.

Well, this ended up being a much more detailed card then I had expected to write, but I hope those who read it all enjoyed it. Please leave your comments and your opinions below. Thanks for reading...


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  1. mizfits2012's Avatar
    god that sucks..... i can make a better show with 3 people on the show better than that idea like the royal rumble
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Eh, I don't know about this one. There's no way Rock doesn't end the show. He's the main draw of this event. Also, I think there's probably about a 99.999999% chance that it will be Rock vs Cena. Top draws squaring off in a rematch of last year's record breaking WM. The rest is blah. I wouldn't be enticed to buy this one.
  3. Vince Lupton's Avatar
    Horrible. I feel dumber for reading this. I award you no points and may god have mercy on your soul.
  4. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    This card should be the answer key...

    HHH v Lesner II - Just for the name value of both guys.

    Rhodes Scholars v Team Hell No v PTP v some other random team in a Tag Team elimination style match

    Returning Morrison, Miz & Kingston v The Shield - gets those guys on the card in some form of gimmick match (like a street fight)

    Heel Orton v Sheamus - Gives both a fairly big hour #1 main event.

    Returning Christian v Cesaro (C) for the US Title - Just seems like a great fit for the quick witted & well skilled Christian vs the up and comer.

    Returning Jericho v Barrett (C) for the IC Title - Would be a great match to further propel Barrett.

    Ryback v Big Show - Ryback gets his WM moment

    Punk v Taker - Mr. Ego gets his shot at ending the streak

    Cena v The Rock (C) for the WWE Title - Cena wins, gets the title for paying his 2012 dues. Rock goes back to movies.

    Del Rio v Ziggler (C) for the World Title - I'm fairly certain Ziggler will be cashing in on Del Rio soon and this could be a great rematch.
  5. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    The more I think about it, the more I like the card I came up with. Matter of fact, I'll go ahead and call myself a stinkin' genius! Every match is quality and you get the big named guys on the card. WWE can always do a pre-show battle royal with people like Ryder, Khali, Santino, 3MB, Big E, Usos, Kidd, Gabriel, Maddox, etc.
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