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Top 5 best and worst Royal Rumble matches ever!!

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The most anticipated match WWE produces yearly is the Royal Rumble match. It provides meaning to the winner. Since 1993, the Royal Rumble match winner would than go on to face the world champion in the main event of Wrestlemania. Which is why I created this blog? To give love to the match everyone looks forward to year in and year out. By providing love, I will be providing some hate as well with the top 5 best and worst Royal Rumble matches of all-time! We will save the best for last starting with the worst:

5.1999-Besides Vince and Austin who started out this Rumble. Really no one else competing in the Rumble besides midcard talent. Taker didn't compete and Kane eliminated himself shortly after he cleared the ring. Austin and Vince were out of it for most of the match which is why it makes my top 5 list.
4.1996-One of the main reasons I hate this Rumble is because HBK was eliminated, but still won. Vader threw him out, but he was still in because Vader was eliminated. Lack of star power as well besides Diesel and Owen.
3.1988-I was thinking about leaving off 88-91 because the winner didn't receive anything besides the W, but I have it on here anyway. Slow pace, no star talent really. Hogan, Andre, Dibiase, and so forth didn't even compete in this Rumble. Which is why it is in the top 5. Reason it isn't higher is because not a lot of prestige for the winner.
2.1995-The most over-rated Rumble in the history of the match. It is without question the 1995 Rumble match. HBK wins starting from #1 outlasting everyone. Still gets talked about today even though you had no star power whatsoever in the match. Bulldog and Owen was in there though. It only lasted like 40 minutes to it. You'd see HBK telling guys to get out like the Bushwackers in the amount of seconds.
1.1993-Lack of star power hear as well. Made Yokozuna a star I guess one could say. Coming in at 27 and going on to beat Bret Hart at WM9 was something. This was a bad period for WWE at the time, post Hogan/Piper era. However, Macho Man was in the match provided with the worst finish in a Rumble match. Him attempting to pin Yokozuna? I wouldn't argue with anyone wanting any of these 5 at #1.

5.2002-The Rumble in 2002 was the one I most anticipated despite figuring HHH would win. I was intrigued by the buildup to the Royal Rumble match that saw returns of Mr.Perfect and Goldust. Probably the best moment in a Rumble match with Maven eliminating Taker. The buildup to the match had several top talent like Taker, HHH, Austin, among others coming up to the Rock telling him that they will meet him at Mania when they win the Rumble. Best part about it was, Rock wasn't the champ....Jericho was!
4.2001-A Royal Rumble match I had no idea who would win, but again figured Austin would coming off the injury. However, saw several great moment in the match including the Hardyz going at it, Drew Carey + Kane, Kane's dominance, Rock/Austin face to face for the first time since Rock became the top face in the company. I believe Kane lifted the Big Show in this Rumble too which I believe was one of the first times that happened in WWE. Seen it in WCW though.
3.2004-Great Rumble match that I had no idea would win. I was rooting for Goldberg. Chris Benoit started out #1 outlasted everyone to win the Rumble to go on to WM20 to have that special moment at the end of the night with Eddie was something. We saw Foley's return as well, along with Billy Gunn's return. Undertaker's gong heard around the world cost Kane the match. Among other great things that happened in that Rumble.
2.2007-I knew like 4 people who could win this Rumble match. I knew it could be Edge, Orton, Taker, and HBK. I was so pro Orton back in these days even years before. I was wanting him to win the world title for so long up to this point. Taker came out at #30 and was the first one to win. Awesome ending to a great Rumble match that is arguably the most star studded Rumble matches ever.
1.1992-Should be to no one's surprise, but the Rumble match from 92 is the best one ever. Star studded lineup yet again. Flair goes 60 minutes to win the WWF title for the first time and only time it was for that title. Which makes it even that more prestigous. Didn't have that WM8 dream match with Hogan though that everyone wanted to see. Probably the biggest world title win of his career. The only one that you could say topped it was the 1983 Starrcade one o.

Hope you enjoyed this blog. Thanks for reading!!

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  1. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    One of my all time favorite "matches" from a Royal Rumble event was in 1993, Bret v Razor. Excellent in ring work. Great chemistry and story telling in this one.

    I also enjoyed the time Diesel made his debut in the Rumble and quickly threw a few stiff elbows at Virgil's head then proceeded to eliminate about 11 guys or so in a row. He was later screwed by HBK, but that was very memorable.
  2. KingWade's Avatar
    2001 rumble is my favourite for sure. So many great moments. The pop when Austin enters to take on the Brothers of Destruction was great and the stare down between Rock and a bloodied Austin..what a moment.
  3. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I was at the 2004 Rumble. Awesome that Benoit one, and how he eliminated the Big Show.

    I agree with this list. I didn't like the 95 Rumble, mainly because they shortened the time between entrants to 1 minute, instead of the usual 2 minutes of Rumbles prior. Now they come right in the middle at 90 seconds.
  4. knox's Avatar
    I like your list man, good job.
  5. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    Lets also not forget about the 3 faces of Foley appearing in the 1998 Rumble... or the bounty on Steve Austin.

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