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Growing Up Attitude

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Before I get into current WWE Topics, I thought I would go back in time...

It was 1997. Clinton was president, the Red Sox still hadn’t won a World Series and E.R. was the number one show on television. I was at the prime age of six years old and had somehow come across the USA Network while sitting up watching television with my father. Now it was way past my bedtime but I had a fever, and sleeping was not going to be an option for me on this Monday night. After a meaningless Chef Boyardee commercial, of Course, Raw is War appeared. I quickly turned to my dad and asked for an explanation to what this show was. I was use to the Power Rangers fighting crime but now, grown men around my dad’s age were fighting and I was in awe. I was informed to what the WWF was and immediately knew we had to finish the entire show. This was only the beginning.

Although I could not stay up every Monday night at my age, we did have a contraption known as a VCR that was utilized so I could watch episodes the next day. Names such as Ken Shamrock, Goldust, Brian Pillman, Shawn Michaels and of course Steve Austin became characters that I would emulate throughout my house. I obtained a confidence that allowed me to jump from the top of my couch to the floor and flop onto my bed from across my room. Hey, I too desired to be a degenerate at one time… much to the displeasure of my parents.

Still, I didn’t care. These wrestlers entertained me week after week and I grew attached to them as if I had known them on a personal basis. I would cry when they would lose and I would jump up and down in a frenzy if my favorites would win. I bought into this presentation of good vs. evil and I always, always sided with the good guys. But, when your six years old, the understanding of heels and faces did not click as it does today. I did not understand when “The Hitman” went postal on Vince McMahon. Nothing made sense except for the fact that I now had someone else to root against. And, it seemed that guys I normally would hate became decent individuals, which put them on my side.

I never feared the effects wrestling could have on an individual’s health. I did not see any bad that could come from the highflying skills. But, I did fear certain superstars that would make their way to the ring. I’m sure it does not surprise anyone that The Undertaker frightened me to the point that I had to grasp multiple pillows anytime I heard gongs ringing through my television speakers. He was a massive, ominous individual that I did not care to have show up at my front door. However, my childhood fears would grow when the character of Kane debuted. Most of the time I had to walk out of the room once I saw the lights in the arena go off. It was at the point that I could not go upstairs in my house without the accompaniment of a parent because I feared the Big Red Machine would waiting for me. I know, a little overdramatic and unrealistic but that’s what I envisioned. I had an outlandish imagination.

Now, I am on the verge of being 22 years old and thankfully, my fears for these superstars have dissolved over my years of being a wrestling fan. Although the fears have gone the passion has not. I follow the characters, storylines and matches and I even buy the yearly video game. To me, I grew up through what I thought at the time was the greatest program on television. It defined my childhood and allowed me a few hours a week to drift off into a universe that was unlike anything else I had ever seen. If it wasn’t for that one fateful night of being sick, I would have never come across the world of wrestling. I guess everything does happen for a reason…

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  1. FlawlessBroski's Avatar
    That is really cool, how you got into wrestling. I agree with you, everything happens for a reason.

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