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CM Punk As A Heel

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How yall doing bloggers? This is Cross back in action coming live off my toilet seat. Hey, when a man has to go, he has to go. Regardless of what lie I just told I wanted to start this off with a quote that I saw in the wrestling forums which I thought was really good.

"CM Punk's character change, wrestling-wise, makes no sense. He was beating top contenders clean for 6+ months, then he turns heel, not because there was somebody better than him, but because he felt he was overshadowed, which has nothing to do with his wrestling ability and all of a sudden I'm supposed to believe he lost the ability to wrestle on a main event level?It would also fit his character better, if he just beat some contenders or a contender cleanly, since he's supposed to be the best in the world. But that's just the way WWE portrays their heel wrestlers"-Automatic

Hope you do not mind me borrowing that Automatic but it just summed up my thoughts on CM Punk as this new heel. First let’s take a look at CM Punk's past heel runs. Now I am going to skip his ECW heel turn cause people really were not into it when he joined the New Breed.

So let’s start things off with the heel turn when he turned on Jeff Hardy into the Straight-Edge Savior. I was absolutely shocked about this moment when he hit Hardy with the mic to his head and put that steel chair around his neck. There were even the moments when he beat Jeff Hardy both in a TLC and Steel Cage matchup forcing Jeff Hardy to leave. This Straight-Edge Savior was innovative with his self-righteousness in saying that because he is straight-edge, he was better than us. It worked well playing off something he realistically believes in and turning it into a heel character. There are many people who enjoy drugs and beer, me not being one of them, but I could see why many of them would choose Jeff Hardy over Punk.

After his feud with Hardy, he would screw the Undertaker in a submission match at Breaking Point, a pay per view I would not mind having back. Then he would eventually lose it to the Undertaker and lose at Bragging Rights as well, having him eventually start his very own Straight-Edge Society. This stable would start off strong with the likes of Luke Gallows and Serena (I forget her name if this is not right). Anyways, Luke Gallows would actually pick up victories over the likes of Rey Mysterio and Matt Hardy with CM Punk even getting a clean victory here and there. This group, in my opinion, should have either picked up the tag team belts against DX or had Rey Mysterio join their group. This would have really solidified the faction especially with Mercury eventually joining. This group really manifested an amalgamation of a cult and Christianity. The people even shaved their heads. It was great storytelling. Anyways, titles or having Mysterio forced into their society would have made things more intriguing embellishing the accumulation with much more potency. However, this group would later have its downfall in really being annihilated by the Big Show.

Now CM Punk eventually went to commentary and then seemed to have made some sort of alliance with the Nexus. Instead he would become the new leader of the Nexus calling it the New Nexus. He would have each member who joined go through some sort of belligerence or animosity to prove themself(which did absolutely nothing for the strength of this faction at all). This conglomerate faction would really still start off with John Cena, having CM Punk beat him 3 times, once by disqualification, once by count out, and once by pinfall. Then they would move to Randy Orton by assaulting him at the 2012 Royal Rumble due to Punk having to vacate his first world championship because of a Punt Kick. Weeks leading up to WrestleMania, Randy Orton would beat each Nexus member one on one before the pay per view so they were not with Punk at ringside. Side note: "Honestly, I think at least one of the members should have been able to pick up a victory over Orton, even if it was the most cheatlike way ever to win. It would have added more suspense to their match at WrestleMania. Not too big of a deal considering picking up a win over Randy Orton would have been huge." Now this feud would have CM Punk get beaten 3 times by Randy Orton. What kind of messed up minds did the WWE have here? Soon as Orton won at WrestleMania I was like, "Okay, give CM Punk a win now." But no, that would not happen. Not even the WrestleMania rematch on Raw.

He would then lose at Over the Limit for the Tag Team Titles against Kane and Big Show with no real momentum going into it with Mason Ryan. And then, finally, after a full year he would pick up his first Pay per View Victory against Rey Mysterio at Capital Punishment which was definitely Pay per View Quality and match of the night. However, the New Nexus would atrophy into the mysterious with no legitimate reason why they separated.

Then this other heel I felt emerged. There was this evolvement of CM Punk when he picked up that microphone and gave the best promo in years, his ultimate shoot promo. He created this promo that gave us internet fans get even more behind him then we already were. He spoke his mind and was not afraid of whatever came off his tongue. He just let the words slide off like they were kids on a waterslide. Not the best simile but he let it happen.Then, the most unpredictable marvel occurred since the Nexus when he beat John Cena at Money in the Bank in his hometown for the WWE Championship and left the WWE. It was short till he came back but I can see why do to people would argue if Punk had extra days to his reign by not defending it.

Now, here are the blog’s main points. When CM Punk won the WWE Title at Survivor Series, he would retain that title 17 times against the likes of Chris Jericho, Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Kane, the Miz, Dolph Ziggler,etc. He has retained that title more than the 30 day periods he had it. That’s a sign of a good champion, defending it more than needed. Anyways, he would even be vengeful and belligerent toward his rivals. He did not back down from a fight. He was convicted he was and is the Best in the World. Now let’s look at CM Punk today. He runs away from Ryback, a new superstar on the roster who has not won any sort of title in the WWE. Yeah I know he was on Tough Enough and in the Nexus, but let’s look at CM Punk's credentials compared to his in wrestling. CM Punk has been in Ring of Honor, he is a 5 time world champion, he has even pinned the Superman of WWE Today, John Cena, he has been an Intercontiental Champion as well as Tag Champion, and is the only man in the WWE to win two MITB ladder matches. Why should he be afraid of Ryback? You want me to believe that? WWE wants us to believe that CM Punk is this chicken who runs away from debuting superstars who got pushed way to quickly into the main event scene?

As the Straight Edge Savior, he was not afraid of Jeff Hardy. In fact, he enjoyed his promos and matches with him. As the New Nexus Leader, he did not run from John Cena or Randy Orton. He went face to face with them. Before his heel turn, as this reign of WWE Champion, he would face the likes of Alberto Del Rio, Kane, Chris Jericho, Daniel Bryan, Mark Henry, and etc. He would go face to face with those guys showing no sign of fear, but courage. Plus he beat all those guys. Why should he be afraid of facing Ryback when clearly his resume of contenders he beat outweighs all of Ryback's opponents? Heck, when Vickie even said he had to defend his title in a TLC Match (Do not worry, I am well aware of CM Punk's injury) he flipped out. Why should he? He is 2-0 in TLC matches beating the likes of Jeff Hardy, Alberto Del Rio, and the Miz. How many TLC matches has Ryback been in? 0. Absolutely none. If anything, Punk should have been happy. TLC matches are like his match specialty, in a way.

In my opinion, CM Punk should not have to A). Fear Ryback, B). Have to cheat or take adavantage of a situation to beat Ryback, especially when it looks like he, Ryback, should of won the match (plus CM Punk never had to cheat to have to beat the likes of Jericho, Daniel Bryan, etc.), C). Should be able to win cleanly, and D). Not be worse as a wrestler in a wrestling match (not talking about quality but results). Thanks for reading. Please tell me any of your thoughts but seriously, no one likes a cyber bully. But still, leave your legit comment on this topic. Remember the Cross, and Who died on it.

He must become greater; I must become less."
-John 3:30

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I'm not cyber-bullying...or ripping you or your blog in anyway. WWE is scripted. It's a show. So no matter what you see on tv, on Twitter, on youtube, on a WWE "Documentary", a behind the scenes's all scripted and what you see, is what you're meant to see. There are obvious exceptions like injuries and the like, but you get my point.

    WWE likes to create heel heat through screwjob wins and making the heel be a whiner. There's two types of heel personas. Whiners, and cocky, arrogant ones. It's not like back when wrestling was good, and there were heels who actually had a little bit of range in their characters. One of the ultimate heels of all time was the Sgt Slaughter turncoat. He didn't whine. He was arrogant but he drew heat by hitting people where it hurt the most, the heart. He pretty much dominated everyone he fought leading up to the Hogan match. Of course, that wasn't saying much for that era, but you know what i mean. When Jake The Snake turned heel and feuded with Macho Man. He didn't whine. He was cruel, dark and sadistic. Mankind, when he first debuted, scared the shit out of little kids. They would cry in the stands when he was out there.

    The ability isn't there these days. I don't know why. Maybe they're afraid to go back to "characters". Maybe they're afraid of ruining their precious image. Whatever it is, there's two types of heels. Whiners like CM Punk, and Arrogant blabber mouths like Dolph Ziggler, Damien Sandow and Alberto Del Rio. The Miz when he was heel...same thing. Go to TNA, and Bobby Roode was a whiner like Punk. Big Show might be an exception and he's still a pretty decent heel, but his character hasn't changed much since he was The Giant in WCW. Does anyone else, like Wade Barrett and Antonio Cesaro, really get much of a reaction?

    I could be wrong. Maybe they do. But I don't see much discussion about them in that sense.
  2. Gonzo6996's Avatar
    Off topic, but I need assistance. I just finished writing a blog entry. Selected post, yet it's not showing up. Do I have to wait some time for it to show or is there some kind of a guideline that is blocking it from being posted. (video, profanity etc.) Thanks for the help in advance.
  3. ewantu2's Avatar
    CM Punk has only had 2 un clean PPV wins, Don't say SummerSlam or Night of Champions was not clean NOC was Cenas fault and Summerslam Punk just took advantage and pinned Show.
  4. Cross's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ewantu2
    CM Punk has only had 2 un clean PPV wins, Don't say SummerSlam or Night of Champions was not clean NOC was Cenas fault and Summerslam Punk just took advantage and pinned Show.
    No doubt Night of Champions and Summerslam were not clean wins. I am just pointing out in his 2 unclean victories at the Cell PPV and Survivor Series it made him look weak needing outside assistance against a guy like Ryback who has not even half the skill and credentials as CM Punk.
  5. Cross's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Gonzo6996
    Off topic, but I need assistance. I just finished writing a blog entry. Selected post, yet it's not showing up. Do I have to wait some time for it to show or is there some kind of a guideline that is blocking it from being posted. (video, profanity etc.) Thanks for the help in advance.
    If you already submitted the entry then it should have a little figure at the next of your title saying the blog needs moderating or something like that. It can take a few days, but if it never shows or gets on the blogs front page too late then just resubmit it.

    Your welcome.
  6. Bane of Balin's Avatar
    The WWE has had it's balls systematically cut by the World Wildlife Fund, the Chris Benoit murders, the Be-A-Star campaign, the Linda McMahon campaign, and the transition from being a private company to a publicly traded one. It is scared to have a bad guy/ heel who is dominant because they are afraid people (helicopter-parents) will get offended by anything like bad guys being shown to have any kind of upper hand.

    Sure some heels start out dominant like Mark Henry, Big Show, or Punk initially. But they slowly lose their steam and either fade into obscurity (Mark Henry) or become whiny, annoying heels (Show and Punk recently). They aren't actually allowed to get heat on their targets (they even had to keep Cena looking dominant in Punk's latest feud by having Punk spend two weeks mini-feuding with JERRY LAWLER instead of actually doing anything to Cena) while they let the smiley, happy go lucky faces either be uber dominant (Cena, Ryback, Sheamus) or not be taken seriously (Kofi Kingston, Daniel Bryan/ Kane, R-Truth, etc).
  7. WWE Fan's Avatar
    CM Punk used to be unique face before his latest heel turn imo. Now he's just a generic heel. He beat Cena at Money In The Bank without help but yet he struggles to beat Ryback. He needs help beating Ryback. He's meant to be the best in the world. If he was the best in the world, he wouldn't need help retaining his title. I am still a fan of CM Punk nonetheless but I'm not a big fan of his current character.

    Good blog. You wrote down a lot of what I felt.
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