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Wrestlers that should be swapped between WWE and TNA(Part 1)

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Wrestlers that should be swapped between WWE and TNA(Part1)

Hello everyone, this is my first blog in 2013! I would say happy new year, but I guess i'm very late. Anyway, the topic I chose today is about WWE and TNA. You probably already assumed that by the title, but i'm still going to explain. In this blog(Part1) I will say Wrestlers from TNA who would be the best choice, and benefit more from being in WWE. In part 2, it's very obvious, I will say WWE Wrestlers who should go to TNA. You get the picture, let's get on with the blog.

Note: The people I choose to be on my WWE and TNA list are Wrestlers that have never been to the rival company, but for the exception for some.

05. Austin Aries

Austin Aries is at a point in his career where he is cementing his legacy, and setting himself to be a future TNA hall of famer. He recently made a transition from a good X Division Champion to a great main eventer. When we all found out Jeff Hardy would be his opponent at Bond For Glory I wasn't really sure what the outcome would be. I thought if Jeff Hardy won it would be...bye...bye...for Austin Aries big push. I was wrong, Austin managed to put on a great match with Hardy for his title rematch, to this day he is still considered relevant, and remains fresh. Austin Aries is 34 years old; do you think it's to late for Aries to become a WWE superstar? My answer is no, but I doubt he would make the jump. He is a TNA original, and for some of his career he's been a part of ROH. I think, if Aries was at WWE from the start he would be given a young HBK treatment.

04. James Storm

I always preferred James Storm to Bobby Roode. James Storm should have had a longer reign has TNA World Heavy Weight Champion, and I hope he regains it in the future to come. I think the James Storm character could be very marketable, especially to the male market. TNA just don't have the money to make him or it's self more popular. If TNA don't market themselves more heavily they will never get that far. They need to take risks, if they don't, how do you expect them to achieve anything? That is why James Storm should be moved to WWE. WWE will give Storm the chance to showcase himself to a bigger audience and see if he can sell merchandises. If he fails, it could be WWE or himself or even both, that led to Storm not interesting the WWE universe. All i'm saying, James Storm for his own benefit, should be the one to take a risk and jump rival ship.

03. Bobby Roode

This man is TNA's longest World Champion. In his reign, he would do absolutely anything to retain. That mostly meant cheat his way to win. Normally this would make the holder weak, but it just made Bobby more vital and dominant. The things this man did to Dixie Carter and Sting was sickening. In WWE, the modern heel would cowardly cheat his way to win. This makes the WWE more predictable and boring. I am not saying Bobby Roode doesn't do that, i'm saying Roode does do exactly that but brings a lot more to the table. He reminds me of the once known legend killer Randy Orton. I can see him doing a CM Punk sort of title reign, but less whinnying and more action when he has the chance to. If Booby Roode ever comes to WWE he would defiantly bring in the selfish generation.

02. Samoa Joe

I haven't seen anyone the size of Samoa Joe that could still move quick and be very athletic. I feel for the past couple of years, TNA have not been using Samoa Joe to his full potential. He was TV Champion, and was bringing prestige back to the Title. I feel he should be right up there contending for TNA's World Title. If he was to be in WWE, i'm sure, he would be pushed as a monster heel. What makes him different to the average big heel the WWE push, is Joe is athletic, fast and has good technical skills. He is a monster that can wrestle...isn't that a shock. I could see him being a multi-time World Champion. The only thing he may need to work on is his mic skills, but he is a man with few words and I guess it suits him better that way. I would give him a manager for a while if he was to go to WWE, until the people get attached him, so then he can ditch the manager.

01. AJ Styles

The number one choice on my list is AJ Styles. The times when I didn't even watch TNA I still heard of this man; many people would agree that AJ Styles is the face of TNA. He participated in which was arguably TNA's best match. He is one of the three men who was wrestling since the first TNA show, to still be associated with it now. I believe AJ Styles should of been the first man inducted in the TNA Hall of Fame. My opinion, it should of been between him, and Jeff Jarrett. In WWE, I could see him being one of the top faces in the company. He would defiantly put on phenomenal matches. I don't know why, but I can picture styles winning the WWE Championship in the main event of Wrestlemania. WWE offered him a contract back in 2001, after WCW was purchased by WWE. He declined the offer because it would interfere with his family. I Believe, if he had joined WWE he would have became a future star. He would have taken his career to new heights, more than TNA could ever do for him. Anyway, It is to late for him to go WWE and he recently said he may be retiring soon.

Honorable mentions: Matt Morgan, Velvet Sky, Abyss, Christopher Daniels, Eric Young(clown), Crimson.

I understand that the people I have chosen are loyal to their company, so I or you don't expect them to jump ship anytime soon. I just picked the Wrestlers who I think could maybe have a better Career if they was in the rival company. Thanks for reading my blog, tell me who you agree or disagree with? Is their anyone you would put in? Leave a comment and tell me your thoughts.

Please check out Part2 of this blog, where I say which WWE Superstars should join TNA.

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  1. Playboy Stevie V's Avatar
    Got to remember what Vince likes to push. Even though people like Punk and DB have won over the crowd and Vince, I believe he still prefers big guys. I'm afraid people like Aries and Styles would be midcarding it with Kofi. Joe would prob do okay. I feel Roode and Storm would do best in the WWE. Not to rip off Roode's saying, but they both in my opinion have a certain IT factor. Aries does too, but he's really small, for the WWE. Not saying that couldn't work, but it's a long shot for them. Rey had a large Latino backing that I contribute to his success.

    I think it would be more realistic for bigger guys to go to the WWE from TNA. Like Magnus, Hernandez and Morgan. Maybe Aybss and Big Robbie too.
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