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Coffee Talk: Interest in the Wrestling Industry + Quick Sudden Impact

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Hey Fans. Savior here with an edition of a new blog idea I had called. Coffee Talk. A little concept where we talk about things on a much broader scale than just breaking down show by show and storyline by storyline. It's not going to be a weekly blog or anything like that. Just something I throw out there when something of interest sparks me to write one.

Before I start, let me apologize for not having Sudden Impact up on time. It was the kick off show for 2013 so I'll give a quick breakdown of what i thought.

Opening segment. Obviously, Jeff Hardy couldn't have been legitimately voted wrestler of the year, considering he was only around for like half of it, and only relevant for a quarter of it. But they did give us the triple threat match at Genesis.

Storm vs Kaz was really good match. Good action and I liked the finish.

DOC calls out Sting. Okay, he's not the best on the mic. But a nice build toward the eventual return of Sting, and what might happen.

X Division Tourney. Alright match. I like Christan York but he looks awkward trying to do head stand springs off the ropes and turn around spin kicks. He should stick to what he's built for. A power game. A side from the botches, good match and good win for York.

Hernandez vs Matt Morgan. Turned out to be Joey Ryan. Not much of a match. Morgan is a beast. I like what they're doing with him. T-Hughes voted Joey Ryan as one of the worst wrestlers of 2012, and I gotta agree. I expected so much more from him. He's a good character, but has he even won a match yet?

Hogan suspends Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan. Um, why? Not sure where they're going with this.

Knockouts Tag Match. The knockouts continue to impress. They had a lull for a bit in there but now, match of the night is back to the ones that involve Gail Kim and Mickey James. I can watch them two go every week.

Steel Cage Match. Well, I wasn't expecting Angle to get mauled in the beginning. Joe held his own. Angle made a comeback. Loved the blood, by the way. All of A&E came in. That was the good part.

Then, in very dull, non-hype, anti-climatic fashion, Sting slowly moseys on down, lays everyone out, and Mike Knox is the big reveal. And I immediately declare that Sting is finished. I don't care to see him or hear from him anymore. I almost completely said good bye to TNA, meaning I'd basically be saying good bye to wrestling. Whoever handled that should be fired on the spot. That was as poorly done as you can get. And it is the perfect lead into my new blog concept called, Coffee Talk. Where I'm going to discuss the interest level of the wrestling industry today. And then I have to question, Is the Wrestling Industry Dying?


So I read on a couple of different occasions over the last few weeks about wrestling's numbers. TNA's numbers are the lowest in forever, Raw's rating was the lowest in 15 years, house show attendance is down, WWE stock takes a major hit, etc. Do I have the answers, no. But I do have my opinion, which anyone who ever reads my blogs know, I'm very outspoken and opinionated. So, I ask again, is the Wrestling Industry Dying?

My answer is YES. I do feel that the industry in what exists today, is definitely dying. It will always exist, but I don't think it will ever reach the level it did with the Monday Night Wars. I don't think it'll ever reach the level it was even 10 years ago, or 5 years ago. I think the overall interest is down and will continue to decline. And I base this on the way that television audiences view programming. I'll tell you what I mean.

This year, two coaches in the NBA, got fired during the season. Seven coaches in the NFL lost their jobs the day after the final week of the season. Some of the names fired include Pat Shurmur in Cleveland, who was the coach for 2 years. Romeo Crennel in Kansas City, who was coach for one and a half years. Chan Gailey was dumped by Buffalo after 3 seasons. In college football, Gene Chizik was fired from Auburn two years after winning the National Title. What does this have to do with wrestling? It's simple. In today's world, the patience level has dropped significantly. And how this translates into the wrestling world is like this.

How many times have you seen someone get pushed, just to fall flat after a few months and become irrelevant? Not really irrelevant but dropped back down the ranks as if they never even existed in the main event? A few names that come to mind over the last couple of years include The Miz, who was WWE champ and then, after losing, hasn't seen a shot since. Daniel Bryan got a short World Title run, then when he lost, he lost his rematch, jobbed out to CM Punk, and now, any thought of him in the title picture is pretty much non-existent at this point. And Wade Barrett, well, he had the whole Nexus program, got a title shot at Cena, and since then, hasn't done a whole lot. He's been in good feuds but look at him now. Fighting Kofi Kingston for the IC Title. I think he just won it too, right?. They got their chance to shine, got a small push, done almost like it was sort of "throwing them a bone", then it became, "well, you there you go. Now drop back down and don't complain".

WWE is driven so hard by social media that, if they're not reaching the level of trending, they get pushed back. Or if they are trending, they get opportunities, but then, as soon as the trending goes away, so do they. And this same concept is evident in our little IWC world. Some of our love and hate changes day in and day out. It took all of three weeks of Ryback destroying two no-name jobbers for everyone to start hating him, after the anticipation of his return was so popular. Same with Tensai. Everyone was all in on Tensai, then it didn't happen for him. Now people either want Albert or A-Train back, or for him to disappear. Everyone wanted Zach Ryder pushed last year and when he finally did, it was cool for a month. Now, can you actually see Ryder doing anything? Most likely not. In fact, when there's talk of releases, his name is usually first to come up.

But it's not just us fans. It's the WWE's over-saturating the airwaves and not programming it right. How many times did they recap Santa Claus getting hit by Alberto's car? About 75? And then they recapped it the next week. How many recaps are there about things we already saw? How much Twitter and Facebook promoting is there? How much do they push the new WWE App? How much time filler is involved in the 3 hour Raw now? It's just becoming too much. We can watch all the points of interest on youtube and avoid all the nonsense. And in turn, our interest is declining. As a fan base, we've reached a "get to the point already" stage.

I already discussed how TNA botched the whole Sting return thing. And it's reasons like that why TNA won't break past that 1.2 rating, which I think was their highest of the year last year. They're stuck in the 1.0 which is really a 0.96 or 0.97. WWE is stuck in a 2.4 or 2.5 range, with some weeks dropping as low as 2.3 or even 2.2. That difference between the 3.3 or 3.4 that they should be getting, is probably in viewership of their youtube channel or hulu plus. And this coming Monday, they have The Rock returning and a TLC match for the WWE title. All which will be for not because Alabama and Notre Dame play in the BCS Championship.

But with all that aside, since it really is pretty speculation and there could be logical explanations such as Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve, and Monday Night Football. So it remains to be seen, but I'm not sure WWE will really break the 2.7 mark at all in 2013. Since I am a wrestling a fan, no so much a WWE fan, but a fan of wrestling overall, I truly hope I am way off on this. And I may be. But in the past, I've made mention of WWE's lack of creating the next John Cena. And I think that, when it is all said done, that will be their undoing.

Wrestling has always gone into stages. First, it was just pure wrestling. That of which we love. That one advantage that I would actually give TNA with the quality of matches and focus on wrestling rather than other things. Once WWF got popular, it started to become a glorified male soap opera. Then it became a full blown soap opera during the Monday Night Wars. Then it started drifting into a glorified reality tv show. Now, it's practically a full blown reality tv show. A break through for wrestling, will be to find that next niche to stay ahead of the curve.

Take this commentary on the overall interest of wrestling for what it opinion. I'd love to hear yours about it. Since I don't follow WWE that much aside from reading what's going on, maybe some of the more dedicated fans can bring light to some of what I said here. Maybe I'm right. Hopefully, I'm wrong. Only time will tell but trends usually tell a pretty big story. And eventually, if things do not get better, some of those advertising dollars will start to go away too.

Thank you all for reading. I know this one was kinda long so thank you for sticking it out. I hope everyone had a great holiday. And now, we're back to the grind of everyday life again. Have a wonderful weekend and be safe.

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  1. wwesuperfan09/29/89's Avatar
    the Problem for WWE is that Vince is still in controll he still wants the big muscle guys to be on top but thats just not going to work anymore it seems like HHH see that and is drifting towards newer things so hopefully when he takes over we get a big change.
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