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Sudden Impact: I'm Back Baby! Final Open Fight Night

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Hey wrestling fans, DK Wrestling Savior here closing out Sudden Impact for 2012. I've been away for a few weeks. Some know why, some don't. But nevertheless, I'm back and Sudden Impact is back in full force. There's a lot to talk about because a lot has transpired over the last few weeks. So let's get it on.

Bully Ray Calls Out Hulk Hogan

Last week, 5 members of Aces & Eights bailed because Bully Ray ran to the ring. That can only mean he's in. But we all knew that. But he and Brooke pulled an AJ and Cena, or AJ and Kane, or AJ and...well, you get the point. Are TNA and WWE playing, Top This? They're both better than that. Anyway, Huik isn't there, he knows about Brooke and Bully. I wonder if there's an underlying meaning behind "what does he know?" I'm already on record is stating that I think Bully AND Brooke are a part of A&E. I wonder if they're teasing that?

Austin Aries Promo

We don't even make it to a commercial and A Double comes out. Bobby Roode screwed him last week for a number of reasons. One, Aries screwed him with A&E, two Roode gets no title shot with Aries as champ, and three, there's only three guys in the world title picture right now. Hardy, Roode, and Aries. They're advertising a triple threat cage match in Philly, (and yes, I'm going), and I can only hope they do it at Genesis or Lockdown.

Samoa Joe Calls Out "Masked Man"

Joe is the man. That's all I gotta say. He called that guy a mo-ped riding bitch. Go get em, Joe. In an okay match, Joe pretty much took him to school. Of course, he couldn't get the mask off. But Aces & Eights is starting to look pretty weak. They're getting it handed to them lately. Not sure that's the right way to go about things. I've lost all possible confidence in this storyline being anything of note anymore.

**Bro vs Dude? Really? I wasn't expecting much from this but to my surprise, the segment was quite entertaining. I was actually impressed with Big Robbie T. He was funny as hell. I applaud the segment.**

RVD Calls Out Christian York

Kenny King got snubbed as RVD threw us all a curve ball. I like York, so I was okay with this. Maybe this is a way to get York involved in something meaningful. X Division would suit him well. These two put on quite a decent match. York seemed a step ahead of RVD for a good portion of the match. RVD caught him at the end after a few close calls.

Joseph Park's training continues. He seems to be a bit behind the 8-ball. The trainer doesn't think much of him. But he did bleed and snap, Abyss style. It's good comedy but I wish they would get to the point already.

**I will talk about Sting at 1/3/13 at the end of this**

Bad Influence vs Hernandez & Chavo

Christopher Daniels is the best mic worker in TNA. Kaz isn't far behind either. I'm a huge fan of Bad Influence. I think the crowd knew AJ wasn't really coming down and that it was Kaz dressed like him. Good impression of AJ though. Then the tag champs came down for a match. I see Chavo still hasn't learned to use the mic. The ref was there before the champs called them out. I found that funny. The match itself was fantastic. Great action and great teamwork throughout. Chavo gets Kaz with the frog splash.

**Mr Anderson a part of Aces & Eights? I can't say I hate the idea. I don't think much of his in ring ability but he would make a good mouth piece. And it would be something for him to do.**

Gail Kim calls out Miss Tessmacher

I say this every time I do this blog. If you're a fan of women's wrestling, TNA is where it's at. I'm not the biggest fan of Miss Tessmacher but these two put on a great match. In the end, Tessmacher crashed and burned and Gail got her revenge. Awesome match.

Roode vs Aries

I absolutely hate, hate, HATE, ABSOLUTELY HATE, the Jeff Hardy voice over crap. That's all it is, CRAP. I don't mind Hardy, but the whole, voice over of what he's thinking is just purely stupid. Anywho, the match was very good and competitive. Both men had great counters. I liked the back rake by Roode. Haven't seen that in forever. Also liked the exchange on the ropes with the ear claps and thumbs in the eyes. With all the cheating, it was like watching two Ric Flairs going at it. In the end, Earl Hebner lost it, they double teamed him, and Hardy came out...and I'm really hoping for a triple threat.

That was Impact. It was decent. Nice close out to what I thought was a good year, even though I read a report stating all numbers are down. I account that mostly to a complete loss of interest in wrestling in general, not just TNA. But that's for another blog I'll be posting over the weekend called, Coffee Talk.

Now, before I close out Sudden Impact for 2012, I want to talk about the importance of the kick off show on 1/3/13. There's a lot going on. Deciding TNA's 2012 wrestler of the year, A tag team cage match between Angle/Joe vs Aces & Eights, plus Sting's return. I look at this as equivalent to Raw's upcoming 1/7 show. It's an opportunity to really show what direction you're gonna go in 2013. There are a few things I find vital with this episode.

1. There has to be a reveal on Aces & Eights. Without Question.
2. There needs to be a World Title Match and it has to be a 5 Star Match
3. There needs to be some sort of major impact happening. Something like AJ Styles and what the plans for him are, or perhaps a return of some sort that was kept under wraps. An Alex Shelley or perhaps a new signing that was kept under wraps, like a John Morrison or something along those lines.

I feel these three factors are important. They did a great job getting us TNA fans to really look forward to the next week for Impact, but it's gone stale lately. Decent shows but nothing that screams WOW. So, that's what I propose.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed this week's edition of Sudden Impact. Be safe.

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Updated 12-28-2012 at 03:13 PM by DK Wrestling Savior

Thoughts and Opinions


  1. Sahu's Avatar
    Just now saw the episode n is really great episode..I loved all the matches and segments..the tag match is real awesome...chavo n hernandez are putting a good to great match every time they r in....

    I loved RVD vs York match..York has performed some very good moves n RVD like a pro allowed York to do all his unique things..respects to RVD for allowing York to shine....

    After seeing the knock outs match I feel the division is again returning to its glory....great match..Gail is awesome.....

    Roode vs Aeries is very entertaining n I loved it very much....

    All segments are awesome esp AJ "Kaz" Styles segment..... that is surely promo of the year for TNA..Bad Influence is really really really great...

    Bro OFF is really very entertaining...Rob T has stole the show..but the real EPIC thing about the segment is Robbie E's expression at the end bro...
  2. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Hey man, WELCOME HOME!!!
  3. nothingmusic42's Avatar
    Welcome back DK.
  4. bearkg88's Avatar
    Glad to see ya back DK. Hope everything is ok. Noticed there hadn't been a Sudden Impact as of late. Going onto the blog, I'll be honest, I haven't really stayed caught up with Impact. With it being recorded for a few weeks, I've just read the results. I will def be watching the next episode though. I am glad to see Aries hasn't drifted off to obscurity since losing the title, though I still think he shouldn't have lost it
  5. Cromagg's Avatar
    Welcome back DK!

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