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Sudden Impact: Coming Home to Genesis

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Hey wrestling fans, Savior here with another edition of Sudden Impact, where it's all TNA and...well, I don't really have anything bad to say about WWE right now. But anywho, we're coming home to Genesis, which is shaping up to be a nice looking PPV so far. So, let's jump into it, shall we.

Opening Segment

After what could be one of the biggest let downs of 2013...and we're just getting started...TNA did terribly with their Sting return. It was a shame too, because the episode of Impact was really good last week. But anyway, Sting comes out with Shooter (Angle) and Killer (Joe). They all had their say but the important part was, Angle called out Anderson, and it seems more and more as if Anderson is fully in. Of course, it's all up for interpretation. Angle and Anderson is on for later in the night.

Kenny King vs Zema Ion

In the other semi-finals for the X Division title shot, King and Ion put on a very nice match, showing some great athleticism. Ion crashed and burned on his 450 splash attempt and Kenny King takes it with the Royal Flush. Zema Ion is still awesome though. It's a shame this tournament is so predictable, as we'll be seeing RVD vs Kenny King for the title at Genesis. This tournament should have been the bridge into an RVD/King feud. But it's still very entertaining.

Jesse & Tara vs Miss Tessmacher and Robbie T

Call me crazy, but I'm liking the new Robbie T. There's too many large built, just silent brutes in wrestling today. Giving Robbie T this personality is really over with the crowd. He laid it on Miss Tessmacher too. It's actually pretty cool. The match sucked, and served one purpose, to get Robbie T to dance it up again.

Gut Check

For the first time, they're doing gut check contestants against each other. It was a decent showing by both. The crowd really hated Bradley. Maybe everyone knows something I don't. Cage pulled off a nice suplex from the outside in, while on the second rope. It was unique. But Bradley dropped him with the Boom Stick (Clothesline from Hell). They both showed well and it'd be nice if they both ended up in OVW.

*Aces & Eights segement. Mike Knox is in trouble*

Joseph Park/Hogan/Brooke Double Segment

Joseph Park came out, called down Hogan, and annoyed him to the point where he got a match. Then Brooke came up on the screen and told Hogan to stay there so they could air out their dirty laundry. Ultimately, it was all a waste of time. Hogan's not reinstating Bully and Brooke can't believe it. I'm going to say something at the end of this blog about TNA's handling of some of their segments.

Roode and Aries vs Storm and Hardy

Before the match, Roode and Aries pulled off a nice impersonation of Team Hell No. It was funny to watch, but I felt it was blatantly done as a shot toward WWE and Kane/Bryan. The match itself was decent. Roode and Aries ultimately playing top this. Bad Influence came down to attack Storm, setting up their Genesis match, and Roode and Aries double teamed Hardy to a dq. At the end, they were doing a tug a war with the belt. Sorta like Ryback and Cena prior to their Survivor Series match. Count em, that's two shots they took at WWE and I thought it was pretty obvious.

Mr Anderson vs Kurt Angle

Anderson is a good mouth piece. He can talk, but I'm not the biggest fan of him as a wrestler. I did like the one guy in the crowd yell "Kennedy". Anyway, this match never even happened as Mike Knox made up for losing his mask by laying Angle out with the hammer. This is definitely a way of writing Angle off tv for a while. Sting comes out and calls out Knox.

Sting vs Knox

In an impromptu match, we got Sting & Knox. It was a street fight. Knox hit a few moves. Sting started to take it to him. Scorpion Death Drop and Sting gets the win in a very slow-paced and anti-climatic match. After the match, as Sting was ready to destroy Knox with the hammer when Devon and company dragged Brooke out. She's definitely a part of the group. Her and Bully. You've been hearing me say it for about two months now.

Closing Segment w/ Hogan/Bully/Brooke/Sting

Hogan still doesn't trust Bully. Bully pleaded his case about wrestling, then professed his love for Brooke. I hate this storyline. Then the proposal came. Ugh. Then the wedding is next week? Ugh Ugh. This can't be real. Something has to happen with this.

Okay, one last note about segments in TNA. Here's what we got with Brooke Hogan this week. She talked to the camera about airing everything out live on tv. She had her segment with Hogan in the ring. Then there was a segment with her on the phone. There was a segment with Joseph Park arriving at the Impact Zone, then his segment in the ring. Close to 1/2 an hour was wasted on these two segments alone. That is such a waste of time. Look at some of the time that could have spent building the Tag Team Title Match feud, more than just a weak brawl in a trailer. Or how about building more on the Kenny King vs Christian York match, and winner faces RVD? Or how about more from the James Storm vs Daniels feud besides just the run in during the match. Yet another thing I believe needs to change if TNA ever wants to get better. The list just grows doesn't it?

Well, that's this week's edition of Sudden Impact. TNA wasn't great this week. Nothing really stood out. No particularly special matches to speak of and weak builds toward the PPV. I guess, better luck next week.

One final note. I'm glad everyone liked Coffee Talk. I've got my next topic set and will be working on it over the weekend.

Thanks for reading everyone. Be Safe.

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  1. AlexWorldOrder's Avatar
    Yup! I've been telling people about Brooke. TNA know fans hate Garrett ad Brooke, so they've made then a part of the group while trying to get fans to "like" them.
    Bully calls her to meet and suddenly she's captured. Hogan still hates Bully because he's actually right, and no one knows better about gang warfare than the nWo godfather. This is some great storytelling IMO. Almost every key to the A&8's storyline has a very cerebral factor where you just can't rush it and have to wait. Although that seems to be their biggest negative, it turns into a great positive.
    Joseph, Bully+Brooke, Anderson, AJ.. Lots of stuff going on there!
  2. body slam's Avatar
    I thought impact was great. From the start till almost the end. By far one of the best crowd in impact zone history. One thing that really stands out in a good way to me is they are starting the matches with one guy already in the ring. Saving a little time and making the show move a little faster. I really dislike the Hogan Bully Brooke angle. Hope they can pull it off whatever it is.
  3. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by body slam
    I thought impact was great. From the start till almost the end. By far one of the best crowd in impact zone history. One thing that really stands out in a good way to me is they are starting the matches with one guy already in the ring. Saving a little time and making the show move a little faster. I really dislike the Hogan Bully Brooke angle. Hope they can pull it off whatever it is.
    Indeed. I failed to mention the crowd. It was definitely wild. Good call pointing that out.

    I personally didn't think it built Genesis enough, and the match quality wasn't up to par with what I'm used. And yes, I absolutely hate the Bully/Brooke/Hulk angle, but if what I've been predicting is true, and Bully and Brooke are major parts of Aces & Eights, then the culmination of the angle will be good.
  4. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Impact was decent this week. I'll agree with Brooke being apart of A&8's. Yet in the same run, I don't believe Bully has the slightest bit to do with any of it. Sounds rather stupid to toss that out there. But hell it'd be one hell of a twist if she screwed both Hogan and Bully in the long run. TNA has to throw in one hell of a wild card twist to this whole wedding angle.

    Other than that, as you said, TNA is wasting quality TV time on the Brooke/Bully/Hogan angle, when they could totally be utilizing it in other constructive ways. ... One last thing, after watching the Sting/Knox match, I'm begging TNA to STOP letting this guy wrestle. If it wasn't for the "hammer" beat down after the match, the whole match was complete garbage.

    Great Blog.

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