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What Really Grinds My Gears? Twitter me this. Twitter me that.

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Episode 8 - Twitter me this. Twitter me that.

"You know what really grinds my gears? That freaking social media. Am I supposed to spend all of my days, tweeting, facebooking, and myspacing (Oh i went there ... once), my fingers into oblivion? Well I could gladly do that very much, but not during the wrestling!"

"Why is it that every two seconds we have to be reminded.. Oh my THIS is trending! Oh my THAT guy is tweeting. Who really cares? If we really did care, wouldn't we already be on twitter checking out everyone's comments? I mean it's fairly obvious that if Hornswoggle won the World title, he would be trending worldwide.. with hash tags like #WCWflashback and #WhatthehellVince?"

"I'm going to blame TNA for this one, because them idiots thought of it first, and we all know whatever works for TNA, is going to be copied by the WWE. I mean, that's what Vince has done for years anyway right? What happened to the days when commentators were more concerned over the action in the ring, then the feedback left by all the fans on the internet? I don't care if we have someone touting their opinion, what about the people in the audience who get signs taken away because its not "PG" enough for you.
Ugh.. enough ranting, this segment is over."

As I gladly pull away from another Peter Griffin style rant, I just want to say that I am really annoyed. Annoyed because social media does barely anything for any wrestling product, it only takes away from it.

For example, if you was in the middle of the football (soccer), or even if you're American and watching the baseball, would you seriously want the commentators saying every two seconds... Oh my god! GOAL!! Oh my god! HOME RUN! Guess who's trending right now???

No you wouldn't. I mean, who seriously, deep down in your hearts, really wants to know whats trending right now? If we could go back to the Attitude era, Austin would have been trending 24/7. The guy would have never stopped trending throughout 1997-1999, but would anyone really give a dogs bollocks? I know I wouldn't.

And what's the deal with Twitter anyway? What is the whole appeal? You can't even write a proper sentence without being hit with that text limit. Do you know just how many tweets Scott Steiner had to do to write his super essay, ripping on Hogan and Bischoff? Although the message was very loud and clear (Already done this subject in another blog) it would take you a very long time to go through every single tweet of his. Why couldn't they just extend the limit so people can put a real status?


Speaking of a real status, Facebook is the place for that. Yet again, is Facebook also to blame for ruining wrestling? It does a little bit.
Why? What's wrong with Facebook? Am I going to get lots of angry comments now because I ripped on Facebook? Don't be silly now, try and understand these points.

1) Facebook not only brings together tons of true wrestling fans, it also brings a lot of idiots together, who are extremely opinionated, and often have false information, leading to arguments (Yes.. over wrestling) and rumours springing up.

2) False Facebook groups dedicated to these famous wrestlers. Some people are so naive that if someone made a page, and they claimed to be that wrestler, they would believe them. I have seen it, and can you imagine what it would do to those poor, naive souls when they find out their hero isn't even on Facebook?

3) Really taking a dig at not just Ewrestlingnews, but any Facebook page dedicated to wrestling news. In the old days, those people who wanted to look up dirt sheets and find out spoilers, would have to really dig around for the information. Nowadays, you can "Like" a page, and get instant news updates, with full spoilers on display, including pictures!
And guess what! Even if the wrestling company purposely spoils a show, that wrestling news page still gets heat for posting those spoilers!

Wrestling companies know just how easy it is for spoilers to get out there, and people will blame wrestling news websites and pages for spoiling the shows for them, even thought it was their fault for liking the page or visiting the website in the first place.

4) With Facebook, all the smart wrestling fans come together. They can discuss, and help to bring about the domino effect of who is "Cool". Its like Zack Ryder, he got tons of fans just from using social media, but he didn't get very far, because he spent too much time pleasing the fans on the net, then pleasing his peers who are more likely to get him to the place he wants to be.

Also guys like Cena are consistently pointed out as having no ring skills. In the 80s, Cena would have been rarely booed, simply because of the much more naive audience, whereas in today's world everyone has a magnifying glass, and spreading all that information to everyone else. If you seriously want to talk about Mr Superman, go to my Cena blog to end all Cena blogs here >>

How did it begin?

Social media in wrestling didn't kick off til not so long ago. When the internet was young, you didn't have all these platforms to use. Instead you found your friends, who also watched it (when it was cool) and talked about it with them. The beginning of social media really kicked off when Jeremy Borash began using it in TNA. It became even more relevant when guys like Matt Hardy used it to get fired, and also when guys like Hogan and Warrior used it to bash each other publicly.

borash2.jpgThanks for giving them ideas Jeremy!

Vince was against the idea in the beginning. However someone must have tipped him off on how well TNA was using it. It wasn't totally in your face, TNA were using it pretty well, to enhance the overall experience rather then plug the hell out of Twitter or Facebook. Vince obviously thought, if they can do it, we can do it better. What followed was the severe plugging of Twitter and Tout, to the point that it even got a Slammy Award. #FeedMeMore

The illusion of wrestling has been severely damaged since the 90s. Gone are the days where people literally bought into it as real. It sounds so farfetched now, that people actually rang the police because of the nWo assaulting wrestlers. It sounds so farfetched that people assumed that good guys and bad guys never hung around together after a show.

If people from those days, were brought forward in time and saw the mess that social media has helped to create, their whole world would be turned upside down. It seems normal to us, that wrestlers are very good athletes/actors nowadays, which is why bad guys seem more cool to us. Guys like Ziggler, they wouldn't have been cheered back in the day, he would have been booed as loud as Vickie Guerrero gets booed. People are more aware though, they praise Zigglers athletic ability in that ring more then anything, because that's what people crave more of nowadays from their wrestling.

Gone are the days of pure faces and heels. Just like Austin Aries has stated before, you can't really give a true heel promo anymore. No ones going to really buy into the fact that you're an arse, they will end up praising you for putting on a good promo. It means that heels nowadays have to revert to much extreme ways of gaining heat (Like Heyman pretending to have a heart attack) so they can do their job of being booed. How many of us could really hate Heyman nowadays? After everything we know about Paul Heyman, and just how good he is, how can we boo the man? I would be in absolute awe if I went to see that man live, I would cheer him over Cena any day of the year.

Faces have a harder task of getting over too. Faces generally get beaten up for the majority of a match so they can make their special comeback, which makes them look weak in today's world. It's even worse if that face doesn't sell properly, or has poor technique in their moves. Any wrestling fans who knows the ins and outs can tell you who carried a match or not, and it's not too difficult to learn those ins and outs.

The only time you really have a good face vs heel match, is where they have had a long standing rivalry, and they are allowed to have a proper heated, and very "even" match for 15-30 minutes. With all the time constraints due to plugging tout, twitter, and comedy segments that ain't funny, we see less matches like this. The only true Face vs Heel match as of late was AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels, which is always one of the best matches of the night.

So twitter me this, twitter me that, who is afraid of the big, bad twat... that is social media? Unluckily it is here to stay, so the suspension of disbelief will continue to be broken, and so will the magic of wrestling.

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  1. Ace Lancaster's Avatar
    Dude, your blogs are spot on everytime. I think a lot of us, myself included really appreciate your opinions on the wrestling biz. Please keep'em coming.

    It wouldn't be a bad idea if ewrestlingnews offered you a job as a monthly/weekly writer.

    - Ace
  2. kylos's Avatar
    Well I already am the main admin for the facebook page but I don't get paid lol. Wish I did, really need a job I would actually enjoy doing.

    Thanks for the compliment!
  3. The Piper's Avatar
    I don't get the point of social media, I don't use it, and I'm fine that way, so I don't want it shoved down my throat every 10 seconds
  4. Ace Lancaster's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by kylos
    Well I already am the main admin for the facebook page but I don't get paid lol. Wish I did, really need a job I would actually enjoy doing.

    Thanks for the compliment!
    Oh wow! I had no idea lol. You are a very talented writer and you're welcome!!
  5. alcrissam's Avatar
  6. kylos's Avatar
    To be called a talented writer.. That really makes my day lol. I have been slowly writing a fantasy/sci-fi novel for some time, and also writing many different things, whether its blogs or guides for certain games. I have been writing for a while now, and try to use my imagination when I do. It is easy to just write down facts, but it takes that much more thought to put your own twist and opinions on things, while not coming across as being arrogant or pushy on the subject matter.

    What I appreciate more on my blogs is a rating, so don't be afraid to rate me. Also don't be afraid to criticize me, but do it in a mature manner.
    Updated 01-04-2013 at 08:29 PM by kylos
  7. Sahu's Avatar
    Man great blog....they can use twitter or other media like TNA used to fool all of us about Devon....but every time shouting at twitter or tout in between the matches is too disturbing n often due to those tweet shouts the announcers are missing some in ring action...
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