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How the WWE Creative Machine will likely book WM29

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Before jumping into the card, Wrestlemania is booked by the WWE with these principles in mind:
  1. A setting where older stars put over young talent and new stars are created. This will be especially important this year since Rock, Taker, HHH and Lesner are not likely to be on TV post WM29.
  2. A balanced flow to keep the crowd entertained. For example, do not book three traditional one on one matches in a row followed by 2 consecutive gimmick matches. The crowd must remain engaged in every segment, i.e. WM17, MITB 2011, Raw 1000.
  3. As many wrestlers involved as possible with the top talent being on the card and everybody else delegated to the battle royal
  4. A moment that nobody will forget such as HBK ending Flair’s career, Austin joining McMahon to turn heel & Daniel Bryan losing in 17 seconds
  5. Celebrity Attractions to help generate interest to non-wrestling fans in the attempt to obtain more/new fans

Dark Match Battle Royal: Big E Langston gets the win and remains a force to be reckoned with

Orton v Sheamus in the old school blue steel cage – win via pin, submission or escaping the cage

Orton has turned heel by now and neither he or Sheamus are in the WHC scene at the moment. It makes sense to put these two against each other and why not add to the nostalgia of Wrestlemania by making the opening contest a good old fashioned cage match. Here is how I see the match ending - Orton makes a late match comeback after kicking out of the Brogue Kick and eventually hits the RKO. He thinks the win is in the bag only for Sheamus to kick out. Orton realizes he cannot put Sheamus away so he goes to climb the cage only for Sheamus to stop him halfway up. As Orton’s hand is at the top of the cage and his feet are at the half point of the cage, Sheamus grabs Randy under the arms and uses his old “Razor’s Edge” finisher to send Orton to the mat. An exhausted Sheamus tries to climb out but Orton meets him half way up the cage. They exchange right hands and out of nowhere Randy hits the RKO on Sheamus off the cage! Three count for the win and Orton and Sheamus have executed a spot they will be replaying for years. Meanwhile, Orton reestablishes himself as one of the top heels in the company again after this victory.

Mysterio v Sin Cara in a “everybody in the arena put on a mask for this match so we can break the guiness world record for masks in an area.”

I am not really dying to see this match but we all know it is coming. After a brutal, hard hitting face v heel cage match, we get a high flying face v face match. Also, everybody in the crowd (or at least the kids) are excited about putting on their mask for the match. Anyways, a WCW flashback to the late 1990’s takes place as we experience a luchador, cruiserweight style of wrestling that concludes with an aging Mysterio putting over the younger Sin Cara.

Ryback v Show – World Heavyweight Championship

This contest will in no way resemble the previous highflying luchador match. It is now time for a brawl between the two most dominant men in the company. After winning the rumble, Ryback meets the Show who has been a force ever since defeating Sheamus for the title. There is nothing technical about this match, and in the end, Show puts over Ryback as he captures his first title and walks out of Wrestlemania as the champion and a top face.

Concert by a random pop star

I am okay with this type of “non-wrestling” entertainment. For one, 4 hours is a long time to sit in one place and it gives me a chance to make some food, go to the bathroom, make a call, etc. Also, it keeps the “new fans” interested that are only watching b/c of the celebrity attractions. As we all know, WWE has to do stuff like this to try and obtain new fans.

Taker v Punk – Taker’s Streak on the line

After the musical performance, we are ready to see what will be the best match of the night. Punk has held the belt for 400ish days, will likely face the Rock at the Rumble and has already went through both Ryback and Cena this year. Only thing left for him to do is challenge the Taker at Wrestlemania and prove he is the best in the world by ending the streak. After an epic battle, it appears Punk has given the Taker more than he can handle but the Deadman reverses the Anaconda Vice into the Hell’s Gate Submission for the win.

Hell No v Rhodes Scholars v Prime Time Players v Team CoBro – Tag Titles

The audience does not have much left in the tank after the Punk v Taker match. However, this match will be a change of pace filled with chaos. In a relatively quick contest, this one ultimately ends with the Prime Time Players winning clean. This is a signature win for the PTPs for multiple reasons. First, it sets up an opportunity for new, fresh title feuds this year with the Uso’s, Gabriel/Kidd & Epico/Primo. Next, the PTPs do not appear to be splitting anytime soon and we all know the other teams in this match are just makeshift teams to help reestablish the division which will not be around for the long haul. Finally, it is time for a changing of the guard as taking the belts off of Hell No his a major push for any team, especially the PTPs.

HHH v Lesner – Summerslam Rematch

I am really not all that interested in seeing these two go at it again but we all know it’s coming. This will be a hard hitting match probably identical to the last. This time however, HHH comes up on top and gets the last laugh by either a pedigree or sledgehammer shot. Regardless of my thoughts on the why the rematch is taking place, this should be very entertaining match that keeps the crowd on the edge of their seat.

Gimmick or Celebrity match that features Miz, Christian, Del Rio, Ziggler, Barrett, Cesaro, Kofi & Truth

Similar to the Taker v Punk match, the audience will be somewhat drained after the HHH v Lesner match. I feel throwing in a gimmick match with the chaos, high flying spots and foreign objects will reenergize the crowd. Personally, I would prefer for this to be a MITB match with Wade Barrett grabbing the briefcase. Unfortunately, the WWE will probably take this set of wrestlers and turn it into an 8 man tag where the heels are accompanied by AJ and the faces are accompanied by a female celebrity that has recently started feuding with AJ. That being said, the guest celebrity will interfere and assist the faces in getting the win.

Another concert by a pop star

Cena v Rock – WWE Title

After winning the title from Punk at the Rumble, Rock loses it to Cena in the Elimination Chamber. Rock exercises his rematch clause for Wrestlemania and we now have a WM28 rematch. This time Cena wins but he does so by paying off the shield. Cena cheats to win back the WWE Title and is now the biggest heel in the company. Post match, we discover that Cena becomes the 4th member and leader of the Shield and they continue to beat down on the Rock. Yeah right, that will never happen. We all know Cena will win clean and then we will have to suffer through a post match handshake and both men celebrating in the ring together.

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  1. Lucas Chapel's Avatar
    How about a Ziggler briefcase cash in?
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    There have been so many WM card blogs posted lately. And most of them are pretty weak, but this one is very good.

    I'm not sure if you were trying to post the matches in any kind of order, but I would probably flip flop the gimmick match with Taker/Punk match. Then throw in the inevitable Diva's match. between Taker/Punk and Rock/Cena III.
  3. Dime Store Saint's Avatar
    I've got this fear that at the Rumble Punk will beat The Rock with interference fromThe Shield. If this works for the WWE, expect to see The Shield confirmed as working for Punk and a rematch between two at WM. If it fails, we'll end up with Streak V Title Streak and Cena v Rock at WM.
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