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OO: Ozfan's Opinion - WWE '14

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Hey everyone. I am back with another opinion. This time, I want to share with you what I would like to see in the next WWE game. I am not sure what it will be called, but for now, let's call it WWE '14. I know WWE '13 has just been released but the next game is already in the works and since no information has been released about it yet, I would like to include my ideas. I hope you all enjoy.

First of all...the theme of the game. WWE '12 had WCW as its theme and WWE '13 had the Attitude Era theme. What themes are left for the next WWE game? I would personally love to see an ECW theme for the next game.

[B]ECW Alumni I would love to see in the game:[/B]
- Rob Van Dam
- Tommy Dreamer
- Sabu
- The Sandman
- Terry Funk
- Dory Funk Jr.
- Shane Douglas
- Raven
- Taz
- Kid Kash
- Paul Heyman
- Bill Alfonso
- Lance Storm
- The F.B.I (Tony Mamaluke, Little Guido Maritato)
- The Eliminators (Perry Saturn and John Kronus)
- 2 Cold Scorpio
- Justin Credible
- Danny Doring & Roadkill (tag team)
- The B.W.O. (Stevie Richards, Hollywood Nova & The Blue Meanie)
- Francine
- Beulah McGillicutty


Shawn Michaels
[/B]- WWF Heart Tights (1996-1998, 2002-2005)
- Pants (2005, 2007-2010)
- DX Pants (2006)

[B]Rey Mysterio[/B]
- Full Mask and Pants
- Half Mask and Half Pants

[B]The Undertaker[/B]
- Bald attire (2012-)
- Long hair attire (2006-2011)
- Old School look (1990-1992)

- Current Mask
- Mask and Top (2003)

[B]Triple H [/B]
- Current short hair
- Long hair look


Sweet Chin Music[/B]
Look at the way they fall down. I don't think I have ever seen someone fall down like that after being hit with Sweet Chin Music. I think it should be similar to Michael's corner Superkick from SmackDown vs. Raw 2009, only without the pinfall attempt sequence.

[B]Cross Rhodes[/B]
When has Cody ever swung his arm out when he hits Cross Rhodes. I don't recall ever seeing it. I think they should update this move so that the animation includes him holding ont the opponen't near arm and has a twisting motion.

[B]Trouble in Paradise[/B]
Now I KNOW I am not the only one that hates that simple kick to the gut Kingston does before hitting the move. I think they should make a new version of the Trouble in Paradise that involves running. So that you can do it out of nowhere with NO kick to the gut.

[B]Ankle Lock[/B]
We have a good Ankle Lock that includes a grapvine around the opponent's leg but I think we should have a new Ankle Lock that has the attacking wrestler standing up when performing the hold.

[B]Shell Shocked[/B]
People are complaining that the way Shell Shocked looks in WWE '13 is not good. I don't have a problem with it would be good to have the Fisherman Suplex clutch at the beginning. Instead of replacing the current one, just create a new version of it.

[B]What's Up/Little Jimmy[/B]
R-Truth's Finisher. I think should be updated so he grabs the opponent's head with both hands like he does on TV. Simple.

Oh good Lord...when the hell does Big Show taunt a STANDING opponent before hitting them with the KO Punch. I mean, come on. You would think that they would see it coming. I think it should be another quick move. I had to set Big Show's KO Punch to Left Handed Knockout Hook and this year, I had to set it as Mike Tyson's Right Hand Hook. Something needs to be done.

This might be better if he lifts them the right way and has a little bit more force in the animation. Just thought I would chuck that in there.

Nothing wrong with either RKO. I think they are GREAT, especially the new one but I think they should add another RKO where Orton performs it off the Second Rope.

I think Universe 4.0 should be THE BIG ONE. Nuff said.

With the Money in the Bank ladder match, you cannot customize it and have the winner cash it in. Its one or the other. If you want to be able to cash it in, you have to play it with the default superstars selected. I think for the next game, you should be able to create it from scratch and have the winner cash it in.


Casket Match[/B]: I think they should create the Casket match for the first time. NOT the Buries Alive match, the actual Casket match that they have near the ring.

[B]TLC Match: [/B]Currently, we have the TLC match for a title or briefcase. I think they should allow us to have the option of choosing "Briefcase" or "Pinfall or Submission" result. Also, TYPES of TLC matches. We have One on One, Triple Threat, Fatal-4-Way and Tag Team. I think we should be able to have a Six Man Tag Team TLC match (similar to The Shield vs. Ryback, Kane and Daniel Bryan at TLC 2012)

[B]Special Referee match: [/B]I hate the fact you cannot go absolutely nuts in the Special Referee match, without Big Johnny coming out and kicking us out of the match. I think they should put in an option to turn that On and Off.


[B]Create-A-Championship: [/B]Everyone loved Create-A-Championship. The Edit Championship feature in WWE '13 is good but I think fans would love it if Create-A-Championship was brought back all together.

[B]Create-A-Superstar: [/B]Nothing new here, but I would love it if you could put more than two Custom Logos on a CAW at once. Also, if you could create more wrestlers than ever. The current max is 50 CAW's. Maybe put it up to 60-75?

[B]Create-An-Arena[/B]: Again with the logos, I would love if you could put up betwen 3-5 Custom Logos at once.

[B]Custom Logos:[/B] I think there should be a curve tool so that you can create curved edges withing your designs. It would also be good to be able to create more logos, rather than just 20. I think you should be able to create up to 50.


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  1. bearkg88's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Callum
    I definitely think they need to update the rumble - there should be more than 6 people in the ring at a time.

    And I'd like them to completely redo the weapon system with more animations and options. Eg- the ability to put somebody's head inside the steel chair and do a move - think Matt hardy twist of fate at Wrestlemania on Jeff.

    I think the matches are fine for now, I'd like the ability to do 4 vs 4's and I really hope that they add the survivor series match up since its one of the biggest WWE pay per views.
    I agree. If they went with a ECW theme, I'd like to see modification, like you can wrap barbed wire around a chair to hit someone with or something
  2. wsm1996's Avatar
    get real the ecw guys are either in tna or extreme rising so wwe wouldnt be able put the whole ecw theme in there plus they kinda did this in svr2008
  3. MikeyA's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by alcrissam
    helps a lot, but I still don't understand where the storylines are. I mean it looks like about a month or two of matches between two people and then he goes to battle someone else. No real story's...
    you have to play every match for ur superstar to see the events in the storyline. for example, you play as Ryback, play every single one of Ryback's matches for the storyline to kick in. WARNING: Some do an NXT senseless thing. i have sheamus as a good guy. and feuding with show. i had cena feud with zig for #1 contender spot to wwe title. Sheamus came out and attacked cena.
  4. KingWade's Avatar
    Biggest thing for me would be more than 6 in the ring. 5 on 5 survivor series matches and 10 in the ring at a time during the rumble. Surely this day and age it can be done
  5. Big__Meat's Avatar
    Two things...
    1. In my WWE 13 I was able to change the participants in the MITB match and still cash in with the winner. Yours may have a bug if you cannot do it. I know you couldn't do it in the last one.

    2. There has been a casket match in a WWF/WWE game before. It was in Smackdown 2: Know Your Role for the PS1. So technically it wouldn't be "first time ever" if it was included in future WWE games, it would be just brought back like the Special Guest Referee and I Quit Match was.
  6. AssassinBlade's Avatar
    WWE '14 is currently in the progress of being made. I believe this would be the last wrestling games they will make in there company before they terminated. In WWE 14, it should be focus on post Monday Night Wars. An invasion storyline should happen and many WCW names should be in the game such as Scott Steiner and lots of other names that made WCW great. If this is THQ last game, it should be one of the best and maybe topple WWE '13. WWE '14 should focus on having more types of matches such as a slobber knocker which was awesome in SVR '06. Even through WWE '13 was good, WWE '14 can add many new improvements as it looks like THQ will not be making more games.
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