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Best moment @ each Royal Rumble

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I decided to do a 2nd blog dedicating it to the moments that didn't happen during the Rumble match. Rumble match has basically overshadowed the rest of the show. It is now time to give love to these moments that didn't happen during the Rumble match. Here is in my opinion the best moments:

88.Dino Bravo's record-Dino Bravo was going for a record in weight lifting. I think it was 715 pounds or w/e. He does a bunch of other weights to get him warmed up. Asks the crowd to be quiet. At the end, Jesse Ventura who is the spotter during the segment lifted it up before he finished the lift. Jesse denys it the whole show.
89.Rude's workout-Rude vs Warrior in a pose down. He is putting baby oil on, exercise in between, among other things. Warrior jumps up and down yelling at Rude to hurry up.
90.Sapphire/Jesse dancing-I know many of you are thinking when you read the title is that Jesse danced, but he didn't. He commented on her dancing. Saying he was sick of seeing it saying to put the show on something else. Hilarious moment....not a great Rumble ppv.
91.Virgil turns on Dibiase-Finally Virgil no longer had a price for Ted Dibiase when he hit Dibiase in the face with his million dollar championship instead of putting it around his waist. This led to their WM match at WM 6.
92.Piper wins IC title-Piper was one of the few stars in wrestling to ever get as over as he was without winning a single championship. Not even the tag titles. He finally won the IC title from the Mountie @ the Rumble after Mountie defeated Bret Hart on a house show where it was said that he had a temperature. Bobby Heenan said boo hoo...he had a 111 temperature before.
93.Sherri slaps HBK-Throughout HBK's match with his former Rocker teammate. Questions swirled was she with HBK? She ended up slapping him with fans going nuts. Before the Rumble, he pulled Sherri in front of the mirror that was aimed by Marty to hit HBK with.
94.Taker: "I won't RIP"-In a match with Yokozuna in a casket match. He was attacked by several wrestlers when he had the match won. They took and opened the urn with green smoke coming out of it. Dominated Taker like no one has ever seen before or have seen since in reality. They attempted to push the casket to back, but green smoke started coming out. Taker came on the screen stating"He won't RIP". He didn't either....just an awesome moment wrestling fans will never forget.
95.Restart WWE title match-The match just stands out to me as crazy. Diesel vs Bret both faces at the time were battling for the belt. During the match, HBK attacked Diesel, but the match continued despite ref seeing it. Owen than did the same with Backlund. Match continued despite ref seeing this. At the end of the match, everyone from HBK, Backlund, Owen all were out there attacking Bret and Diesel ending the match. It was crazy!!
96.Diesel F-U Taker-1 of the few Rumble matches that didn't end the show was in 96. Taker was set to face Bret for the belt in the main event. Before the match, Taker and Diesel went at it. Later in the match, he came back out costing Taker the match that he had won. Diesel pulled the ref out after Bret was Tombstoned. Taker looked back at Diesel, Diesel's response was simply a finger gesture that was made famous by Stone Cold. Diesel received a title match at In Your House before Mania. Taker warned that he would cost Diesel the match. He did despite it being in the cage which set up their WM match at WM 12.
97.HBK wins in SA-At the Alamo dome in SA where TNA's lockdown will be this year. HBK won the belt from Sid in his hometown.
98.Kane burns casket-Casket match for the WWF title Taker vs HBK. Outlaws and HHH attempted to stop Taker from winning. Lights went out, Kane cleared the ring with just him and Taker left. He than began to attack Taker and cost him the match. He than locked the casket and set it on fire. Setting up still in my opinion the best WM match Taker had vs Kane at WM 14. It took 3 Tombstones to defeat him. Amazing match with no need for a gimmick to be added.
99."I Quit"-Anyone surprised? Probably the most memorable bout of them all for the WWE title in the history of the Rumble ppv happened in 99.
00.Taz debut-.One of the best debuts ever in WWE history had to be Taz's debut in 2000 @Royal Rumble in MSG. Fans were going nuts as he came out and became the first to defeat Kurt Angle.
01.Walls of Jericho on the Ladder?-Benoit vs Jericho in a ladder match for the IC title. One of the top 10 ladder matches of all-time without question. The moment he put him in the walls of Jericho was amazing. In my opinion, IC title was at its highest point was when Jericho/Angle/Benoit were going at it for the belt.
02.Vince pics-Moment that really stands out to me was when McMahon was getting his pictures taken by Flair's kids during their street fight. Hilarious stuff and pretty good match as well.
03.Angle vs Benoit-One of the best WWE title matches we've ever witnessed. Despite losing, Benoit receives a standing ovation. The sign of respect after matches really stands out.
04.LMS draw?-Last man standing: HHH vs HBK for the world title yet again. No one really talks about the great matches they have had that I really liked. Such as the HIAC and this one in particular. I liked the LMS match. Even though I hated the decision it was a draw. Sweet chin music and HBK almost makes it to his feet to the count of 10.
05.Brothers of Destruction re-unite-1st time these 2 were team in like 4 years. It meant a lot to see Kane in the casket to help his brother when he was being attacked by Snitsky and Heidenreich. I know the match stunk, but the moment of him being in the casket was enough for me.
06.Taker's return-Really? You expected something else? The only reason why Henry vs Angle main evented the Rumble. This led to an epic No Way Out WWE title match. A match I'll never forget. Best match probably either has ever had. I'm not joking at all.
07.Cena/Umaga LMS match-Who expected this? Cena gets a bad rep for what he does between the ropes from bell to bell. However, that LMS was a great last man standing match. Big guy like Umaga having a great match with Cena. It is true, Cena can have great matches despite what most think about him in the ring.
08.Flair will never retire-MVP vs Flair, career threatening match in the world's most famous arena MSG. I hope that will be where WM30. Here is to hoping the tradition stays, but rumors say otherwise. Flair's win streak to end his career over top talents like MVP was a great way to do so.
09.Christian chants-Rumors swirling Christian would be at the Rumble helping Edge retain. Unfortunately plans changed because they wanted it to be a surprise. Sucks, Christian was than sent on to ECW for a while because of this. Hardy brothers went on to have some bad matches.
10.Laycool gets got-After embarrassing Piggy I mean Mickie James for the longest time. Laycool finally got there embarrassing moment at the Rumble.
11.Edge cheats to retain-If my memory is correct, and I hope it is. I believe Edge wasn't allowed to use the spear during the match. Ref was down and he used it retaining his world title.
12.Daniel Bryan retains-biggest dude in the WWE at the time in a triple threat match inside a steel cage. He ended up retaining his world title he won thanks to the MITB that he cashed in. Didn't end up cashing it in at WM like he promised, but I do hope Ziggler does so.....after someone either retains or wins the world title.

There is the best Royal Rumble moments excluding the Royal Rumble match. Did I miss a moment you liked? How'd I do? Leave that in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!!

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. Sicksnuff17's Avatar
    Angle vs Benoit.. Amazing match one of the best matches i have ever seen
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sicksnuff17
    Angle vs Benoit.. Amazing match one of the best matches i have ever seen
  3. The Punk's Avatar
    John Cena's rap entrance in 2003 had me in stitches. Obviously nowhere near as good as the Benoit/Angle match but worth a mention.
  4. StonecoldRabbit's Avatar
    kinda surpirsed you put the Virgil turn on Diabiase as the 91 moment (and you mean WM7 not 6) For me that moment was the warrior slaughter match. Savage Coming down and blasting Warrior with this Spectrum and then later on Savage not coming out for the actual rumble as the curtain twitched and you were later told the warrior had caught up with hen of course led to the epic match between them at WM7

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