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Booking my WM 29 card

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This is my well thought out WM 29 card featuring almost everyone on the roster. I assume/hope that this show will be straight wrestling with no concert or nonsense like the last couple of years. Its 4 hours long, so these matches should get time. C'mon its Wrestlemania 29. While i know that many of you reading this may think this is unrealsistic, WM 29 is in about 100 days and with time and good build/storylines for these matches, it could happen. I didnt include the shield in any matches but i fully expect them to be involved with the show in one way or another.

Pre show Battle Royal (6 min)-
this match will feature all the mid to lower card talents and will be your traditional dark match to get the crowd going. Fandango will win in his first match after last eliminating santino marella.

1) Dolph Ziggler (c) vs the Miz for the WHC (19 min) -the miz who is fully face by now wins the rumble after lasting nealry an hour and declares he will face the world heavyweight champion at Wrestlemania. At elimination chamber, Dolph cashes in on a battered Big show after he retains in the chamber. Miz and ziggler start a program leading up to wrestlemania and ziggler ultimately wins in a showstealing opener.
Winner: Dolph Ziggler

2) 4 corners tag team match for the wwe tag titles: Team Hell no (C) vs team rhodes scholars vs PTP vs the usos (6 min)
- a fast but short tag team matchup featuring 4 of wwe's tag teams at the current time. Its not an elimination match so the first fall wins. Lots of high flying spots and in the end team rhodes scholars get the win after sandow pins bryan.
winners: Team rhodes scholars

3) Singles match: Rey Mysterio vs Sin Cara (12 min)-
Sin cara turns on mysterio and begins cutting promos saying rey was the reason they never became tag team champs. Personally i never sey Rey turning heel but thats my opinion. This will be your typical lucha libre style matchup with the heel sin cara picking up the win so he can establish himself in the wwe. This match will also set the record for most people wearing masks at one time.
Winner: Sin Cara

4) Singles Match Ryback vs Big show (13 min)
- This will be your "attraction match" between two goliaths. Its similar to wm 24, being that its a battle for brand supremacy (Umaga vs Batista). I see Ryback going over after hitting a very impressive shell shock giving ryback his wm moment.
Winner: Ryback

5) Singles Match: Randy Orton vs Sheamus (17 min) - Randy Orton has returned as a face according to the raw spioilers for 1/1 but that will change at EC. In the WHC chamber match its down to Sheamus, orton and the champion big show. Sheamus will eliminate orton with the brogue. Orton then lowblows shemaus, hits him with the RKO, resulting in his Big Show pinning sheamus to retain. The next night on raw sheamus challenges orton (heel) to a fight at mania which orton goes on to win after an rko and punt kick.
Winner: Randy Orton

6) Championship Scramble match for the IC and US tile (unified): Wade barrert (ic champ) vs Antonio cesaro (US champ) vs Christian vs ALberto Del Rio vs Kofi Kingston (14 min)-
I had to find away to include these 5 guys on the card because they are each so talented. The scramble participants will enter every 3 min instead of 5 to make room for longer matches on the show. In my opinion, unifying both tiles will add a little more importance to the belts. Alberto Del rio who is 100% face by now will win after forcing barett to tap at with 5 seconds left in the match. This will be the start of another title run for del rio.
Winner:Alberto Del Rio

7) No Hold Barred Match: HHH vs Brock Lesnar (22 min) - After there summerslam singles match i fully expect a stip to be added to their wm rematch. No hold barred suits them both well as their both brawlers who could put on an entertaining slobberknocker of a fight. I dont see HHH putting brock over since he put him over at SS, so expect HHH to win in an above match match featuring a variety of weapons and a vintage spanish announce table spot.
Winner: HHH

8) Divas Match- Heels vs Faces
Winner: The Faces

9) Singles Match: Rock vs John Cena (25 min)- Unfortunately i think we all know these two will face off at mania. Its inevitable.
But i think it will be a direct rematch from last year with no title on the line. Here's the build up. I foresee Rock vs punk at the RR to take place before the actual rumble which would be the main event. After Punk beats Rock to retain the title (with possible help from the shield), rock is furious. During the 30 man Royal rumble match, rock costs cena the match by rushing the ring, hitting rockbottom on cena and closelining him over the top rope. The two continue brawling up on the ramp and stage. The next night on raw, cena calls out rock and starts his usual complaining. He challenges him to a WM rematch. Rock accepts and they put on a classic with cena ultimately making rock tap out and finally getting the torch passed to him.
Winner: John Cena

10) Steak vs Streak match: CM punk (c) vs Undertaker (30 min) Now before you say to yourself "why would taker win the title" just listen. Taker can come out and say that even holding the WWE title for 400+ days does not get him respect so he asks punk if he wants to gain the ultimate respect. Punk says yes and wants to try and be the man to end the streak. After a half hour classin Taker wins the title but wait...The gong goes off, the lights go out and Taker is nowhere to be seen while the wwe title is laying in the middle of the ring. With this, the WM 29 goes off air.

***The next night on Raw there is a tournament to deterimine who will face eachother at extreme rules for the vacant wwe title.

Please LMK what you think with comments.Thank you.

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  1. Dime Store Saint's Avatar
    Don't see the point in unifying the US and IC belts. Maybe have The Shield interrupt in a couple of matches throughout the night. of the better prediction cards.
  2. lucky7pointman's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TheGreatOne
    The number of minutes you have for the matches are off. In a championship scramble, every 5 minutes a wrestler comes out. Obviously longer than 10 minutes.

    Do you know what a tag team turmoil is? 2 teams start it in a tag match, every elimination a team comes out. Usually there is about 5 or 6 teams in the scramble. You got it in 11 minutes. That would mean an elimination every 1 or 2 minutes excluding the entrances of the teams.

    The rest of the card is likely to happen, but what is up with people putting elimination type matches on the Rumble card? Specifically in the tag match where I see 4 team elimination matches, turmoil among other things. Why can't we just have a tag match for goodness sake? Team vs team tag title match? I'd be cool with a cage, ladder, or anything, but these elimination matches I highly doubt will happen.

    You are booking guys on the show who barely gets any airtime on Raw and SD. How can they make it to the biggest show of the year?
    he say 3 min each entry cuz he trying to save time for the most important match. and he never say the tagteam match was elimination he say one fall to the finish mean only one guy get pin
  3. lucky7pointman's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by KingWade
    I would enjoy this card. However, i would have Team Hell No in a singles match insead of the tag titles match. Also need to get The Shield in a match. Though i would unify the mid-card titles at some point, i would make that match a money in the bank match instead and add a couple more participants (maybe team Rhodes Scholars.
    why will wwe add money in the bank if they got a ppv for that?
  4. lucky7pointman's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by tikayoh
    This is the most accurate mania card I've seen. I think bryan vs kane will be on there though, rhodes scholars will walk in champs. The shield should have a big role after their TLC performance
    it be great if shield dont be book they could make a few jump in and serve justice that they was not book
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