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My Ideal Wrestlemania 29 Card

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This is my well thought out WM 29 card featuring almost everyone on the roster. I assume/hope that this show will be straight wrestling with no concert or nonsense like the last couple of years. Its 4 hours long, so these matches should get time. C'mon its Wrestlemania. I Have the matches listed in the order i believe they will be.

Preshow Battle Royal (6 min)-this match will feature all the mid to lower card talents and will be your traditional dark match to get the crowd going. Fandango will win in his first match after last eliminating santino marella.

1) Singles Match: Dolph Ziggler vs Chris Jericho (16 min)-
This feud will finally come to an end at wrestlemania in the opening contest that has potential to be a show stealing match. Jericho loves putting over talent so i see Ziggler winning with the zig zag in a fast paced, well done wrestling match. (This won't be the last we see of Ziggler during Mania)
Winner: Dolph Ziggler

2) Fatal 4 Way Tag team Match for the Tag Titles: PTP (c) vs Tensai/Brodus Clay vs Rey Mysterio/Sin Cara vs the Usos (6 Min)- This match will be very short but high flying. The first fall wins as it is not elimination style due to time restraints. The Prime time players won the titles from team hell no and will defend at Mania. Unfortunaley i see the team of Brodus and Tensai picking up the win and becoming new Tag team champions and then dancing for the kids.
Winners: Brodus Clay and Tensai

3) 8 Man Ladder Match for the IC Title: Wade Barett (c) vs Bo Dallas vs Kofi Kingston vs Cody Rhodes vs Damien Sandow vs Big Show vs Mark Henry vs Christian (17 min) -Instead of a pointless 8 man tag match that noone cares about, WWE should have a ladder match that actually means something due to the fact that MITB is no longer happening at Mania. This match allows everyone to be involved on the show in a big multi man match that is sure to deliver. Anyone can win this match, it doesnt matter.
Winner; Damien Sandow

4) Singles Match: Daniel Bryan vs Kane (12 min)-
Kane and Dbry have dropped the belts by now on Raw or SD and have completely imploded. They blame eachother for their failures which all cumilates into a Mania showdown. This should be a fun 10-12 min match for the sole reason the Daniel Bryan is in it and he is on of the best inring workers in the business.
Winner: Daniel Bryan

5) 6 Man TornadoTag Street Fight: The Shield vs Randy Orton, Sheamus, Ryback (19 min)-
The Shield has been booked extremely well and i see there feud with ryback and shemaus continuing into Mania. Since Cena is busy with Rock, Orton will take his place in the match which makes sense because he has been attacked by the sheild in the past. This match will be an all out war with various spots and weapons.However I expect Orton to turn heel and possibly join the Shield and begin a program with Shemaus; which has been rumored.
Winners:The Shield

6) Singles Match for the World Heavyweight Title: Alberto Del Rio (c) vs Jack Swagger (18 min) -
Im actually very excited for this feud and it realy makes perfet sense. Del rio is a mexican champion and swagger is the "real american" along with his semi rascist manager Zeb Colter. Given 15-20 min this could be an excelllent wrestling match. I see Del Rio going over after making Swagger submit with the arm bar, but its not over yet. After the match Swagger is furious and attacks Del rio leaving the door open for Ziggler. He hits the ring cashes in and becomes the New World Heavywieght Champion solidifying his spot in WWE.
Winner: Alberto Del Rio
Winner: Dolph Ziggler after cashing in MITB

7) Singles Match frr the US Title: Antonio Cesaro (c) vs The Miz (10 min)-
Based on what happened on last nights PPV, thsi feud suggests a rematch so i see WM 29 as the spot to do it. These two have great chemistry and given 10 minutes or so they can put on an entertaining matchup. I see Miz finally winning the title, so Cesaro can move onto bigger things like possibly winning MITB in July.
Winner: The Miz

8) No Holds Barred Match: HHH vs Brock Lesnar (21 min) -
I think everone knows this match will take place but this time i see a stipulation being added to spice it up a little. This match should be a absolute slobberknocker of a fight with Brock picking up the win after a second f5. The reason Brock must win is beacuse he's booked for another year and has to be kept strong.
Winner:Brock Lesnar

9) Divas Match

10) Triple threat match for the WWE Title (Rock (c) vs John Cena vs Cm Punk (25 min) -
Now this one tricky. If the Undertaker competes at Mania he will face Punk. If not, punk will be inserted into thsi match to make it a triple threat match. Personally i think Taker is done. He's 20-0 at Mania and is almost 48 years old. There's no reason for him to keep going. I think Punk will make this match more interesting, beacuse the majority of the IWc doesnt want ot see rock vs cena again, One on one. Punk can even be added to ythis mathc tonight on RAw. I expect this match to be a classic and reach the HHH/HBK/benoit level frm WM 20 if done right. In the end, Cena will win and once again have the wwe title.
Winner:John Cena.

Please Let me know what you think of my card with comments below. Thanks

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