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T-Hughes35 Presents: The 2012 Wrestling Year-End Awards

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The 2012 Year End Awards for Wrestling:
Hello out there to all wrestling fans from around the world and a Happy Early New Year. Another year of Professional Wrestling has come and gone. What a year it was. We had incredible matches, mark-out moment returns, and moments that absolutely took our breath away. With that being said, we now have to ask ourselves, what were THE Best moments of 2012? Well wrestling fans, these are my thoughts. I am T-Hughes35, and this is your 2012 Year End Awards for the world of Professional Wrestling!

Here’s how this is going to work, Just like last year, I am going to base my list on three key factors:
01: Mark Out Factor
02: Creativity/Decision Making
03: Effectiveness

This list is my final blog of 2012, and it includes the best of the three biggest wrestling organizations in the world, with the best wrestlers in the world. It is a list that I really feel, defines The Best of 2012.
With that being said, HERE WE GO!!

Best Build-Up of 2012:
John Cena vs. The Rock

Best Return of 2012 (Not Counting Jerry Lawler):
Brock Lesnar

Honorable Mentions:
Ric Flair at the Slammy Awards

and Degeneration X at RAW 1000

Best Promo of 2012:
Kevin Steen "ROH: Best In The World: Hostage Crisis"
(WARNING: Explicit Language)

Best Wrestling Crowd of 2012:
Miami, FL USA
(WWE Monday Night RAW 04-02-2012)
(See Brock Lesnar’s return video)

Honorable Mentions:
A: Winter Park, FL USA
(WWE NXT Tapings on 09-20-2012)
B: Montreal, Quebec CANADA
(WWE Monday Night RAW during Bret Hart's return)

The Most Sentimental Moment of 2012:
Jerry "The King" Lawler's return from his Heart Attack

Honorable Mentions:
Ric Flair's return at the Slammy Awards
(See Above)
Triple H’s Retirement Speech

Worst Wrestler of 2012:
Brad Maddox
Honorable Mentions:
Joey Ryan and Mr. Pectacular

Wrestling’s Most Surreal Moment of 2012:
WWE Intercontinental Champion Christian Cage Appearing at TNA Slammiversary 2012

Biggest Debut of 2012:
The S.H.I.E.L.D

Biggest Face Turn of 2012:
The Miz

Biggest Betrayal of 2012:
Tara Betrays Tessmacher

Best Tag-Team of 2012:
Team Hell No

Best Commentator of 2012:
Michael Cole

Biggest Rising Star of 2012:
Damien Sandow

Biggest Disappointment of 2012:
AJ Styles

Wrestling's Funniest Moment of 2012:
The Rock comparing Daniel Bryan to an Ompa-Loompa

Best Storyline of 2012:
The Aces and 8s

Worst Storyline of 2012:
The John Cena/AJ Lee Vickie Guerrero Scandal
(Not even going to spare you the agony by finding you all a video for this garbage. You’re Welcome)

Wrestling's Most Embarrassing Moment of 2012:
A.W. Comparing The PrimeTime Players to (You'll figure it out)

Best Stable of 2012:
The Aces and 8s

Wrestler Theme Song of 2012:
"Off The Chain (Instrumental)" - Dale Oliver
Bobby Roode's Theme Song

Pay-Per-View Theme Song of 2012:
"The Memory Remains" - Metallica
WrestleMania XXVIII

And then there were three. Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time, for the main event of this entry. These, along with a new award this year for the Best Wrestling Program, are my choices for the Best Matches and the Best Wrestlers of 2012.

(In No Particular Order, These Are)
The 12 Best Matches of 2012:
01: Hell In A Cell:
Undertaker vs. Triple H
Venue: WrestleMania XXVIII

02: Once In A Lifetime:
John Cena vs. The Rock
Venue: WrestleMania XXVIII

03: Extreme Rules Match:
Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena
Venue: WWE Extreme Rules 2012

04: Six-Man-Tag-Team Tables Ladders and Chairs Match:
Daniel Bryan, Kane, and Ryback vs. Seth Rollins, Roman Raines, and Dean Ambrose
Venue: WWE TLC 2012

05: "The Perfect Storm"
Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar
Venue: WWE SummerSlam 2012

06: Ladder Match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries
Venue: TNA Turning Point 2012

07: WWE Championship Match:
CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan
Venue: WWE Over The Limit 2012

08: TNA World Tag Team Championships Match:
AJ Styles and Kurt Angle
Christopher Daniels and Kazarian
Venue: TNA Slammiversary 2012

09: Chicago Street Fight for The WWE Championship:
CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho
Venue: WWE Extreme Rules 2012

10: Street Fight:
Bobby Roode vs. James Storm
Venue: TNA Bound For Glory 2012

11: TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries
Venue: TNA Destination X 2012

12: Ladder War IV
For the Ring Of Honor World Championship:
Kevin Steen vs. El Generico
Venue: ROH Final Battle 2012

Top 10 Wrestlers of 2012:
01: CM Punk
02: Bobby Roode
03: James Storm
04: Kevin Steen
05: Daniel Bryan
06: Austin Aries
07: Seth Rollins
08: Damien Sandow
09: Sheamus
10: Bully Ray

Best Wrestling Show of 2012:
TNA IMPACT Wrestling

Honorable Mention:
WWE NXT from Full Sail University

Well that’s it ladies and gentlemen, those are my choices for what I felt was the best in the 2012 year of Professional Wrestling. It has been an exciting year for us all, and hopefully only good things will be yet to come in 2013. There is a lot that I am looking forward to in the next twelve months.
A: CM Punk vs. The Rock and The Rock’s comeback
B: Hulk Hogan’s attempt at WHC History
C: WrestleMania XXIX
D: “TNA IMPACT Wrestling” going on the Road
E: Dolph Ziggler cashing in his Money In The Bank Contract
F: Where the powerhouse stables of Aces and 8s and The S.H.I.E.L.D. go from here
G: Big E. Langston and more NXT wrestlers being called up to the main roster of WWE
and many, many more…

What were your picks for the best wrestling moments of 2012? Tell me your thoughts down below, and as always, here are my social media accounts you can follow and subscribe to:
YouTube Channel: TheTMoney35
TOUT: TheTMoney35
KEEK: TheTMoney35
Twitter: @T_Hughes35

Special Thanks to for a fun year of blogging, and all my fellow bloggers and forum members who read my work.
Peace on the Streets everyone, and be safe as you celebrate New Years.

I'm T-Hughes35, and I’ll see you next year.

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Thoughts and Opinions


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  1. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Exceptional Award show bud. Hell, if the wrestling community would follow your simple guideline as to how awards should be presented, The Slammy's may even be worth watching. You can't win em' all, and I'll even state that some of the "winners", I don't necessarily agree with. Yet still an awesome and well thought out blog.

    On a side note when I see sh*t like this, I get slightly pissed off;

    Quote Originally Posted by WrestlingNerd
    One last thing, and probably the awards I disagree with most... The Aces and 8s storyline is far and away the WORST storyline I've seen all year. It's a complete failure. Ace's and 8's is a MIDCARD feud. They tried it out as their top storyline, but it has now been relegated to a midcard storyline. Nobody cares about Wes Brisco, Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle against D-Von and DOC and these other guys. It doesn't make sense. Why do Ace's and 8's even want the destruction of TNA? If TNA is destroyed like they want, they're all out of a job. So what the hell is going on here? They have no reason for this.. it just doesn't make sense. Bobby Roode vs. Jeff Hardy and Hulk Hogan vs. Bully Ray are far more compelling than this BS storyline. Ugh, utter bullsh*t.
    Facts are facts! A&8's was and still is the most compelling storyline going around in the wrestling business. I'm not going to state that that it's been "top notch" these last few weeks, yet in the same run, to say that it's the WORST storyline you've seen all year, is (in your very own words) "utter bullsh*t"!!!. What the f*ck kind of programming have you been watching all year?? I guess you may be right though, perhaps the AJ/Cena storyline did have a slight advantage over them. But hell....Who am I to say right?!?! ARE the "WrestlingNerd" aren't ya?....

    Great Blog bro! Glad to see you put the time and effort into it.
  2. WrestlingNerd's Avatar
    Ace's and 8's is compelling if you get drawn in by the cool masks and the feeling of mystery behind them.. and the whole invasion storyline that's been done a million times already in the wrestling business. When you remove the make-up of these guys.. it's just a big multi-man tag feud with no real motive for these guys to be feuding. Ace's and 8's have never even said what they're in TNA for besides destroying it.. and why they want to destroy it. Plus, it doesn't make any sense! Why would TNA give them a chance to appear on Impact every week by giving them a Bound For Glory match when they're destroying everything and running around giving beat downs with hammers and other foreign objects... and their main objective apparently is to destroy the company? How does that make sense? Please explain that to me and I will take back everything I said. It's just a senseless storyline that only entertains those who don't look into the details of things and get too easily caught up in the countless invasion storylines that we've seen throughout pro wrestling's history.
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