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New Tag Teams I'd Like to See

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The tag team division, which received a nice push awhile back, has again floundered. The Shield aren't really a tag team, they're three guys who mostly wrestle in six-man action. Don't get me wrong, the Shield are great, and they should hold onto their respective titles for a long time. But I'd like to see some real teams, with real team gimics. These are not just two random guys thrown together, but actual team gimics with guys currently going nowhere. Anyway, here are some ideas.

1. The Pain and the Power. This is a heel team of JTG and Ezekiel Jackson. JTG is an excellent talker, and Jackson is underused. There can be vignettes on RAW/Smackdown/Main Event showing the words "The Pain and the Power" for a couple of weeks. Then, continue this with a voice over, with JTG saying "I bring the pain!" and Jackson saying "And I've got the power!" Don't show them yet, but do that for another couple of weeks as a build up. I've always liked teams with one big strong guy and one smaller quicker guy, and this team fits that bill. As a finishing move, Jackson can be in the ring squating (or on his knees) and holding the near-defeated opponent around the waist. He had just previously made the tag to JTG, who climbs to the top rope, yells "Downtown" (the name of the finisher), while giving the near-defeated opponent two thumbs down, then jumps off the top rope with a big knee onto the opponent's chest. JTG then covers the opponent for the pin while Jackson remains in the ring to block any interference.

2. 450. This is a face team of Justin Gabriel and Mason Ryan. Again, one big guy and one smaller guy, both underused. They meet in the gym with Ryan benchpressing a large amount of weights, and Gabriel asks him how much weight is on the bar. Ryan answers "450", which causes Gabriel to laugh because that's the name of his finishing move. They team up as a face team. As a finisher, Ryan picks up the near-beaten opponent, tags Gabriel while still holding him in the air, plants him with a British Bulldog type powerslam near their corner, and Gabriel hits the 450 splash for the win. I think this team and my "The Pain and the Power" team could have a great feud with some really good matches. A face manager might be good for this team because neither guy is much of a talker, but if they can develop any kind of team chemistry they could go a long way.

3. The Hot Jocks. This is a heel team with Alex Riley and Ted Dibiase doing a college jock gimic, two obnoxious guys wearing letter jackets and ruling the school. Maybe bring the new diva JoJo Offerman (or whatever her name is) to be their personal cheerleader (because she's not much of a wrestler), bouncing around outside the ring and shaking her pom-poms. They can call themselves "A-Ri" and "Ted Di", doing a lot of double team cheating moves, never winning clean, etc. Riley is a good talker, both come from athletic families, and both are due for a nice push. This type of gimic is easy for fans to hate, because most blue collar types (a/k/a/ wrestling fans) never liked the obnoxious jocks in high school and college and might have been a little jealous of them always getting everything handed to them. Their finishing move can be a double-team hot shot where they throw the near-defeated opponent off the ropes and both of them catch him with a double hot shot against the top rope. The double team ensures that this move can be used against some larger opponents.

4. Long Island Longshots. Face team of Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins. While not a new team, these former WWE tag teams champions desperately need to be repackaged. They worked well together in the past, Ryder still has a large fan base, and this could be a popular team. Their finisher can be a slingshot move called the "Longshot" where Hawkins slingshots the opponent into a Ryder dropkick for the win.

Along with some other teams, the tag team division can be great. The Wyatt family, who I assume with be a heel team, will be a great addition. The Prime Time Players desperately need a manager, maybe Alicia Fox, and they can be a top heel team. The Usos are getting a nice push as a face team, and Primo-Epico work equally well as either a heel or a face team (especially with the uber-hot Rosa Mendes as their manager!). So there can easily be 8-10 teams if you include the Shield and 3MB. Having actual teams that wrestle using specific team gimics, almost exclusively as tag teams, with tag team finishing moves, can really improve the division, and there are unused talents out there just waiting for their chance.

What do you guys think? Are these team ideas good? Do you have other team ideas of your own? Please share below. Thanx. Rob

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  1. Dusty Roads's Avatar
    Ryder and Hawkins would be great to see repackaged. They have some potential to atleast be a credible tag team. I just dont see any upside to Ezekial Jackson, he has nothing going for him IMO. While Team 450 hopefully doesnt have that dainty of a back story, they could be challengers down the road. And the Hot Jocks sound like they would be jobbers as soon as they were introduced. haha A shame too cause I really like Dibiase, but I feel like Im the only one.
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Those are terrible. Mason Ryan? Really?

    I don't know why they don't just have Alex Riley/Miz form as a team again for a while. This time have Riley turn on him.

    Langston and Jackson would be an awesome team.
  3. mrbluto's Avatar
    Alberto Del Rio/Ricardo Rodriquez
    Bray Family with Freebird rules
    Langston/Jackson would not work being two muscle men
  4. FellaMeep's Avatar
    The 450 plan i don't like it, for one, I think one would have to carry the other guy, and I think Gabriel would do better with another high flyer. He could potentially do it with Evan Bourne when he returns.

    As far as the Zack and Curt team, I think it would be best for them to team again. Cause Curt is rarely shown anymore and Zack is jobbing hard. Reteaming would be awesome for both men.
  5. TempestH's Avatar
    I don't like the idea of the Alex Riley and Ted DiBiase team.

    Riley might be a low card guy, but he's already moved past the "cartoon character gimmick" stage of his career.

    Plus Riley's talents are best served to work as a face. Riley's very quick and agile for his size, but if he goes heel, he won't get to use that athleticism. He'll become boring to watch in the ring as his moveset will be watered down to punches, kicks, and restholds.
  6. deano_x's Avatar
    good read. Hopefully the TT scene will get better. I think a lot of the NXT talent can be placed into tag teams until one or another excels beyond the other
  7. zaks211's Avatar
    I'm looking forward to the Wyatt Family debut.

    The Shield is perfect with the relaunch of the tag team division.

    The Wyatt Family would be the perfect heel group to go head to head against the Shield.

    Think back to the mid 80's when the Freebird's and the Russian's would use all 3 members to defend/compete for the tag titles.

    Here is my tag team division for the WWE :

    The Shield.

    The Wyatt Family.

    The Uso's

    The Miz/Zack Ryder

    Curtis Axel/Ted DiBiase w/ David Otunga as manager.

    Damien Sandow/Jinder Mahal.

    Alberto Del Rio/Antonio Cesaro
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