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Yet Another Wrestlemania Card

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My first blog ever. I've seen several bloggers post their Wrestlemania cards, so I figured I'd print mine as well. I'll start by saying that I've been a wrestling fan for over 45 years, so I'm no kid who likes "entertainment" when I watch wrestling (although my son sometimes does). I enjoy actual wrestling matches. My favorite wrestler of all time was Bret Hart, with Roddy Piper a close second. I watch WWE, Impact, and ROH. I attended the Madison Square Garden card as a kid when heel Superfly Jimmy Snuka leaped off the top of a steel cage and just missed WWWF champion Bob Bachlund. Everyone said, "At least he had the guts to try." Then he turned face and the very next card he did the same move to Don Muraco, although that time he nailed it. I don't mean to drag everyone down memory lane. I just want to show that I'm no teenager who expects to see Bill Goldberg or Stone Cold Steve Austin at Wrestlemania. Not going to happen. Anyway, enough reminiscing; here's my card:

Pre-show Battle Royal for a shot at the U.S. title vs Antonio Cesaro, featuring approximately 20 mid- and low-card wrestlers. Winner - Christian. While I think Christian will return at the Royal Rumble, that's not a certainty. I know this sounds a little like a repeat of Christian's last face turn, when he won the Intercontinental title from Cody Rhodes a while back after winning a pre-show battle royal, but I think he's due for a nice push, and winning the battle royal is a nice start. And he deserves it over any other mid- or low-card guy.

1. Diva Championship match: Eve Torres (c) vs Natalya, lumberjill match. Winner - Natalya. While I admit that I might be hoping for this because of who my favorite wrestler is (see intro paragraph), Eve has held the title for a long time and is due to lose it. Neither Kaitlin nor Layla seems like championship material, and Natalya has held that title before, so if WWE creative sets this up as a feud leading up to Wrestlemania it might actually lead to a diva's match being something more than a bathroom break.

2. WWE tag team championship scramble for the vacant titles. Epico & Primo vs the Uso's vs the Prime Time Players vs Team Rhodes Scholars vs Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel vs the New Age Outlaws. (For why Team Hell No is not in this match, see #5 below.) Winner and new champs: Prime Time Players. This team has received a nice push recently, and they're a likeable team for heels, so I can see them getting the titles. I see this as a fairly quick match, despite the scramble concept, but fast-and-furious for the tag team belts could lead to an interesting series of matches here.

3. Intercontinental title match: Wade Barrett (c) vs Shamus. Winner - Shamus. Look for Barrett to win the title at either the Royal Rumble or a televised event shortly thereafter, then to retain over Kofi Kingston at the Elimination Chamber PPV in February. I loved the Barrett vs Shamus feud which really never got off the ground, and the England vs Ireland concept should bring out the best in these two young superstars. Since losing the World Heavyweight Championship Shamus is due for another title run.

4. U.S. Title match: Antonio Cesaro (c) vs Christian. Winner - Antonio Cesaro. I've been very impressed with Cesaro since his WWE debut, and Christian should bring out the best in him. They could push this match saying that Cesaro claims he'll never be beaten by an American, but since Christian is not an American he just might be the guy to knock off Cesaro. Christian comes close, but Cesaro retains in a close contest.

5. Kane vs Daniel Bryan. Winner - Daniel Bryan. Team Hell No has to implode eventually, and at either the Royal Rumble or the Elimination Chamber we should finally see this happen. While I love the continuity between these two guys, they have to turn on each other eventually. I can see them never actually losing the titles, just eventually throwing the titles away and attempting to destroy one another due to continued inner turmoil. I pick Bryan as the victor because it's the start of another new push for him, since they have moved him down a notch as he takes the loss in most of the six man tag matches we see these guys in against the Shield. If given enough time, this match could steal the show, because Bryan is in the top 2 or 3 in-ring competitors in the business right now, and Kane can still go.

6. Rey Mysterio vs Sin Cara, mask vs mask match. Winner - Mysterio. Sin Cara never captured the love of the fans like Mysterio has, and I can see them turning him heel instead of Rey, who as the "ultimate underdog" still has much fan support. Sin Cara is unmasked, and WWE might be able to set a record for the most people wearing masks in the history of the world because they give out free masks to all attendees. Should be a fast paced and fun match.

7. World Heavyweight Championship match: Dolph Ziggler (c) vs Randy Orton. Winner - Ziggler. Ziggler cashes in Money in the Bank at either the Royal Rumble or the Elimination Chamber to finally win the strap. I have no idea who will be the face and who will be the heel in this match. Ziggler has a huge following and can easily transition into being one of the top faces in the company. Orton wants to be a heel, a role that he is much better at. If the lead up to this match causes a double switch, turning Ziggler face and turning Orton heel, that could be a great lead in. The fact that the WHC will be on the line is just a bonus. In a match-up of two of the best pure athletes in the WWE, this could be a classic if given enough time. No more 18 second matches for this title, please. Ziggler has earned a nice run as champion, so he should retain.

8. HHH vs Brock Lesnar, either last man standing match or a retirement match for HHH if he loses, or both. Winner - HHH. They have been hinting at this rematch for several months now. Last man standing is one of HHH's specialties, and I can see this being an old fashioned brutal beat down. HHH won't be wrestling forever, so fans might think this will be his last match ever. HHH wants to show he can still go in the ring, even though he rarely appears in matches anymore. Lesnar is a beast who can still get the crowd going, and this match has some real appeal for those who like an old fashioned slobber-knocker (quoting good old JR).

9. Six Man tag match, no DQ and no count outs: The Rock and John Cena and Ryback vs the Shield. Winners - Rock-Cena-Ryback. The Shield previously interferes in the CM Punk vs Rock match at the Royal Rumble, costing the Rock the WWE Title and leading to this match. The build for this match will be that the Shield is undefeated in six man tag matches, creating doubt as to who will win. A loss by the Shield in this match won't really hurt their push, if done correctly, and if they continue winning other matches after Wrestlemania. The faces have to win this match, which will roam all over the arena. The PPV can have a triple split screen for the fans watching on television, showing all six combatants simultaneously. This should be a very long match, with the younger heels actually carrying the faces with their superior wrestling ability. Some major bumps will be taken, questions will be answered about whether the Rock and Cena can put aside their past differences and work together as a team, and the star power of the Rock-Cena-Ryback team sells this match despite their relatively inexperienced opponents, who only the IWC and true wrestling fans (sometimes a minority, I'm afraid) knew before a few months ago. If done correctly, the Shield's push actually gets stronger despite their first loss.

10. WWE Championship match: CM Punk (c) vs the Undertaker. The streak vs the streak. Winner - the Undertaker. If my calculations are correct Punk will have held the WWE title close to 500 days come Wrestlemania, which is a very legitimate streak. The Undertaker will make his long awaited return at the Royal Rumble, entering in the mid to upper 20's, and will win that match, his second ever Royal Rumble win. That sets up this much anticipated match. Even though the Undertaker is now limited in the ring, Punk can definitely bring out the best in him. Plus Taker always pushes it up a notch at Wrestlemania. He'll be 21-0 after this match, and deserves one last well deserved championship run in his career. I doubt he'll have a long title reign, probably only one or two title defenses, but he should be able to manage that. One of the reasons they repeated Shawn Michaels vs the Undertaker at back-to-back Wrestlemanias, and HHH vs the Undertaker at back-to-back Wrestlemanias, is because they had trouble coming up with someone who was a credible opponent for the dead man. Most people think the Undertaker's Wrestlemania undefeated streak will never end, so to push his match they have to find an opponent that fans think might actually have a chance of ending the Undertaker's streak. CM Punk is just that man. He'll come up just short, and will even have fans conflicted as he hits GTS and gets a 2.99 count before the Undertaker just kicks out. A near 500 day WWE championship reign is a huge event in today's wrestling world, and the only place it should end is at Wrestlemania vs the phenom. Plus this would be an amazing match to end the show.

So, what do you all think? I think I would really enjoy this card, and would be willing to pay $60 for it, if they do it right. Time will tell.

Thanx for reading. Rob

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  1. RobVelcoff's Avatar
    Thanx for the mostly kind (and a few unkind) words, guys. Of course it's just guess work. Nobody, not even WWE creative, knows what the full card will be at this time. That's why it's fun to do these, making predictions. Criticism is not only welcome, but much appreciated. (Although I still say there's a better chance of Undertaker-Punk for the WWE title than Cena-Rock for the WWE title; only time will tell.)

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