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Sizzilla's Royal Rumble Expectations/Predictions

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First blog here guys, finally stopped being a lurker and decided to join and make a blog!
Long time wrestling fan, grew up going to ECW shows, been a fan since.

I'd like to talk about the upcoming Royal Rumble PPV and give my predictions on the card
Pre-show: Triple Threat for the Diva's Championship
- Eve v Kaitlyn v Layla
I think Eve picks up the win here, the Woman's title needs to be legitimized like it was back in the day. When Trish and Lita had better matches than most of the male Superstars. Eve retains, and starts another feud going into Mania.
Match 1: WWE Tag Team Title Match
- Team Hell No vs Rhodes Scholars
I think its a no brainer that Kane/Bryan are going to split and will square off at mania. I think this is the perfect match to start that feud. Have them drop the belts, put the titles on two guys who deserve it and can carry them for awhile.

Match 2: IC Title
-Kofi Kingston vs Wade Barrett
I'm not sure what they are wanting to do with Barrett, I think he could contend for the WHC, but they have him in the feud with Kofi, and he keeps losing matches. I'm afraid they'll drop the ball on him, I personally think he could be a huge star.

Match 3: Big E Langston vs John Cena
- I think they'll have a decent 10 minute match, much like Cena had with Kane last year. It's more of a filler match, have Cena pick up the win after being beat down every week leading up to the RR.

Match 4: WHC Championship
- Big Show vs Sheamus OR Mark Henry
They need to put another guy in the title picture, they have to. It's getting stale, but with no signs of anything changing UNLESS Ziggler cashes in. It could be boring for a long time. However I think Ziggler cashes in, and wins the belt. It's overdue and they need something fresh.

Match 5: WWE Championship
- CM Punk vs The Rock
I know there's a lot of debate on which match will go last. This or the Royal Rumble. You have to go with the Rumble match as the main event. It's the second most popular event behind Wrestlemania. It always does good PPV numbers.
Now does the 'E end Punk's title reign, or do they have The Rock lose? The Rock does a low amount of events a year, I honestly don't think they put him in a title match and have him lose straight up to Punk. I think we see a Shield interference here having Punk retain the belt taking it into Mania.

Royal Rumble:
I'm not going to list off all 30 competitors, We're gonna see surprises like we always do. Expect to see Christian to return, Orton, possibly a Booker T entrance, Billy Gunn/Road Dogg.
Now, we look at the 4 potential winners.

Randy Orton - If Ziggler wins by cashing in, hands down Orton wins. They need something fresh, and this would be great. Big Show/Sheamus is getting old. Orton/Ziggs could be a breath of fresh air for the WHC.

Ziggler - Why would Ziggler win the Rumble if he has the MITB case? Simple, maybe he fails on cashing it in. Ziggler is reaching that point where hes going to break out, and he's going to capture either the WWE/WHC belt. And its going to happen in 2013

The Undertaker - Triple H said he'll be back, but when? The Rumble would be the perfect place, have him enter late (25-30). It's not a crazy idea, Streak vs Streak match with Punk is intriguing. I think they could pull it off if they do it right. I know most argue "Well he wrestles once a year, why put the belt on him?" I think he could hold it for a little while, not long term but definitely into the Summer.

Miz - He's hot right now. Got a movie coming out close to Mania, got the face turn going on. He's got a lot going for him right now, this is the wildcard pick imo.

Overall, I think Orton wins it. Setting up him and Ziggler for Mania.

Couple other things:

If they want to go with Taker/Punk without Taker winning the Rumble, simply have some sign of Taker during Punks match with Rock. The fans would go insane.

I'm sure The Shield will control a majority of the Rumble match, eliminating 8-10 overall. However Ryback/Cena will wipe them out eventually.

Thanks for reading.
First blog so go easy on me :P
Glad to finally be a member.

See ya guys!

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  1. Kahlil Hutchinson's Avatar
    i think and i know it is a longshot but kofi should lose the title to wade and go on to win the rumble and fued for for the whc with ziggler because these two put on great matches together
  2. Wwetilltheend's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by RatedR
    Good read just thinking a few things i think the tag team could be team hell no vs sin cara and mysterio. Sin Cara turns on Mysterio which sets up their Wrestlemania match.
    I think the pre-show should be like a over the top battle royal or some kind of gimmick match for the last spot in the RR, with people like 3MB, JTG and other people like that try to put someone up to the next level.
    Really god blog man would have wrote my own but running out of time
    Thank thought exactly about the pre-show. The tag team match I do think is ok with rhode scholars. Undertaker winning as some1 said, is not going to happen, why people keep pushing cena-rock 2 W/O the title on the line? The match will happen but it will be for the title...otherwise it would be a waste of time.
    Surprises in the rumble? Few returns, maybe Christian, Mark Henry, legends or another superstars...i would say the same ones that showed up for the Slammy awards except Ric Flair.

    The WHC with Mark Henry on it is ridiculous...that's the only really bad thing on this blog...overall 7 of 10 for this blog. For WM I would like to see Orton-Sheamus on a street fight with a heel Orton...Big Show against RYback and Ziggler as WHC against...hmmm not sure...a lot of people say Miz, but I won't give a name for this one.
  3. Sizzilla's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TheGreatOne
    I don't believe Cena will have a match before the Rumble. Need some star power in there other than Ryback.

    Same triple threat match we had just months ago? How about Tamina vs Eve? Or someone unknown talent from developmental goes to the Rumble and defeats her?

    No need for another rematch expecting Barrett would lose.

    No, I don't want Big Show vs Sheamus again. How about Mysterio vs Big Show? Make him look more dominant than ever man handling Mysterio.

    I believe Ryback will win and go on to face the Big Show at Mania for the world title. That is my expectation since Sheamus lost at TLC. Hope Dolph cashes it in on Ryback post match. Be an epic heel moment!!
    We've seen Big Show and Mysterio. Big Show destroying Rey wouldn't make him look dominant, that would be a big man beating up a little man.
    The WWE is to big on Sheamus, especially HHH, he'll be in a title match at the Rumble.
    Cena can still have a match and compete in the Rumble, guys do it every year.

    Thanks again everyone.
  4. KingWade's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sizzilla
    I completely forgot about Cara and Rey. I think them and Rhodes Scholars would be a great feud.
    I just think the WWE may be a little bit reluctant to throw a belt on them because Rey's injuries and how Sin Cara really hasn't lived up to the hype.

    Also, the pre show battle royal would be great. Forgot about that as well.
    They have just written Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio off of tv after attacks by The Shield. Mysterio's having issues with WWE and Sin Cara has a knee injury.

    Good blog mate. Like the others have said, it's been one of the more realistic ones on here. I personally think Undertaker will return and win, setting up the title run vs streak match but as long as Punk defeats Rock i will be happy.

    If Rock wins the title and Cena wins the Rumble i will be gutted.
  5. Wwetilltheend's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by KingWade
    They have just written Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio off of tv after attacks by The Shield. Mysterio's having issues with WWE and Sin Cara has a knee injury.

    Good blog mate. Like the others have said, it's been one of the more realistic ones on here. I personally think Undertaker will return and win, setting up the title run vs streak match but as long as Punk defeats Rock i will be happy.

    If Rock wins the title and Cena wins the Rumble i will be gutted.
  6. Jack Newport's Avatar
    Glad I'm not the only one who thinks The Miz is the dark horse for this year's Royal Rumble. They're going to give the guy SOMETHING to promote The Marine 3.
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